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🤓Repair Windows 10 with Windows Automatic Repair Tool💻

🤓Repair Windows 10 with Windows Automatic Repair Tool💻

eTop Technology, Inc. windows might be a great operating
system but it’s not invincible when things begin to go wrong and they will
there’s a lot you can do to fix it yourself if you can open up the settings
window right at the bottom you’ll see the update and security options open
these up here windows gives you a lot of options you can select any of them from
the left-hand side first thing you could try is updating windows this will
sometimes repair corrupted files Windows comes with its own antivirus protection
not only is it free but it’s also better than many of the commercial versions so
there’s no real need to buy one there’s also the option to backup your data and
if you’ve not done this you really should there’s nothing worse than losing
all your files your pictures and your data and not being able to recover them
there’s also an option to troubleshoot a whole range of problems but what we want
right now is the recovery option recovery gives you two options the first
resetting the PC re installs the Windows operating system either keeping your
personal data and files or removing them and giving you a clean start this is a
fairly drastic option which we could try if the advanced startup option fails but
first we’re going to try the advanced startup selecting advanced startup
reboots your PC into a recovery mode there are three options now abandoning
the reboot and exiting to Windows troubleshooting and simply turning off
your computer we’re going to use the troubleshooting option again this gives
you the option either to reinstall windows which we don’t want to do quite
yet or to select some other advanced options
System Restore is really a roll-back option to a previous windows state
you’ll get a number of options if there are a number of restore points it’s a
good option if a recent software installation has caused you a problem
but again we don’t want to try this quite yet because it may lose recent
applications the system image recovery option allows us to reinstall a complete
version of windows including all our files and data from a system image that
we created earlier again great if you’ve already created
one and you don’t mind losing the work you’ve done since you made the system
image but we’re going to try startup repair very often this will work for you
and won’t put your data at risk a word of warning though you should have a
complete backup of your data before using this or any other option startup
repair asks us to select the account we want to repair I’ve only got one account
on this computer so only one option is presented select it and you’re asked for
the accounts password for this demonstration I’ve not created password
protection but on a working account you should always password protect select
continue and windows will start a diagnostic process which may take a
while to complete in this case windows tells me that it couldn’t repair my PC
that’s not because it was irreparable but simply because there wasn’t anything
wrong with it in the first place but if there had been it would attempt to
repair any issues that the diagnostic program had found it will also give you
a report in the form of a log file you can copy this log file to a forum or
send it to an engineer if you’re still having difficulties
windows helpfully allows you to select advanced options again taking you back
to the three options we saw earlier if the diagnostic program failed to mend
the startup issues the next thing you could try would be a system restore this
shouldn’t lose any personal files or data but it does risk losing recently
installed apps I don’t want this so I’m going to cancel the operation and if all
else fails you might need to reinstall windows again I can’t emphasize enough
the need to have a complete backup of your data before you choose this or any
other option Windows comes with a very helpful suite of repair options that you
can try yourself before calling for outside help often
simply running Windows Update will fix the problem but now you know how to
access other repair options and if you’re really stuck you can call eTop
Technology we’re here to help if you like these videos please
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  1. I have Dell Inspiron 17 with genuine windows 10 and MS Office. Inadvertently I removed the Administrator account. So when I work with cmd, and type password I get the message: "system error 5 access denied". Besides I could not install some softwares. You are in CA while I am in New York city. I request you to suggest some remedies for this problem I face. I am a visitor from India and my foreign exchange is limited. My email is [email protected]

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