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【ibisPaint】I used the pressure sensitive pen for iPhone, Android!【SonarPen】

【ibisPaint】I used the pressure sensitive pen for iPhone, Android!【SonarPen】

Everyone! Hello! I am Misa! I found another incredible item, so I wanted to introduce it to you! Here it is! It’s a Sonar Peeeeen! It just went on sale so I’m sure many of you don’t know about it, but this stylus pen has pen pressure sensitivity on both iPhone and Android devices! We can understand how godly this item is just by opening it! Let’s get started with its introduction! You don’t need to charge it, and there are 10 different color variations! All of them are really nice ♪ Since there are 10 colors… your favorite character’s color is definitely available. There are two types of magnetic holders for it. There are 3 spare pen nibs! This is so great! We’ll be using it on an iPhone 6S this time! On the back is an exclusive ibisPaint sticker ♪ They pass them out at the offline meeting every yea… Let’s pretend we didn’t see that. Do you know what this is used for? It’s a very handy item! Plug it into your iPhone and put the Sonar Pen on it! Cool! It stays! Let’s shake it lightly to see how strong it is! (I was trying to shake it lightly….) (I was trying to shake it lightly….) This looks like an adhesive version! You can pretend this is the latest iPad! So cool! As for the price… $34.5! The pen tablet from my previous video was about 39 USD, but the Sonar Pen is even cheaper than that. $34.5!! Not only that!! The Sonar Pen works on both iOS and Android devices! It’s shockingly cheap… But The most important thing is how easy it is to use! Let’s try using it now ♪ It’s really easy to connect! Take out the cord. It’s out! Plug it into the earphone jack! And that’s it! Let’s configure it! Open ibisPaint. Open a new canvas from the bottom left “+”. Open the settings. Scroll down to the bottom, and change the Stylus Pen setting to “Sonar Pen.” This display will show up. If you can’t set your pen pressure, open the Settings from your iPhone. Open “Privacy.” Select “Microphone” and turn on “ibisPaint.” Now you can set your pen pressure! It’s super easy to set up! You can configure your side buttons here! I’ve set it to “Undo” this time. Let’s try drawing. Oops! I messed up! In this case, just press the side button to undo it! I have no complaints about how easy to use it is! The pen pressure works great too ♪ Let’s use the Sonar Pen to draw something! The pen tablet was easy to use, but drawing directly on the screen is nice! For those of you who are thinking, “Oh no… getting tempted by this! “I wonder if I can use a pen tablet well. I can’t really afford one. But! I want to try drawing with pen pressure!” Don’t worry! You should definitely! Buy this product! It’s great because it has pen pressure, so your lines come out the way you want ♪ By the way, the brushes I’m using now are the “Pencil (Graphite)” and “Air Brush (Standard)”! I used to use the “Pen (Fade)” a lot before but it doesn’t taper, so I started using the “Pencil (Graphite)” brush instead! It’s great for coloring too! By the way, the brush I used to line this was the “Dip Pen (Hard)”! Finished! *❋⁎❈*゚*❋⁎❈*゚*❋⁎❈*Addition゚*❋⁎❈*゚*❋⁎❈*゚*❋⁎❈* Let’s try drawing on an Android device too! C’mon… Android!!!!! Let’s try scribbling a bit… It has proper pen pressure! It’s just as easy to draw on as the iPhone! Let’s draw ♪ With pen pressure sensitivity the lines’ movement comes out well! Finished! Thank you for your watching! You can buy the pen here ♪

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  1. Bay from here 購入はコチラから!
    Please cooperate with the translation.
    コメントおねがいします‼️Please comment‼️
    FAQ よくある質問
    Q: I have a phone that does not have an earphone jack, can I use SonarPen? イヤホンジャックがついてない端末ですがSonarPenは使えますか?
    A: It was usable with the conversion cable. Please ask the manufacturer for details. 変換ケーブルで使用できました。詳しくはメーカーに確認ください。

  2. do you guys or girls recommend This to someone wanting to draw always wanted to digital art but never payed much mind since I’ve always enjoyed to draw on paper instead but this time I really want to give. A try but on my phone or iPad don’t want to use my laptop so been looking for a stylus any suggestions?

  3. イヤホンジャックあるからアイパッドも

  4. 百均のすぐもげるから欲しいですねぇ

  5. ソナーペンを購入して動画の手順通りに接続したのですが、筆圧感知をオンにしても反応しないし、サイドボタンを設定して使ってみても機能しません。どうしたらいいですかね😭ちなみに機種はiPhoneXSです。

  6. I use a stylus and is more cheap than that one!! U don’t need to plug in, don’t need charge, and have’s the same disc in the tip, and is not big like that one, it looks more like a normal pencil.

  7. 果然是大觸啊!!!


  8. -Давайте представим, что мы этого не видели…

    А если серьёзно, то по сути от ручки почти ничего не зависит. А от художника))

  9. すみません、紹介されてたペンタブ買ったばかりなのですが(1/29届いた)

  10. How do I know if it was purchased correctly? because the page is not very clear . It says nothing like "your purchase has been made"

  11. しかしながら、スマホでわざわさ制限プレイして描く必要はないのである。

  12. なんか絵も上手いっすけどBGMというか……なんか絵とマッチしてるって言うか……とにかく……好きです……w(語彙力)

  13. 待ってなにこれ素晴らしすぎるなんでもっと早くこの存在に気づかなかったんだよ私猫飼うからこれ買ってもらえるか分からんけどねだろ、ねだりまくろ

  14. 買おうと思ったけど

  15. You all draw amazing!! I love your art! (みんなすごい!あなたのアートが大好きです!)

  16. iPhoneに対応してる!って思ったら私のやつイヤホンジャック無いヤーン( ´•ω•` )

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