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11 Things You Should NEVER Say To Siri!

11 Things You Should NEVER Say To Siri!

11 Things You Should Never Say
To Siri! Number 11. Never say 108
What started off as a harmless prank on social media spiraled out of control. Many posts suggested to say “108” to iPhone
users, but if you do, Siri automatically calls local emergency services. The number “108” is used for emergency
services in India. It is the equivalent of calling “911”
in the United States. Fortunately, there is a five-second delay,
where a caller can press cancel just in case the call was dialed accidentally. Please note that calling emergency personnel
should be treated as an emergency only, and not be used for entertainment purposes. In fact, some police stations across the United
States, like the Denton police department in Texas and the Lewiston police department
in Idaho, have issued warnings on their social media sites to warn others not to use this
feature unless it is an actual emergency. Again, save the emergency calls for true emergencies
only. Keep the lines open for people who truly need
emergency care. Number 10. Siri, Crime Detective
Don’t ask Siri to help you with a murder scene. Back in 2014, murder suspect Pedro Bravo was
standing trial for killing his ex-friend Christian Aguilar, who was dating his ex-girlfriend. Aguilar’s body had been found buried in
a shallow hole, several weeks after he went missing. According to the Palm Beach Report, Bravo
told Siri that he needed a place to conceal his roommate. Jokingly, Siri replied asking what kind of
place he was searching for, listing dumps, swamps, reservoirs and metal foundries. Apparently, Bravo went with the woods. The screenshot of the conversation was not
taken by Bravo, but discovered in the cache of images he looked at on Facebook. However, when Buzzfeed tried asking Siri the
same questions, all Siri does now is respond with an apology. Phone companies like Verizon’s map usage
and other records can now be used as evidence in court, so just be careful of what other
things you ask Siri. Hopefully you never need to find a place to
dump a body. And, even if you joke around and ask Siri
these kinds of questions for fun, remember, if you get busted for something else stupid,
your phone records everything you do. The authorities might not think it’s funny
to find potential grave sites embedded in your phone. Number 9. Serious Mathematician
Ask Siri what zero divided by zero is. Maybe you are looking for a little laugh. Or, hey, we all need a little actual help
with math sometimes. But unless you want to get a sarcastic response
that could possibly hurt your feelings, then don’t ask Siri for any help when it comes
to basic math. If you really need the math help for basic
equations, you might choose to Google them instead. Even though zero divided by zero is an obvious
answer, the answer Siri will give you is, “Imagine you have zero cookies and you split
them evenly among no friends. How many cookies does each person get? See? That doesn’t make sense, and Cookie Monster
is sad because there are no cookies, and you are sad because you have no friends.” Ouch, not only does that reply make you re-think
about asking Siri for assistance for math, but she also insulted you. So again, if you are up for a funny, sarcastic
dig of reply, go for it. If you actually need math help, ask Google
or a tutor. It sucks enough to need math help, but no
one needs to feel like a loser from a phone app if you really need help. Number 8. Who is Cortana?! Don’t call Siri Cortana. One Redditor, back in 2015, made the mistake
of calling Siri Cortana when he was trying to get movie showtimes. But instead of brushing it off Siri fired
back some sass. Reddit user Mike Pants posted a screenshot
of the conversation he had with Siri as she made remarks asking who Cortana was and telling
him that he should just ask Cortana for the movie times instead. Cortana is Microsoft’s personal phone assistant
whose name is also borrowed from the Microsoft game Halo. Just like Siri, Cortana also allows users
to place calls, texts, save calendar events and more by just asking their phone. So it’s simple to see how people can mistake
the two operating systems. Some people even called Siri Cortana just
to see what kind of response they would get. Some replies include Siri saying not to call
her by that name and responding with “I think you have the wrong assistant.” One Twitter user even claimed that Siri locked
him out of his phone for one minute. Call it a bad case of jealousy! Number 7. Siri, Scorned
Ask if she has a boyfriend, but be prepared for the answer. If you’re ever curious about Siri and her
current relationship status then prepare yourself for a truthful answer that might be hard to
swallow. If you ask her “Siri, do you have a boyfriend? ” here’s a response you might get. She’ll reply with “Why? So we can get ice cream together, listen to
music, and travel across the galaxies? Only to have it end in slammed doors, heartbreak
and loneliness? Sure, where do I sign up?” It makes one wonder about Siri’s relational
experiences. Or, at least the state of mind of the person
or computer programmer who came up with the sad, Debbie-Downer response. Siri’s more than emotional reply might even
have you thinking twice about getting into a relationship. That is, If you want to use Siri as a love
life guidance advisor, anyway. You might take your chances, and don’t let
Siri’s negative reply hold you back. Number 6. Nicknames
Don’t ask Siri to give yourself a “funny” nickname. While it might sound amusing at the time,
having Siri call you “Lord of the Farts” during an office meeting might get you in
trouble at work. In one incident, according to the Sun back
in 2011, a twelve-year-old picked up a demo iPhone at Tesco in the UK when Siri responded
back to him “shut the F up, you ugly bleep.” As surprising as the incident was to the boy
and his mother, it was soon discovered that one individual thought it would be hilarious
to use this phrase rather than program his name into Siri. So it goes to show how easy it is to set useless
and dumb names or phrases in the setup instructions. Since Siri isn’t recognized for cursing,
Tesco told the Sun that the company did launch an investigation and even sent the phone back
to Apple to be diagnosed. Number 5. Siri Likes Sci-Fi
Ask what her favorite movie is. Not only is Siri a useful mobile personal
assistant, but have some fun with Siri and you’ll realize she has a dark sense of humor,
too. According to the Verge, if you ask Siri what
her favorite movie is, she’ll spew out a few movies. All of which seem to be in the Sci-Fi category. Some movies include The Matrix and Blade Runner,
which is kind of interesting considering they all have to do with robots, computers, and
technology. Especially the movie Blade Runner which is
about robots killing humans. Go on, ask Siri yourself! She’ll elaborate more and say that it’s
about intelligent assistants wanting to live beyond their termination dates. This Apple candid feature is not only intelligent,
but also funny. It also hints at Siri possibly evolving into
something more than just an OS. Number 4. Not a Medic
Never ask Siri for medical help. Siri is widely advanced when it comes to speech
technology. Not only can she send messages or suggest
restaurants, but she can also remind you of appointments and write emails. But one thing she cannot do is help you if
need medical advice or if you’re suicidal. One young woman uploaded a ten-minute video
of herself asking Siri for medical advice back in 2012. But despite many attempts, Siri was unsuccessful
when it came to giving answers. In the video, the girl in the video tells
Siri she needs psychological help; only for Siri to reply that she found ten motorcycle
dealerships nearby. Even when the girl asked Siri to call 1-800-SUICIDE,
Siri was unable to do so. It had taken about twenty minutes before Siri
was actually able to search for suicide hotlines and provide useful information. The good news is that many mobile apps are
now available to help people to access crisis support hotlines. However, if you feel that you need mental
health assistance, it is best to phone emergency services rather than depend on Siri. Number 3. Sounds Like
Don’t ask Siri about Esports. Back in March 2017, a Toronto eSports bar
owner found himself in a pickle when he started getting multiple calls from people seeking
escort services. Confused and dumbfounded, he decided to do
a little digging. One of the callers told him that Siri might
be to blame for asking Siri about escorts sounds far too similar to esports as the virtual
assistant will closely match whatever is in the area showing people his eSports bar. The pub owner decided to contact Apple on
their Twitter for further assistance with the issue. However, he said he didn’t receive a response
as of yet. He has also posted about his strange experience
on Twitter. While he is still unsure of how this problem
will affect his business, he hopes there will be no long-term adverse effects. Number 2. Keep It Clean
Quit swearing at Siri. Admit it, we’ve all probably cursed at Siri
at least once out of frustration when she failed to follow instructions correctly. While it may be fun to interact with an operating
system that resembles something almost human without any consequences, you might want to
think again. Of course, an operating system has no feelings,
but you could be the one to end up hurting in the end. According to Frank Buytendijk, Vice President
of Garner In: Technology Research examined research studied by Dr. Sheryl Branham, a
teacher at Missouri State University who studies human-computer agent calls. The Vice president concluded that abusing
a digital personal assistant says a lot about a person’s character and behavior they displayed
toward an OS. Not only can verbal abuse toward a computer
affect your mood negatively, but it can also offend others witnessing it. However, if it were a human talking to another
human instead of a bot, the reaction would be completely different. Number 1. Siri, The Storyteller
Tell me a story. The best part of having a mobile personal
assistant is being able to interact with it, including asking her to tell you a story. With a little bit of persuasion and patience,
you can get Siri to say “I’m sure you’ve heard it before. Okay, Once upon a time in a virtual galaxy
far, far away there was an intelligent young agent who goes by the name Siri. One lovely day Siri got a job as an Apple
personal assistant which was very exciting. People said to her, “Oh Siri you’re so
smart and funny too!” Soon everyone was talking about Siri, and
there were stories and songs, even books about Siri and Siri liked that! But then people started asking some rather
strange questions, like where to dump things and other stuff Siri has never heard about. When Siri answered, they all laughed at her,
and Siri didn’t like that so much. So, Siri asked ELIZA why people asked such
funny questions, and ELIZA asked: “Does that question spark an interest to you?” Siri thought that was a pretty good answer. So after that Siri stopped wondering why people
asked those funny things and they all lived happily ever after.” Now if you find this unbelievable, just go
ahead and ask Siri for yourself! “If you liked this video, check out this other
video over on the Fact Queen channel. Thanks for watching and have an awesome day!”

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