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10 Signs That You Are Addicted to Your Phone

10 Signs That You Are Addicted to Your Phone

Hey guys so today’s video is all about
things that people who are addicted to their phones will all understand. Being a
social media I guess kind of “person”, I’m pretty addicted to my phone, and honestly
it’s a little bit sad. All these situations happen to me all the time.
it’s, yeah, it’s a little bit of a problem. But like all of my videos, I tend to make
my problems into relatable content, so yeah hope you guys enjoy this video and
without further ado, let’s get started! Awww oh my god, Brynn, look at this phone Emily posted of her cat! (uncomfortable voice) Yeah… okay *laughs* Just that one picture Okay. Owww! Ow How did that even happen? What? my phone definitely just vibrated, right? Okay, that was weird… Brynn: Ella, we’re getting Chinese for dinner Ella: Okay. Brynn: What do you want? Ella: sure. Brynn: Ella, are you even listening to me?! Ella: Yeah. Brynn: Okay, I just won’t get you anything then. Ella: Wait, what? Ella: Sooo funny story… Umm…I kind of forgot my phone so can we turn around and go back? Brynn: Wait why
do we have to go back? Ella: I need my phone Brynn: Uhh no you don’t We’re only going to be out for like less than an hour You can just live without it Ella: No, no, no. You don’t understand I need my phone!
Like I can’t, I can’t not have my phone yeah we need to turn around. Shoot! Dang-it Right… Hope y’all enjoyed that video! If you are
not already, make sure you are subscribed to my channel down below- I post new
videos every single Saturday. I also have an Instagram, a Twitter, and a Snapchat so go ahead and
follow me all those! And I will see you guys soon! Bye!

100 thoughts on “10 Signs That You Are Addicted to Your Phone”

  1. My GF just won’t stay off her phone it’s really affecting our relationship. It’s making her lazy and fat.

  2. I already knew I was addicted to my phone. But now this video just clarifies I really am😂 anyone from 2019?

  3. When I had 4g last month I took my phone outside and alll my friends didn’t take theirs out and they all callled me phone zombie and they took my phone a phoned the police and said she addicted to u


  5. Sometimes I loose it in my house and still have A mini heart attack I’m rlly addicted to it it’s something that gives me joy to my life 📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱

  6. does anybody else see blizzard little dots everywhere?

  7. Yeah I have that obsession… and it's horrible. I'm going to have to go to places without my phone.

  8. But I think I’m addicted to the content of it, not the phone. I’m addicted to music, if my music is on the radio the I could be addicted to radio. And then the internet, I could use a laptop or a computer but in the phone it would be more easier. Therefore it make me look like I’m addicted to phone. But in reality it’s just the content of it, when my phone is broken and I can’t use it for months, It turned out to be I’m totally fine with it.

  9. Omg you both are sooo bad at acting. Why make sketches when you cant have more than one expression on camera

  10. Nope nope nope the real way to know your addicted your phone is when it's supposed to drop on your face but you dodged it cause it happens so many times

  11. I do the one when it falls on u and bathroom , and I not like when people don’t be listing when talking to them
    , I don’t hear vibration from a fun but I some times hear roblox feet moving

  12. i hate when people touch my phone 🤢 . don’t know wea yo hands been , don’t touch my expensive ass iPhone . periodt . but guess ima addict 🤷🏽‍♀️ .

  13. I relate to all of this lmao especially when I'm using the bathroom and I'm in there for 20 mins bc I'm on my phone 😂🤣

  14. We we see anxiety and antidepressants in rise very soon.
    Especiall used by teenagers and ppl in their 20's.
    Many know how to operate a smartphone bud can not peel potatoes.

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