대화 도중 갑자기 오빠라고 부르기 / Calling a Random Guy Oppa

(Tried to keep a straight face) Now we are… We are in Hong-Dae street. People are wearing mask because of Corona Virus. But I don’t. I would get a problem. I bought this in a toy store near here. I thought it would be fun. Anyway, We came here to take V-log video. And we will try some your comment ideas. we’ll play those by ear. Say again. What did you just say? Sorry, let’s go. I don’t understand. where is the restroom? -Over there.
-Thanks. By the way, I couldn’t hold the laughter. I could not come up good lines. I was lost at that time.
I didn’t know what to say. I laughed finally. They laughed loudest ever I’ve filmed. It was fun. I think this is so awkward. Only just holding this makes everything stupid. Give me your shit. He has nothing. People’s atmosphere is bright in Hong-Dae. It’s so bright that people are crazy. Some drunken people keep disturbing when we are filming. Anyway, It’s time to go. It’s snowing here. And we came here ‘Starfield’ in Goyang to make video I hope that corona virus is done with this snow. Anyway, It’s been a long time, so I can enjoy filming. Restroom?(Self-muted) Are you talking about restroom? (TEXT : Do you know where a Starbucks is?) It’s on the first floor. -On the first floor? “What?” Thank you. This place is so big. Hey, um… (Ask people “What year is it now?” getting embarrassed like you are doing time travel) Excuse me, what year is it now? -What? -2020 -2020? Thanks. (ask the location right in front of the place) Excuse me, Where the hell is ‘YP Books’? People say it’s on the third floor, but… -It’s right behind you. Thank you. (오빠 ‘Oppa’ is how a younger woman call older man) Do you know where is the food section? -It’s over there. Yes, you may find ‘Eatopia’ sign. Have you tried there Oppa? “Sorry?” Thanks Oppa. Ah… A Patagonia store? looking for Patagonia store? Yes, Yes Starfield. Do you know where is the Patagonia store? -Oh Patagonia?
-Yeah, I can’t find it. Maybe, it’s not here. Yeah, that’s what I know. -Then why am I here. I was looking for that. I found some pieces in the outlet. -Oh, in the factory outlet? Okay thanks. I’m sorry. Actually, we are making prank video. -Oh, I guessed so. This is a made up language one. It’s a language that’s not in the world. Even not a foreign language. I even don’t know what I told you. There is the camera.

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