🔥 All iPhone XR Colors!

– Guess what’s in here? I am unboxing all six colors
of the brand new iPhone XR. I’m really excited because
this phone is so beautiful and I love all of these colors. I also have something very special: I’ve got some fantastic
unboxing knives for today. I thought we would get really festive. Definitely Dexter and iJustine approved. I have two other iPhone XR
videos in case you missed those. I have my iPhone XR review
and a vlog that I shot on the iPhone XR. Also this is extremely exciting and a very, very rare thing. I don’t do giveaways very often but my friend Johnathan, he’s also doing an unboxing of all six colors. So we decided that we
we’re gonna partner up, do a give away. If you guys want a chance
to win all you have to do is be subscribed to both mine and Johnathan’s channels,
like both of our videos, be sure to comment on each one of them, and while you’re at it you
mind as well hit the bell for some extra bonus points. So thank you Johnathan for
the motivation and thank you for all your incredible videos. We look forward to sending
you a brand new phone. We’ll let you guys pick whatever color you want to, so, don’t worry. Now the moment that you’ve
all been waiting for! Which color should we unbox first? You guys would think I
bought these specifically for this video, you
would think that, but no. I’ve actually already had these. So I think we’ll start
with the small one first. We’ll go with the blue. (playful music) This knife actually matches it! (laughs) It couldn’t have matched it more perfect. This was not planned. I think I bought these
knives two years ago. Never used them. Looks like yellow’s next. These knives are just so beautiful. I still think that the
yellow might be my favorite. So this knife doesn’t match quite as well, but it still has some of
the yellow accents on it. This looks to me like it
would be the coral phone. Nice fall day here on this knife. I really love knives and I’m
not gonna change for you. The coral color is very interesting because depending upon what the lighting is like it’ll look
peach or it’ll look pink or it’ll look a little more orange color. Knife swag. Well I don’t have a red knife, I used to. I had a Team Valor knife but
I don’t know where it went. Pink is sort of a shade of red. This is the Product (RED)
iPhone and I love this one so much because not only is
it an incredible red color but it’s also for charity. I’m a huge fan of all of
the Product (RED) products. This is different than the other one. They’ve got the Product (RED) insert. It’s so great. It’s like, I’m not even a
huge fan of the color red but whatever they’ve done, these past two iPhones, the red is just so great. (soothing music) It’s such a great red. Definitely does not
match this knife at all. Moving onto this purple knife. We don’t have a purple
iPhone unfortunately. So I guess I’ll unbox the white one. (gasps) No! I’m sorry desk! You’ve been abused! Oh God no! Shoot! This bread knife is vicious. Wow! Okay well if I had to pick
a color out of all of these, because if you haven’t noticed I love an all white aesthetic. And this phone is really, really nice. Don’t even ask me what the
heck I’m gonna do with all of these things. Does anybody want them? Do you want a gift? Does not quite match. This looks fantastic. And last but not least,
we’ve got the black iPhone. This one looks incredible as well. Here it is, the last one of the bunch. This is the all black, it’s really, really great looking. And yes, it does, in fact, match my knife. Here they are! We’ve got them all unboxed. They are such incredibly vibrant colors that one of the things that I’m thinking about doing with this
is sort of making them into an art piece which I know is kind of crazy and your
like Justine I don’t have an iPhone and your gonna turn your iPhones into an art piece. You guys always think
that if I buy the phones I’m going to return them, but I’m not. I bought them specifically for this video so I wanna kind of do a framed
photo with all of them in it. Sounds silly but I think
it’ll look really cool. For now, let’s turn all of
these on so that we can see their wonderful new backgrounds,
which is one of the cool things about all of
these is they have custom colored backgrounds to match
the color of the phones. Hey what did you do this weekend? I don’t wanna talk about it! What a great color. So out of all six of these which one is your favorite color? ’cause I’m still, honestly, I really like the yellow a
lot and it’s kind of shocking to see this color of a phone. I’m not sure if this
color is for everyone. But I feel like most
people are gonna put cases immediately on their phones. And here’s the black. And last but not least
the coral which you guys already saw because I posted a bunch about this on my channel already. So now that these are all unboxed and on, let’s take them outside and
get some slow-mo b-roll, because you guys know that’s something that I just can’t resist. (playful music) We’re trying to film this video. People are hooting and hollering. There are guys screaming
out of their cars. – [Woman] Hey beautiful! Smile, mama! – Are you selling those phones baby girl? I said I will fight you right now. I’m not selling these phones. I’m trying to shoot a YouTube video. Subscribe to my channel. – [Woman] I mean you are holding– – I look like such an idiot!
– You’re holding six phones in the street corner. (laughing) – Let me live my best life, okay? – [Woman] Maybe you could make a profit? (upbeat music) – I hope you guys enjoyed this unboxing. I had a lot of fun doing this. I am so excited about the new iPhone XR and the new iPhone XS and XS Max. All of these phones
are really great phones and I feel like whichever
one you decide to get you are going to be very happy with. But as a reminder I am doing a giveaway with Johnathan on both of our channels. We are giving away a XR on mine and a XR on his so be sure
to subscribe to mine and his, comment on both of our
videos, like the videos be sure to hit the bell,
do all of the things that YouTubers tell you to constantly do. We’ll be choosing winners
and sending the color of your choice out to you. And I should probably put
these knives in the dishwasher if I ever plan to actually
use them for food. See you later. (upbeat music)

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