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10 Things You Should Never Google – Seriously, Don’t Do It.

10 Things You Should Never Google – Seriously, Don’t Do It.

10 Things To Never Google If You Love Your
Sanity Don’t know something, Google it! That is the mantra to survive the modern life
knowledge crisis. But how often do you feel like Alice who was
lost in Wonderland because you searched the web and got thrown onto a site unrelated? We’ve all been there and other than a waste
of time we haven’t thought much of it. Have you ever landed on a site in the process
that left you bitter and you swore to never see Google in the face? If not, you are darn too lucky. We have got you a list of things that you
should never Google; make that NEVER EVER in case you have slightest of love for your
sanity! Number 10. The body farm
Even if you are a science geek and aren’t scared of extreme sci-fi movies, we still
recommend you to not Google this. The body farm is a research area where scientists
study body decomposition, sounds knowledgeable? Wait till you see blood and body fluids oozing
out of a body as it succumbs to natural decaying! We bet you will lose your appetite after you
see what Google serves you on the plate as your type the words ‘body farm’. You could always ask a sibling to search it,
if you are ready to be hated for life! Number 9. Death Clock
Go in search of this crazy site only if you don’t love your life or at the very least
aren’t afraid to lose your sanity. As the name suggests the site offers you the
date of your death! Uhmm not something you would want to know,
or would you? Well the site was set up as a joke obviously,
in case you have a doubt. But the idea of death is gripping so if you
have no intention of going anxious over the date then by all means stay clear! Number 8. Medical symptoms
You know the worst thing you could do using the powerful tool called Google? Search your medical symptoms online to get
a name to the disease your body is hosting! Why would you even consider doing it when
you can easily land yourself to a doctor? In case you can’t physically crawl up to
him, you are already too late and internet isn’t saving your ass! Even if it is just a minor rash, consult a
dermatologist instead of Google that’s gonna give you just one answer, CANCER! Scared? Number 7. You or your partner
By this we don’t mean that you have a gruesome history that Google will vomit out! Maybe that is true but then that’s not what
we are pointing it out for. You may find nothing about yourself on the
search engine and that may disappoint you. It will have a greater impact if you find
someone else with the same name making millions; that has a high probability! The reverse may also happen and you could
come across stuff that you don’t even remember doing, probably because it’s embarrassing! Not searching your partner has the same reason;
you’d hate him for that past! Number 6. How to make a bomb
Now that’s obvious but we thought just in case you are thinking of doing it we’d warn
you. No, you aren’t going to get arrested for
it but then your IP address will be added to database, like for SURE. The worst thing you could do in this scenario
is repeating similar searches and you’d have called in enough of trouble to last you
a lifetime. Let’s give you another shock; household
items are also used in bomb making. You get the hint, right? Number 5. Mr. Hands
Innocent name, is it? Could be a man who teaches kids to make puppets
and other crafts. You are in to be surprised, oh sorry; you
are to be shocked beyond words! When you Google it you come across a video
and that my friend is not a DIY lesson. A man having anal sex from a horse is what
you’ll see; if that did not churn your stomach already you need to know that it was intentional
and taped. Uhh and the man later died! Number 4. Anything that spills your insecurities
We are all insecure about something or the other but there simply isn’t any need to
put that on show over the internet. When you search anything about your insecurity
on Google you are basically exposing your vulnerable side to advertisers. So when you ask Google whether or not you
are fat, you’ll come across advertisements of slimming pills and weight loss diet plans. So whether you need it or not you’ll end
up buying at least one of them. Number 3. Anything that reveals your location
Go back in time when you looked up cheap food joints around you to fill that growling tummy
of yours and when you checked movie tickets available in that PVR. You have no idea your innocent searches have
provided Google with more data about you than your own mother. So let’s get to business, what would they
do with this information? That wasn’t even a question, they sell it
OBVIOUSLY! You can now let that shriek escape your mouth! Number 2. Ballerina Feet
Ballerinas are known for their immense grace and effortless art. Reality check, their art is anything but effortless! You’ve seen the pretty girls dancing elegantly
on their toes, remember TOES which are standing ERECT. Now that’s not what normal humans do, at
least not for hours. Just imagine what that does to their feet. Okay, let’s say there isn’t any point
imagining. It is way beyond what you can think and what
your eyes can take, so don’t Google! Number 1. Tub Girl
What image flashes your mind when you read it? Maybe a hottie taking a bath in a tub and
flaunting her curves for the viewers. Why the heck are we asking you to not Google
it, this scene is worth watching! But darlings, the image that will pop up is
not what you can ever unsee and it is not about the beauty. A fat Japanese woman projecting diarrhoea
in air which obviously comes down; thanks to gravity! We can stop here, you are already grossed
out! Though we have all wandered off in a different
tangent while searching on the web but it is less likely that you reached so far! But maybe you have, so tell us which of these
you have tried to Google? Tell us in the comment section below. Subscribe to our channel if you liked this
video. And while you’re here, check out our other
videos and tell us what you think of them. You can also find us on twitter, facebook
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  2. Number 10 actually sounds quite intriguing, I will search that up because I'm interested in natural decomposition, and since this is the first time I've ever seen a human decomposition, wish me luck!

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  5. So, i googled
    Death clock, i die in the year 2079.
    I also googled…
    "How to make a bomb (joking dont add my ip address to your database pls daddy)"
    5 days later police show up at my door and search the fuck out of my house.
    Lol just joking they didn't but i did search it up hopeing someone will see it at google and giggle a bit😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Often i google medical condition to know what kind of diseases i have. Now, unfortunately, i am afraid that it shows serious life threatening condition. And, most of the time it says "cancer "

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    1 lunatic 1 ice pick
    Blue waffles(in images)
    The burning baby
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  10. With the tube girl category you forgot to mention, SHES FUCKING DEAD!! DO NOT search it up, I promise you’ll regret it man

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