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📱 Top 5 iPhone X Features!

📱 Top 5 iPhone X Features!

Okay guys, how’s it going? It’s Justine and today We’re gonna be talking about my top five favorite features in the new iPhone 10
ㅜow, my first feature that is a favorite Obviously there’s probably more than five But we’re gonna just keep this to the top things that I’m super into.
No.1 the OLED screen and the first thing that kind Of took me by surprise is how small this phone is.
now the phone itself is small in comparison to any of the plus sized phones But the crazy part is is the actual screen itself is slightly larger than the screen on the plus phones
So for size reference, Here is the 8+ and here is the 10 so judging by just the body size You can tell that this one is much much smaller than the plus What is crazy to me though is this is the iPhone 8 These are almost the same exact size, but when you put the screen side-by-side That’s where you can see the huge difference between the size of the screen and the eight screen.
Just take a look at that It really is all screen I’m so proud of myself because I haven’t called it the ‘X’
one single time since I started this video so Apple is calling this the Super Retina display.
one of the things that I think a lot of people were worried about is because there is this notch cut out That is going to take away from watching movies or watching content on your phone
and to be honest with you, I really didn’t even notice that it was there
you have two options You can either enlarge it to full screen So yes the notch will be cut out or you can squeeze it and shrink it down so that it only plays in this Little area, right here since I haven’t had this very long I haven’t really got to watch any long feature films or anything really that crazy because I basically just Got it, and I’ve been making videos non-stop. I’ll be doing a full review once I’ve had this for at least a week so stay tuned for the week with iPhone 10 video Thank you, Mike you guys know I gotta do one number two is the front-facing portrait mode, and I absolutely love portrait mode on the iPhone I’ve been using it ever since it was first released into beta that I was pretty surprised How well this actually worked, but with the new front-facing features? It’s able to sense depth and with that you’re able to get some incredible portrait mode photos Here’s the field that I took while we were outside and as you can see here This is with portrait mode on and this is with portrait mode off and also Just like the rear camera portrait mode You can also go through and use some of the portrait lighting, so let’s take this photo for example This is a picture that my sister took so if we go into edit you’ll see here You have all of the same features that you have From the back camera non portrait mode for trip mode you can switch to the natural light to the studio light Contour light and the stage lights which didn’t work very well on this photo But I do have another one that it worked really well on and I was quite impressed look at that I mean that cut out almost absolutely perfect again The portrait mode is still in beta so you will sometimes get an imperfect photo And that doesn’t just happen on the iPhone that happens on any of these phones that have these new portrait mode effects I’ll be doing a full comparison video with the pixel to the no dates and the new iPhone 10 So we’ll be able to get those shots and really see which one is the best and again the hard part with doing those types Of comparison photos some of the cameras perform better in various Lighting’s so it’s really hard to tell which is the best I still say That whatever camera you have with you that will always be the best one and cleeshay. I know but it’s true number Three is wireless charging, and I know what all of you Android fan boys and girls are saying. We’ve had that forever. Yeah, okay I get it, but the pixel 2 – what happened there Where’s your wireless charging at I was actually very surprised that they decided not to do that but anyway moving on the iPhone 10 and the iPhone 8 both have wireless charging so if you always already have a wireless charger as Long as it is Qi wireless enabled. You’ll be able to charge your iPhone 10 or your iPhone 8 So if you see all of those little wireless charging stations around at the mall or coffee shops There’s a really good chance that you will now be able to utilize that with your iPhone test There’s two different chargers that Apple has out There’s this Belkin one and there’s this Mophie one the Falcon one is significantly lighter But the Mophie one is significantly smaller so really I think it’s kind of just a preference on which one you think looks better I think that I prefer the Mophie one. I have one at my desk and I also have one in my bedroom Where’s this one? I feel like matches this desk very nicely So I think it really just depends on what you’re looking for I would suggest going the Apple Store and checking them out But I also think I probably would recommend the Mophie one so you just take my recommendation if you’d like you Number four is an emojis and this was a huge highlight at the Apple event when they first announced this I know it seems a little silly and it seems a little crazy But really this is just showing off the facial recognition technology that Apple has now in the iPhone 10 I mean it’s kind of weird to just watch this group emoji mimic my facial expressions like I close my eyes I raise my eyebrows and it picks up all of that Wow Wow wait wow-whee So this type of detail that you’re seeing now This is only a small taste of what will happen when Apple opens this up to other developers. What will they create? I’m not sure But I’m excited to find out I feel like there’s so many different possibilities With a our kit and all of the really cool augmented reality apps haven’t really messed around with that if you guys have any favorite Augmented reality apps that you guys are trying or checking out feel free to leave those in the comments below and I would love to check them out as well last but not least and it’s a very very huge important part of IPhone 10 so technically I probably saved the best for last and that is face ID so setting up face ID is very very simple All you have to do is align your face after you click get started So it tells you exactly what you have to do position your face looks like I need to move the phone a little bit lower and now You just move your head like so and then you’re gonna do it again Just like that And that’s it your face scan is complete and one of the things that I was really shocked about is How fast this really is and it is super intuitive and it seems weird to sort of explain it to somebody? Especially if they’ve never used any type of facial recognition software I use it in my surface studio I’ve used it on my note 8. I’ve used it to my Samsung s8 even though I’ve used it so many times before in various different things it still was so exciting to be holding an iOS device and to just Unlock with my face and not only can you unlock your phone with your face? But you can pay with your face Basically any place that you would be using touch ID face ID has now replaced that you can use touch ID to buy things But now you can use your face to buy things I went to Whole Foods And I used it for the first time and it’s really really exciting Definitely getting a pumpkin cheese this is a pumpkin cheese This is something that I’ve never seen before But today is the day. Is this something that you’re into? Because I’m into it Are you still filming? Ok I just I just use Apple pay with my face for the phrase the first time I don’t know why this is so exciting what it is so when you guys use this for the first time Just let me know what you think so those are my top 5 favorite things There’s so many other things that I really love about this phone But I will save those for my full review video after I’ve actually got a chance to play with this I didn’t even add that the camera is amazing that clearly should be in the top 5 feature Oh, there’s just too many things, but so far I’m absolutely loving this phone And I look forward to making some more fun videos for you guys guys have any suggestions on anything else you would like to see Me test out with the new iPhone 10 leave those in the comments below And I will see you guys in my next video And if you’re not already subscribed make sure you hit that subscribe button and that’s it I’m gonna go edit now, so I’ll see you later

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  9. Justine: I am so happy this video I haven't called it the X once
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    Edit- today I bought Samsung galaxy 10+ for her as she is into Samsung n doesn’t likes apple.

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