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In the DESCRIPTION of this video, you have links to more WhatsApp tricks Solution 1: Activate and deactivate mobile data Test if it is a bad connection problem by activating and deactivating mobile data. To do this, click on “Settings” Select “Mobile data” In the upper tab of “Mobile data”, try to activate and deactivate Solution 2: Reset Network Settings Press “Settings” and select “General” Select “Reset” at the bottom of the screen Select “Reset network settings” For security you will have to enter a code to reset the network settings on your iPhone Solution 3: Uninstall and install WhatsApp Another possible solution to this is to uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it. To do this, press and hold the App icon and click on “Remove App”. If you have an iPhone X or higher, click on the “X” icon that will appear next to the icon Solution 4: Check if it is a WhatsApp crash To do this, click on the Safari icon and go to Click on the page to access Search for the WhatsApp App and press to see its status Here it will show you if there are faults or not in the WhatsApp App Solution 5: Clear WhatsApp cache To clear the WhatsApp cache, go to “Settings” Select “General” Click on “iPhone storage” Search WhatsApp in the Apps list and select “Uninstall Apps” Solution 6: Check Airplane Mode Click on “Settings” and in the section “Airplane mode” check that it is not active Solution 7: Make sure WhatsApp is updated to the latest version For this it is very useful that the automatic updates of Apps are active on your iPhone. This is configured as follows: Select “iTunes and App Store” The “Apps Updates” tab must be active Solution 8: Restart iPhone In the video description you will find links with the step by step to Restart the different iPhone models

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