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★ Fix Broken Power and Volume Buttons Without Removing Any Smartphone!

★ Fix Broken Power and Volume Buttons Without Removing Any Smartphone!

Aslam-o-Alaikum Welcome to PAKFONES My Name is AABDULHAKEEM And Today We will teach you How we can repair broken Volume Down / Up or Power Key Switches Fast forward We have a Phone It’s small piece that you can see This is broken So How can we repair it without replacing We will try to show you If we change complete piece With other one after removing We can’t do beautifully As factory Assembly We mostly doing repair it For this This We got Button from old Nokia X1 You can buy new one from market We get from old board because this was 100% Genuine No meter this was working or not on old board We can use this easily So if you can get new then it’s good Otherwise you can take it from old board You can use any sharp and hard thing to open it Pull it’s locks from front side carefully After pulling it’s locks Be careful and don’t lost or damadge anything Actually we need this part And be careful while it’s fitting Place it correctly I am not using its upper cover because i have molded its locks I will use old upper cover Which i have already from broken button If you want use the piece which we have disassembled from new button Correct it’s locks with Tweezer, then you can use it. take piece of plastic Place it in Switch correctly You can get idea from other buttons Or follow steps as you have disassembled Place it back legs first Press little bit to fit it. It’s locks are little bit pressed hardly Let us try to spread these little bit It can be fit by pressing lightly This will be fitted as factory assembly As you can see this is done nicely I have repaired volume up button before it You can see it’s fitting also Let’s test phone after fitting Both button that has been repaired You can’t assume these are repaired Because of Genuine button availability Fitted and working This is just an idea you can use this method for any Smartphone As you can see these both are working fine! If you have got it worked please Like Subscribe for future updates If you already subscribed make sure you have turned on bell icon See you at next video Allah Hafiz!

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  1. Mera moto phone turning on Nani ho raha kyo lekin uska fingerprint damage hone ke karan tho Nani koi solution batao

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