天價手機開箱!台幣52900的iPhone XS Max!【劉沛開箱】

I finally came here finally. Finally come~~ Everyone, we are ready to open the box. The latest iPhone If you have a movie that often sees my dreams, I should know I am using the iPhone 10 Hey~~ Wait, I don’t seem to sing. Protected very well, look Not afraid at all Then I am asking you on my IG. I want to see what I am shooting. Video about iPhone XS Max Many people say that they fell I’m sorry I can’t fall. I know that you are joking. How could it be to shoot a fall? I often watch my Pokémon movie. You know that the mobile phone I use now is This one Last year’s iPhone X But there is a small problem It is actually very hot Because Taiwan, then I have recently gone to Japan. It’s actually quite hot and it’s very stuffy. Plus we use it to play Pokémon GO It will also overheat Plus, I will record the picture of my mobile phone at the same time. So it will overheat Then very slow So the next iPhone I have to buy I know that some people actually say Liu Pei does not waste money but mainly Because I want to take a picture of Bao Ke Meng for you to see. Just want to share a lot of things But if it keeps overheating Grab the dream, there is actually a little difficulty. It has 64GB 256GB There are also 512GB I think 512 is too big to need 64 too little I bought this is 256GB I thought it was a sudden mobile phone OK. No mobile phone above is their manual but Oh my gosh iPhone X iPhone XS They are quite different That iPhone X, I actually used it. Almost a year Lighter than I thought iPhone it is quite heavy Look at the size of it Max’s words are much bigger than X. But in fact its weight Not much heavy It is also about the same thickness But there is an Oh Oh Everyone, it’s not symmetrical. The left side of this Max One less hole But there is another earphone inside. But it seems like this headset it is a direct Lightning headset So I can’t use it somewhere else. Before it was ordinary So you can put it on any computer. Can be used but now pure Only iPhone can be used I don’t think so good. Of course, a normal Lightning Cable Last ordinary 5 watt charger Apple, if you have watched this movie, It is now 2018 This phone is super expensive You give us this charging Only 5 watts so slow OK iPhone X already has that feature called fast charging It didn’t follow one in the iPhone. a charger for Quick Charge No problem OK But this year XS Max is very expensive The latest want to say May give you a quick charge Because more than 40,000 It’s still giving us the ordinary little one. Come again, like I just said This headset is limited to Lightning only Before iPhone X it will follow one Lightning to Head phone The line of the headset But now there is no Apple really wants us all to start using Wireless all wireless Ok, I have to open this phone for the first time. I can compare it with you now. First of all, there is a little bit unfair. Because this is completely new Then this? It has a protective sticker on it So maybe it’s time to watch There will be a little bit to say that this is dirty But the size is actually a big difference Compare the latter The size of the back can be seen so big Ok, after I opened this XS Max, This iPhone X says Do you want to use my original Apple ID? To design a new iPhone Yeah, I want to continue. Show it to you a little If you are the old iPhone to the new iPhone This feature is super cool This is my new iPhone Then I will use my old iPhone. A bit like a QR Code Then search directly It can be from this The things inside iCloud are placed inside this iPhone. My phone is still quite small Then grab this iPhone It’s really hard So I think I really need Not just a shell but Use this usual thing behind me This is behind my iPhone X It is a pop socket Then this is the dried fish that gave me a lot. Thank you for the big dry fish Ok, basically, out of the box is here. Then we IG Will ask you what you want me to test 💬CC subtitles / Pei subtitles group:
By Jason WU I saw no two haha. Daddy Mommy’s Different colors Wow Open and open Wow I am black So beautiful Open 啰 open Mommy wants to open Wa hahaha So beautiful Golden Wow, look at wow.

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