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₹50 में 6 DIY Phone Covers for Teenagers/College Girls | #LifeHacks #Affordable #Anaysa #DIYQueen

₹50 में 6 DIY Phone Covers for Teenagers/College Girls | #LifeHacks #Affordable #Anaysa #DIYQueen

i want to change my Phone cover Take out the cover Which one you want? that pink one and I take this Changing your phones covers so frequently why are you spending a lot of money on these expensive covers!! I’ve bought it at just Rs. 600 and we just bought a simple cover at Rs. 50 and make all these designs and daily change our phone covers you bought it at Rs 50/- at how much cost you’ll take for a cover first ask your friends to Like & Subscribe please hit LIKE to this video & get this video to 1,00,000 LIKES also do SUBSCRIBE to our Channel DIY Queen if you do might they will give me all these covers give me one no We’ll give in the end of the video so first lets make this DIY Pop Socket just watch and learn for making this phone cover you need these pop sockets are easily available on any hardware shop So lets decorate this pom pom first cut glitter sheets to get these shapes paste these on pom pom using fabric glue and paste this pom pom on Pop Socket then attach this pop socket to your phone case See…this simple phone case is looking so beautiful with this Pop Socket now will make this Galaxy phone case for this I’ve taken this broken phone case first put dots with pink and purple colour and spread it all over the cover using a foam likewise I’ve spread this pink and blue colour now dip this brush in white colour Gently spray it all over the cover and this old cover get transformed into new Galaxy Phone Case now will make this Classy Phone Case For this you need cut small pieces of Newspaper Using Fevicol paste them all over the cover Write any of your favourite thought and your phone case is ready Now will make this Phone case Paint the cover with any of your favourite colour Make sure to use only acrylic colours as it doesn’t get faded easily and apply two coats with the same colour after drying make designs like this now make this Glitter Phone case for this you need cut glitter sheet according to cover size don’t forget to cut it from here for Camera now fix this sheet from inside make pop socket again as we made earlier and attach it to the phone cover Likewise I’ve made some more covers also you can keep it like this to watch movie for making this fancy phone case you need cut the fabric as that of cover size fix it like this from inside video is over and what about our deal Deal… what deal..

100 thoughts on “₹50 में 6 DIY Phone Covers for Teenagers/College Girls | #LifeHacks #Affordable #Anaysa #DIYQueen”

  1. I like best out of them purple sky colour phone cover ♥️💜💛💚💙💟💞❤️💓💕💖💗💝

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  4. Aankhon aur bharti main tumse baat nahin karungi kyunki tumne Meri dost Anushka ko nahin diya cover Tum Meri dost ko cover phone case ka cover nahin dogi main bhi Tum log se baat nahin I want to sad aankhon
    and bharti

  5. Thank you di mera mom ka birthday aane waala hain to Main apka yeh be classy wala phone case zafor banaungi aur AAP chaho to mere mom k birthday par aa sakti ho main Noida main rehti ho

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