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「邦尼LOOK」果粉專屬行動電源!? iPhone PD 快充行動電源推薦 MiPOW Power Cube X3 開箱評測 (支援 Qi 無線充電、 AirPods 、MFi 認證

「邦尼LOOK」果粉專屬行動電源!? iPhone PD 快充行動電源推薦 MiPOW Power Cube X3 開箱評測 (支援 Qi 無線充電、 AirPods 、MFi 認證

iPhone 11 Pro has a boost on battery life But for a heavy user like Bonnie. One day, it’s still a little tight. Mobile power is almost a must What Bonnie wants to bring today Is a MiPOW mobile power source for fruit powder If you are a loyal Apple user Just have it Just go with the iPhone and MiPOW Power Cube X3 Do not use the connection Can stay safe for a whole day Join Bonnie today to help you with Facebook discussion forum Bonnie next measured what to do with the exclusive good health All in the Bonnie discussion area Don’t forget to subscribe to Bonnie and open a small bell. Receive the latest product reviews instantly First of all, let’s start with the design. MiPOW Power Cube X3 Because it is a mobile power supply with Qi wireless charging function. Therefore, it is more reasonable to use a flat design with a flatter similar charging plate. In appearance Whether it is a front glossy plastic Aluminum or side frame on the back Both use a large number of curved and streamlined design styles It will be more round and energetic in design. The front is made of plastic However, the surface is scratch-resistant with UV glossy surface. A glossy finish that resembles piano paint It is also less likely to leave scratches Other than this There is also a three-point slip design on the front side. Keep your phone from slipping when you wirelessly charge it On the back cover, MiPOW uses aluminum alloy with better heat dissipation performance. Let the Power Cube X3 start fast charging or wireless charging Have better heat dissipation performance Attached to the surrounding section A Type A to Type C wire is included in the MiPOW Power Cube X3 box. Can charge the Power Cube X3 And exclusive flannel storage bag Can make the mobile power supply better protected from scratching when carrying Since this is a mobile power supply for Apple users. Built-in Lightning wire is also basic The point is that the built-in wires of the Power Cube X3 are not just added. This Lightning charging cable Is an official MFi-certified wire with Apple and supports PD fast charging Can start the fastest 18W fast charging of Apple Compared to the general built-in line, it is not fast. Don’t worry about Power Cube X3 In terms of battery capacity, it is designed with a large capacity of 10000mAh. In use Power Cube X3 has only one Lightning charging cable A TypeC jack for charging the Power Cube X3 and a wireless charging surface There are no physical buttons on the body So how do you start the mobile power? Power Cube X3 is very easy to use Just swipe over the front indicator arrow You can see that the LED power indicator hidden on the front lights up. The wireless charging indicator hidden next to the anti-slip mat will also light up. At this time, just plug in the phone or put on the wireless charging pad to charge. In the actual measurement of Bonnie Power Cube X3 is still fully stable in overall power output Fast charge test with our iPhone 11 Pro Bonnie uses built-in Lightning fast charging wire In the test condition because it is a mobile power source Most of the cases will not be charged until they are completely dead. So Bonnie sets the charge at 15% and starts charging. Under 18W fast charge From 15% back to 88% in one hour Very good performance in fast charging efficiency Very fast in terms of emergency power On wireless charging Power Cube X3 can charge devices that support the Qi charging protocol Whether it is a mobile phone or a Bluetooth headset The most important thing is that wireless charging can be enabled at the same time as wired charging. And at the charging speed Can be seen on the website of the Wireless Charging Alliance WPC Power Cube X3 has passed the official highest 5W certification But actually, as long as the device supports Power Cube X3 is capable of supporting 7.5W and 10W wireless charging In terms of actual experience The situation that Bonnie used most often should be iPhone wirelessly charges via wire charging headphones Because the Power Cube X3 has built-in Lightning wire So there will be no more to forget the dilemma that the line can’t be charged. The key point is that you can start 18W fast charging and charge faster. And wireless charging can not only fill the surrounding If your friend’s phone also has wireless charging Put on the MiPOW Power Cube X3 and you can take an emergency Overall MiPOW Power Cube X3 delivers the best charging experience for Apple users Lightning wire including built-in MFi certification is not afraid to forget the line Power Cube X3 can perform 18W fast charge No need to worry about whether there is a fast charge Just plug in the built-in wire to start 18W fast charging In addition, you can start wireless charging. It can also charge other peripherals at the same time when charging by cable. However, since it is said that it is exclusive to fruit powder. MiPOW Power Cube X3 does not have any USB jacks on the body So naturally no external wire can be connected. The Type C hole on the body can only be used to charge the mobile power supply. And in color Total black and white powder blue Four colors to choose from So MiPOW Power Cube X3 is the exclusive mobile power source for real fruit powder. For Apple users, as long as one mobile power supply does not bother with other things. Ok, this show is over. Don’t forget to vote on the MiPOW Power Cube X3 in the upper right corner啰 If you like this program, don’t forget to subscribe to Bonnie to help you. And open the small bell and receive the latest evaluation notice instantly. Of course you can also be a small assistant at Facebook Bonnie AI Instagram and [email protected] find us If you have other questions, don’t forget the message below. Then let’s see you in the next issue.

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  1. #邦尼:如果你是一個忠實的蘋果用戶,又有無線充電週邊。或是不知道怎麼樣才能啟動 PD 快速充電!MiPOW Power Cube X3 能夠讓你不用擔心這麼多,插上了就是快充。

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  2. 想請問谷歌pixel 4 X推薦什麼行充,好像也是PD 網上有人推薦小米的行動電源,用它牌對手機會不好嗎((偏偏谷歌自家沒行充

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