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「邦尼LOOK」一切都 Pro! iPhone 11 正式登場(Apple iPhone11 Pro / i11 Pro Max 怎麼選 懶人包總整理,Super Retina XDR 值不值得買

「邦尼LOOK」一切都 Pro! iPhone 11 正式登場(Apple iPhone11 Pro / i11 Pro Max 怎麼選 懶人包總整理,Super Retina XDR 值不值得買

Welcome back to Bonny Channel. Every year, I sell the liver to see the publication, sell the kidney, buy the iPhone, and evaluate the Bonnie LOOK. Apple 2019 new iPhone 11 series presentation Just finished officially Didn’t accidentally launch the iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max Let’s take a look first This is what Apple called Pro Design. Although Apple spent countless Keynotes at the press conference (newsletter) Shows a variety of different angles of the lens close-up I want to do everything I can to let everyone feel Even using Awesome Beautiful to describe the look But Bonnie really feels that we really look forward to the three shots. But not in this form. The moment when the iPhone 11 Pro lens was officially unveiled Bonnie can only say God. alright Apple has introduced a variety of protective cases for everyone to choose from. But this design depends on whether Pixel 4 can make us change it. Let’s not say the appearance first. The biggest update of this iPhone 11 Pro Still falling in the camera and audio and video entertainment First on the camera iPhone 11 Pro is equipped separately F2.4 12 million pixel 120 degree super wide-angle lens on the right F1.8 12 million pixel main lens at the top left Support OIS optical anti-shake And F2.0 double optical zoom lens still supports OIS Then the biggest night shot of the previous generation iPhone Xs series This time, in the night shot, Apple also joined the new night scene mode. Technically using multiple synthetic processing Let’s first take a look at the real proofs at the press conference. Ah, don’t misplace the card. Well, this is right. Real shot performance about night scene mode The Bonnie team will soon bring in-depth evaluation, please continue to lock Bonnie to help you. Of course, the ultra wide-angle lens that the iPhone 11 joins. Still the update that Bonnie is looking forward to Not just an extra shot but really makes it possible to shoot more In addition, the iPhone 11 Pro has greatly improved the video function. Includes Cinema Video Stabilization Also added audio zoom function And fast switching video that does not have excessive sensation when the three lenses are switched. Simply speaking, when the main lens is recording Other lenses continue to focus and adjust exposure So there will be no obvious excessive feeling after switching. Keep colors as consistent as possible with exposure Apple also works with third-party apps on professional image creation. Ability to provide simultaneous sampling and recording of three lenses More flexible in the framing of the creation Better lens selection through seamless lens joints I can only say that Apple is really ready to launch three lenses. Really very strong Speaking of this, it is expected that there will be great progress in the photo and recording functions. On the screen Pro Display still uses top-of-the-line OLED displays Although the supplier has not yet been confirmed But by specification iPhone 11 Pro with Super Retina XDR screen Beyond FHD+ some 5.8 吋 and 6.5 吋 monitors Achieve a comparison of 2000000:1 High brightness of 1200 nits consistent with this year’s screen label Note 10 series 458ppi resolution and P3 color gamut One of the few Dolby Vision Dolby Vision and HDR10 on the phone From various angles Since Apple dares to use XDR, this term redefined latitude. The screen of the iPhone 11 Pro is really worth our expectation How to actually perform, please continue to lock Bonnie to help you On the sound Also keep up with Dolby Atmos, which can be seen in various flagships this year. Performance and endurance Pro Performance is equipped with a new generation of A13 Bionic chips CPU performance increased by 20% but reduced power consumption by 40% GPU boosts 20% power consumption by 30% But it is worth mentioning The Keynote performance comparison bar at the presentation should not be equal Or look at the Pixel 3 of the S845 A13 Bionic is a full 2.5 times. Ann Bunny’s running score is estimated to exceed 750,000. It’s not a problem. And as the biggest iPhone of the past generation This time, Apple has taken advantage of the low power consumption of the A13 Bionic. On endurance iPhone 11 Pro has four hours more standby time than Xs 11 Pro Max has five hours of battery life Fast charging Yes, this time Apple finally ushered in the ancestral 5W update. Boxed with 18W fast charge group On the battery back to the blood It’s also a 50% upgrade in 30 minutes. And other key updates Also includes 30% faster FaceID Waterproof up to 4 meters up to 30 minutes Support for the latest Wi-Fi 6 Also after S10 / Note 10 The second brand to support Wi-Fi 6 Looking forward to more brands to join And finally iPhone XR also launched an update The official name is iPhone 11 Equipped with dual lens and less telephoto lens The ancestral 720P+ 6.1 吋Liquid Retina display 1400:1 contrast The resolution is 326ppi Same support for Dolby Vision HDR10 The same as the new generation A13 Boxed with the ancestral 5W charging group Can purchase another 18W to achieve fast charge Same as FaceID Support Wi-Fi 6 Waterproof only two meters In principle, the biggest difference is still on the screen and shooting. Finally, the price part that everyone cares about Taiwanese price has been officially announced iPhone 11 Pro will have four colors of gray, silver and gold Price starting from 64GB 35900 256GB came to 41400 512GB 48400 iPhone 11 Pro Max is the same color Gray, silver, gold and green Price starting from 64GB 39900 256GB came to 45400 512GB 52400 Both presets on the iPhone 11 Pro are still 64GB Bonnie is satisfied that Apple does not upgrade the preset capacity to 128GB Bonnie still recommends the best fit from 256GB. The last and cheapest iPhone 11 has six colors. They are white, yellow, green, purple, and black. The price is 64GB 24900 128GB 26900 256GB 30400 Bonnie recommends starting with 128GB. last of the last Bonnie is sure to sell the kidney again Bring first-hand iPhone 11 Pro series related evaluation Subscribe to Bonnie right away and don’t miss it. Ok, this show is over. Don’t forget to vote on the iPhone 11 series in the upper right corner If you like this program, don’t forget to subscribe to Bonnie to help you. And open a small bell Receive the latest evaluation notifications instantly Of course you can also be a small assistant at Facebook Bonnie AI Instagram and [email protected] find us If you have other questions, don’t forget the message below. Then let’s see you in the next issue.

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  1. #邦尼:看來,今年為了大家的 iPhone 11 Pro 評測,只好把賣剩下的另一半再賣掉了!對了,你們會想買哪一個版本、哪一個容量、哪一個顏色呢?底下留言告訴邦尼吧!!!

    其實今年還有發表 iPad 7th , Apple Watch S5 , Arcade 以及掌聲最多最長的 Apple TV+,你們想看嗎?



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  2. 這次的iPhone 11pro的綠色有驚豔到我
    但是~ 連三星早就有的東西,現在才加入
    而且還賣到4萬以上?? 真當民眾都是盤子

  3. 說真的 那個鏡頭真的⋯會讓有密集恐懼症的發瘋!⋯⋯會不會到iphone 22 整個手機背後都鏡頭 跟蓮蓬一樣啊?!

  4. 都来到第三年了…还是刘海屏…这都算了,还弄了个更丑的背面相机镜头…这价钱都可以买note10了,还不配备快冲头…

  5. 如果要當專業錄影機用
    那請推出可外接SD card的版本好嗎
    4K 60幀很迷人 但是很佔空間

  6. 以前也是果粉的我,


  7. 夜景多張合成一張的功能我的華為中階手機NOVA3早就有了 貧果越來越爛 還賣到5萬塊以上 誰要買阿

  8. 有人說這次沒有進化 但我覺得進化蠻多的 只是進化幾乎都是強調拍照 攝影 沒有導入其他新穎的東西似乎早已買Xs的這代可以跳過了

  9. 很多人都說蘋果了無新意 但在我看來 在多的新意也比不上實用 現在手機其實大部分都這樣 進步慢了下來 與其要一堆花俏的東西 好用才是真的 很多新功能使用的頻率真的沒想像中高 XS已經證明了 在他的時代 相機評分可以前二 效能無人能及 如果網路上Geekbench流出的跑分是真的 那A13應該依舊是單核多核的頂端 蘋果已經把這個時候該呈現出來的都拿出來了 除了鏡頭啦.. 當初XS也是花了一些時間適應 快充的話老實說 要多快 不會隨時都需要20分鐘 80%的速度 自身使用18w真的已經足夠正常使用了

  10. 鏡頭太醜了!怎麼不用長方型的?用這四方型像是貼個狗皮藥膏在上面似的。

  11. 好醜!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 我覺得 iphone11是過度機看這次發表會後我覺得這次的 iphone11不是重點機重點應該會是2020年的 iphone12 A14 5奈米製程的晶片以及之後的 A15 3奈米製程的晶片技術會讓iphone有更強大的大

  13. 本來還想看看蘋果參考…..
    還是續約sony X1…..不滿意SONY拍照系統需分開應用!

    至於i11……整體硬體提升不高…多了顆鏡頭學其它家~只能期待拍出的效果 色域沒到位 畫質還低於2k(默默放一邊

  14. 我還是拿著舊蘋果手機 等待著蘋果能帶來什麼希望

    我知道那個臭GAY 還是與錢看齊

  15. 賈伯斯是讓手機功能變成生活一部分,不是硬體跟相機,比硬體一直都是比別家弱,價格一樣比別家高。連自家地圖都不用了,拿頻果都用google地圖在導航了。

  16. 以往賈伯斯的堅持…塞進最先進的設計最好的配置 只有一種規格 不合用 滾~ 不喜歡 滾~ 嫌太貴 滾~ 現在已出到雜亂無章 追求極致的精神不再

  17. 花那麼多錢,只能防水4M……GoPro都能防水到10m !!! 同樣1200萬畫素鏡頭,GoPro 1台還只不到 iphone 11 PRO MAX 的1/3。買iphone 來攝影?!頭磕壞了嗎?!我還不如買數位相機或GoPro…. 手機相機化真的很腦殘!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 还在原地踏步没新(黑科技)!! 弱毙了。。。。最最起码也是要有2500万像素或3200像素 !! 😡电池也是 !!!

  19. 只是一個名牌!什麼新性能都沒有,18W叫快充??😂😂現在都快2020年了還在用4年前技術,不要在品牌迷失了

  20. s8+用了二年有想換機了,
    但是我真的找不到理由換= =
    等很久終於看到新IPHONE 發表,
    垂直的或水平排整齊也比較好看= =
    我認為還是很順= =

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