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صنعت آيفون بنفسي في الصين !!

صنعت آيفون بنفسي في الصين !!

We allays heard about a city in China which exports to the whole world the city of the future.
Do you see this iPhone guys? We just made it here in China the world’s IT hub There will be a day, who doesn’t speaks Chinese is like who doesn’t speaks English today It’s the Silicon Valley in the Est Which means all companies in San Francisco, USA.
has its own factory there The cradle of Huawei and DJi Shenzhen which is just in border with Hong Kong and become an unbelievable place, How did the Chinese government thought of that? and How change it from a normal city to …… Let’s discover it together
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Let’s GO for 4 hours flight from Kuala Lumpur with a same name airlines Shenzhen it’s raining, I saw nothing but the next day was so different, to understand this city in a better way, it was mandatory to make a contact with a local and she works on
MICROSOFT We are in one of many buildings this building has everything about phones all parts of the phone this is an iPhone cover and you can play with it the game is just began this is the cover of an iPhone each one is less than one dollar you can take this with you look You just find strange things here This drone!!! I see it for the first time I bought this Camera charger you can charge three batteries together with just 5 USD This way, the battery will never die and this LED light is very cheap, I’ll take it This is a heaven for me,
I will lose myself and my wallet The price is 5X or 6X double outside Bye We just started knowing the area in order to find the way to build an iPhone Our third day Before building our iPhone. We must go very deep in this city The big surprise in Shenzhen, the IT hub of the world you know I fly my drone the number one constructor of done in the world without any competition The biggest drones constructor ever, their headquarter is just behind me DJi osmo pocket
300 USD People come to Shenzhen for commercial deals Our friend Khaled is from Jordan, and he talks Chinese Hello
I when I asked him why did you choose China? Because I think the future will be here
a simple example if you look to the US in 80s, it was the place were all the dreams can be realised like someone who precede his era like how computer generation started in the 90s in the US How they thought about the future I’m talking now with a conviction that China is the future of the World Good morning Guys We just started our day
Where are we going? We are heading to the market The Tech market we visited yesterday You can build a computer from nothing, just by gathering pieces But I’m not an expert
We need someone who knows how someone that we are going to meet him, to build us this imagine building an iPhone by yourself? He is Arabic Engineer He’s from Syria you know Steve Jobs is from Homs, right? Maybe he can build us the best iPhone in the world Do you think we can build it or not? Let’s see Nothing is impossible,
This is Shenzhen the Fourth day is the day We need to go to the market in order to build the iPhone and because I have no experience Everyone here is strict, everyone knows where to go We will build it piece by piece and I will sell it Because I’m busy This is the world of speed
Hello? Look how many commercial places are there all of them are selling Apple products we have to meet someone who can show us the game rules In fact, this one is not difficult
you pull it out We did a small search to understand what we are going to buy before we go to the market Of course, the market is just underneath
Where are we going now? what is this? Techs We will make an iPhone and we will call it the impossible iPhone we should give it a name, right? You have to search for the right prices all around the area you got to gather every piece from everywhere is there iPhone pieces? we have to find iPhone parts
our journey has began Why are we talking to that guy? he will help us find the pieces and to assemble them
Great This gadget can show you if the battery is original or fake and can also show you which battery is it battery life and its quality is it fake or not
that means you have to take it with you 3 USD for an iPhone battery for the fake one and 8 USD for the original one and you can’t know if it’s original or not unless you have that gadget we are going to buy all pieces from this place she can talk English Thanks God we are going to build an iPhone6 this is the Flash this is the front camera and the rear camera connectors of the audio, the microphone and the charger LCD the touch id and the speakers we had almost so many pieces Now maybe we can buy from another place the chassis and motherboard are left This screen is original Ho much it is?
almost 15 USD 15 USD for a screen idea of this place is simple
they recycle for all pieces in the phone they dissemble a phone and they sell it piece by piece because they make much money this way
Do you want to know what are the parts of an iPhone
the main part is the motherboard and it’s the most expensive one the other parts didn’t cost us too much
we need just an iPhone6 motherboard now this is it 100 USD it’s the most expensive part in the phone if the motherboard get spoiled
all the phone is out of use let’s take it we headed back to the lab this is a tech office if it works we will give it to one of you The vibrator, speaker the first one has scratches get sold as a gadget to check screens and cameras with no guarantee
nothing is guarantee just if it’s very expensive you will get a 5 days ish guarantee you can check the tutorials how to maintain manually any piece even if you’re not professional
but we did everything in the market First we will put the touch id let’s go started we bring someone very experienced, it’s time time to learn now we get stacked guys it doesn’t work we are in the evening now and we have biscuits biscuits and water we have to finish our mission
make an iPhone Now, tell me what we just did and what’s left for us? we checked the batteries,cameras and the touch id and now we will assemble them the final assembly First we putted the motherboard and good one and we putted the battery then and the WIFI antenna, and the connector of the audio and the USB and now we’re going to fit in the vibrator Now Mr. Joe the Engineer is working on the iPhone He bought the pieces hours ago I will open a shop tomorrow Without Louay, I am sure we could not make a Nokia even Nokia is more simple I mean in 10 minutes, 8 screws
and it’s done SEGA
is SEGA difficult to make? No, it’s simple How long we were here? Almost 7 hours
I feel like it was 3 weeks how much does this cost us?
where’s the bills? imagine if it doesn’t work vendors said it’s all with luck what’s the last thing, now? what’s this part? it’s the SIM card holder
the last thing we will put when we will finish, we put the SIM card and we close the phone we put the digitizer it has a black color
it’s black because it has to fit to the motherboard In fact I didn’t do anything Louay I was behind the scenes I was a guest of honor we have to hold the screen 90 degree while we put …. to avoid the flash What do you think about those professionals who make iPhones? Do you thing they’re laughing if someone make almost 100 iPhone
it’s like piece of cake for him Don’t laugh at us, we are learning This place is called troublemaker it is a place where you can borrow an office for two or three hours a common working place if someone comes to this area in China and he wants to learn business
He can borrow it for one or two months All these people from all around the world are here They have to study the market first they go visit the place around here and see the prices, like what we just did today like if I stayed here for one month and got familiar with market I will understand the whole game if you have an idea in your mind and you want to realize it you can find tools and you can fins engineers who can help you like if you’re good in Electronics but you’re not that good with Mechanics, you’ll find who can help You are one those who help others, right? we’re going to put his FB bellow 👇 Let’s get started guys one screw is left Any one comes to China to figure out him self figure out the area
it is possible you have just to come discover the market and you contact Louay, it’s all done Not especially me
Now, we’re going to celebrate just after starting it up This biscuits tastes Chinese
yes, because it’s Chinese Do you think it will work, guys? Did you activate it? Yes, it works How much it cost us?
100 USD Let’s see if the touch id works
it’s very important we should celebrate guys? The touch id is working the rear camera and this is the front camera 32 GB
we were lucky keep it with you as a souvenir No, it’s not fair
we should give it to one of your subscribers but you did well today We have too many phones here Thank you Louay
You did very well today Can we make 500k on Instagram? Can we do it guys? This is my Instagram
Follow me and
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Salam 👋

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