*music playing* Hey guys! it’s Wengie. Welcome back to my channel or welcome if you are new. Today I want to do a weird DIY iPhone hack video where I choose like ten of my favorite… these are super duper amazingly awesome even though a little bit weird. But hold up if you’re not part of my family I really encourage you to join. Here is your virtual hug. Welcome to the family! And actually I give surprise comment hugs as well. If you are already part of my family, you guys know I think you’re like the most amazing people in the world. If you get this video to 20000 thumbs up, that would be super duper amazing So without further to do, lets jump straight up to the video! *Sped Up Talking* *Music again* But did you know that you can turn your iphone camera lens into the perfect macro lens with simply just a drop of water It’s amazing. Take a little drop of water onto your fingers, and transfer this straight onto your camera lens. And now you can take photos of something super small and closeup So I am going to give you guys this comparison before the water drop and after the water drop. You can see the veins on this little bugs wings. It is simply insane how detailed this lens has become just from the drop of water. *music again!!!* So I always end up eating when I am using my phone and I, like my fingers get so sticky and grubby and then I just like put it on my phone screen and Its totally disgusting. And if you have long nails like me, it might make it hard to play precise games. So with this DIY you can make your own iPhone stylus out of just regular things around the house. All you need is the pen with a metallic casing, a sponge and some scissors. So simply just take the pen apart and make sure its actually all metal because you want it to conduct electricity from you fingers then cut out a bit of the sponge thats just a little bigger than the opening of your pen and then stick it in, so a little bit of it sticks out. Thats pretty much it, and make sure your sponge is just a little bit moist ’cause we need the water to conduct the electricity as well and this is a perfect hack to keep your screen clean. I’m using this stylus to play Best Fiends who have generally sponsored this video and I’ve been like totally obsessed with this game. So what you do. It’s really simple. Just match the colours in a row. This will mean that your little bug army can defeat this giant ugly slugs. And trust me this is addictive. I’m on level 41 right now and tweet me your level as well. I want to see like how far you’ve gotten because its actually pretty hard guys. Like I’ve been stuck on a few levels for a little while and there is a free gift if you play on July the 10th and there’s also a new quest for Gean after you reach level 100 where you can win gold and diamonds, and so i really gotta get to level 100 asap. This game is completely free so click the link in the description to download it from the app store or google play. And because they have been so kind to sponsor me I’m doing my biggest giveaway I have done on this channel. One of you guys is getting… Taadaa! A beautiful new Macbook. Winner can choose their favourite colour. And this giveaway is for my family so you gotta be subscribed. Then the next thing I want you guys to do is give this video a thumbs up leave a comment down below what your favourite DIY is and also follow me on Instagram and leave a comment there as well if you want like bonus points. Good luck, guys! *music* For you guys that like love exercise and you don’t have an arm band because its to expensive or you want your own custom arm band. All you need is a pair of socks and some scissors. I think that this is so cute, it’s almost like denim. All you need to do is cut the sock off above the heal so you just have this straight tube. Pull it over you arm, and then double it over. And that’s pretty much your arm band, it’s so simple. Slip your phone in and basically wrap the top. Then what you want to do is lightly mark the top, where your earphone jack is going to poke through. Cut it, and then like slip you earphones in. And thats pretty much your arm band. It’s so simple. It actually feels more secure than thought it would. Especially since I have this like monster iPhone 6+ *music* Cords are the vain of my existence. I suck at organising cords. I always have electronics on my table like everywhere! It just gets in the way and I get super duper annoyed because the cord is way too long. All you need is a thick pen and a hairdryer. So all you need to do is wrap the cord leaving the ends of the cord that you actually need the length of and wrap it super, super tightly into this coil shape. And then take a hairdryer on the highest heat setting and blow-dry it for a couple of minutes. And make sure you don’t burn yourself, wear gloves or hold it in place with something else because I don’t want you guys to hurt yourself. After a few minutes it keeps its shape. And it becomes super cute, like springy cord. i just want to play with it, I want to make these it in all different colors and give it to people because I think it’s so cute it literally looks like you’ve bought it from the store. So, yeah, try this and let me know if you guys love it because, yeah. I am in love! *music* So you know when like you unplug stuff from your table and your cord just falls on the floor. Yeah, I’m way too lazy to pick it up all the time. So enter Mr. Lego Man! Use some blu-tack and stick your little Lego man on the side of your desk and push the cords into his little mitts when you unplug them and he will keep them ready for you and in place for the next time you come back and want to plug in your electronics. And the best thing about this is you can choose any Lego man you want. *music* This next awesome DIY helps you make a 3D hologram projector out of plastic. You can use any kind of plastic, a CD case cover as well is perfect. Just cut them out into 4 trapezoid shapes and stick them together like a pyramid. Put this upside down on your phone and it literally creates a hologram image magically before your eyes But my fiancé made this on his DIY channel. So if you guys want to check out this full DIY go to his channel called Jumbo Rabbit. So much fun. *music* So I had so much fun with this DIY. Did you know that you can turn you iPhone into a black light? I had no idea what a black light was but it basically makes you highlighters and markers look super duper glowy and it’s so much fun in the dark especially when you have friends over. So it’s actually super simple to make. All you need is your phone, some clear tape and a purple and blue sharpie. So take a piece of tape and tape it over the flashlight and colour it blue then take another piece tape it over the first piece and then colour it purple and finally take the final piece cover it again and colour it blue. And that’s pretty much it, this DIY is super easy to do and its totally awesome and amazing. Check out these colours, I literally even drew all over my body and face just to play with it. It is so much fun *music* I always watch things on my phone, even when a huge laptop or computer screen is literally right in front of me. It’s sometimes just easier because I’m already on my phone, doesn’t make any logical sense for me to do this. Instead of straining your neck down on your phone you can actually make your own little phone stand combined with speaker system to hold it up. All you need is a toilet roll and 2 party cups. Cut a slit on the toilet roll on the top and you can mark this out so your iPhone fits perfectly in place then cut a circle in each the side of the cups then fit them together and you have a really cool holder and speaker system. Great thing about this is you can colour it and design it to whatever theme you have in your room at the moment *music* Next DIY I have for you guys is this awesome home projector for your iPhone. And to make this is actually really really simple. You just need an old shoe box or cardboard box, a magnifying glass, tape, scissors and some playdoh. So trace out a circle in the front of your box in the shape of your magnifying glass and cut out an opening for it and make sure this is not to big because you don’t want the magnifying glass to move around a lot. Now tape the magnifying glass in place from the back and you have your projector lens. Now turn the lights off and use a blank wall or white cardboard to set up your own movie screen. To make this super clear you just need to shift the phone back and forth to the perfect position as well as the projector. And once you get this right you basically use your playdoh to keep it in place. Because a magnifying glass actually flips the image upside down, I have no idea why but it just does, you need to turn on the Assistive touch function on your iPhone so that you can rotate the screen the right way around on the projector and you can like watch movies, youtube or whatever. It’s really really cool especially if you have friends over. And make sure your phone is on the brightest setting as well so you can see this clearly. I actually thought this wasn’t going to work because I have seen this fail so many times and it’s true like shuffle if we can actually see the screen. This is like so awesome guys! *music* Lastly I’m going to show you this DIY lava lamp. All you need is some cute clear bottles, baby oil, food colouring and alka-seltzer. So fill up your bottles two thirds of the way with baby oil and the rest with water. So the reason for this is the oil and the water don’t like each other so they are not going to mix and it keeps the colour away from the baby oil. Drop and few drops of food colouring into the water and seriously this process is a piece of art in itself. We literally stood there and watched the food colour explode into the water so many times But I just ended the DIY here and would have had so much fun. But I’m going to put down the recipes for the colours that i made on the screen for you guys so you guys can make your own. All you need to do to make it go all lavary is to add a tablet of alka-seltzer to make your lava lamp dance Doesn’t it look pretty good? But to make this DIY pop even more pop you iPhone flashlight underneath while it’s on and it will just light it up like this magical lamp. It’s a sight to be seen. I actually think this green colour looks radio active. The purple one looked amazingly like a galaxy! *music* I really want to know which one was your favourite DIY hack for today. I know which one mine is, can you guys guess? Thank you guys so much much for watching and I’ll see you guys right back here. Bye!!!!!

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