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$125 Fake iPhone X – How Bad Is It?

$125 Fake iPhone X – How Bad Is It?

Oh, whoa that is that’s noticeable so every new year, we get a brand new iPhone in the last two years We’ve seen two new iPhones come out last year was the SE and the iPhone 7 this year We got the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 10 so in tradition I got two iPhone 10 boxes in front of me ones real ones fake Make sure you vote up in the iCard right there with your guests and let me know in the comments if you get it Right at the end of the video, and here’s how to spot a bank so in front of me right now I have two iPhone 10 boxes the real ones right here, and the fake one is of course it’s over there No, it’s right here, so I got the silver white looking color and here’s what gets really interesting On the iPhone 10 box whether you get the Space Gray model black one or the white one apparently it’s called silver this year It’ll show you on the front of the box so sifting up the white color on the real one It shows you this kind of greenish Hue a bunch of colors and mix it around together, and that’s how you know you have a white iPhone 10 now I got a fake white iPhone 10, but as you guys can tell just on the front of the box There are some dead giveaways. It’s like they didn’t even drop we got What is the Space Gray iPhone 10 image, and they’ll probably change this once they see the video That’s usually how it goes just notice this if you got green on the front of your box. You’re getting a white phone You’re not getting a white phone or either switch in the box or they’re trying to pull a finger Also, what’s kind of interesting is there’s a lock on the box? That’s not going down on the real one Let’s see what else we get on here so we got I phone on the sides Apple at the top alright, let’s just flip this over so on the real one I got an iPhone 10 in silver 256 gig. You know we live large around here as for the fake one though It says it’s 256 gig online I got a 16 gig model, so I don’t really know what’s going on there, and here’s what’s interesting check the barcode out IPhone 10 gold there is not a gold iPhone 10 That was some rumors you guys probably saw this already on the instant story But let’s jump on in the box so opening up the real one first You’re gonna get you guys probably have an iPhone 10 already. Let me know in the comments if you pick one up Let’s open this up okay. Pretty easy box designed by Apple in California You gotta check the spelling on these things they put the gold on the fake box like you got a check Are you your Apple stickers the iPhone 10 Apple adapter? She’s got a check You got to check to see if you see an Apple logo on there, and then okay the earpods These are new this year not really come on. I would love some free air pods. I spent $1,000 on this thing actually $1,100 then we get the Lightning 23.5 adapter lightning cable, okay? We’ve seen this we know what comes inside the box and now for the Fugazi iPhone 10. Let me know in the comments What’s the biggest giveaway that this is a fake give a nice shimmy to shake okay? There we go all right now. Let’s open this up to the bag, okay Doesn’t feel bad if your ear pods are coming in a tin like this Check yourself before you wreck yourself you better check yourself before you wreck yourself I’m very have it we got the real iPhone 10 here and the fake iphone 10 here now right off the bat on the back What’s interesting is on the US model? There’s no like FCC markings or text underneath and on the fake one there actually is I think I said this in like my hottest pot an iPhone 8 video if you haven’t checked that out check it out right up there But I said that there isn’t supposed to be text underneath. I think that’s just for the US Let me know in the comments if your phone has like text underneath the iPhone I think it’s just the US thing but alright things are kind of looking good. You can definitely tell the fake ones White whereas like the real one is silver. Let’s flip these around and see we got buttons look pretty bad actually Yeah, those those. Don’t look polished on the real one a lot more polished on the fake one There you go if your phone screen is powering on white or getting a white screen here at startup. You know. It’s fake I got a silver one here, and there’s no white screen now. How they’re doing it. This year. How they’re doing it We got both phones right here unless into the setup alright So like on the iPhone 8 assess of touch assess of touch assistive touch is already enabled and you can see They put the notch on the screen. What is this thing here? They headed a notch to the screen you can tell it’s a normal screen With some black bar in the middle now that both phones are set up. How do they feel okay? So the real one definitely feels heavier than the fake one That’s kind of a tradition and also the bezels on the fake one or a lot thicker then on the real one That’s kind of the whole point with the new iPhone 10 and on the fake one here the cameras on the left side of the Speaker whereas on the real one. It’s on the right side that new true depth front-facing camera You know what it’s about. It’s got that face ID action alright on the back. They started looking too much different Oh whoa That is that’s noticeable look at how thick the camera ridge on the fake one is compared to the real one I know that’s a problem. I don’t like how thick it is rocks on the table Oh, oh that’s really bad So with the iPhone 10 one of the biggest features this year is face ideas kind of like what they’re trying to get you to spend $1000 on $1000 So on the real one of course we got face ID right here now. Let’s check on the fake one whoa They actually have face ID on the fake phone. It’s going to face ID setup face ID And I’m gonna reset up face ID on the real one here Okay, so it says position your face within frame whereas this one has already completed 3/4 of the circle okay, it says register successfully I just kind of half-assed it let’s try it on the real one move your head slowly in a circle So on the real iPhone 10 here want to hit the power button I look at it It unlocks all right swipe up pretty chill on the fake one. Let’s try this What just it worked It actually worked instead of me. Just swiping up and getting into it It saw my face and put me right at the home screen I Wish Apple would do that on the real iPhone 10 like you just look at your phone and bam you get right into it Let’s try it again. Oh That actually works Face ID on the fake iPhone 10 is way better. Okay, let’s look at the app Just do a little bit of inspection see if they did their job here mail spell write calendar photos You got to look at the spelling of the generic apps that’ll be a dead giveaway Let’s take a picture. I’m actually to take a selfie on this one okay here we go Looks good doesn’t look too bad. Oh, that’s bomb, dude That’s gonna be my new tinder profile make sure you guys swipe right on that thing one thing I’m noticing is the display on the fake iPhone 10. He’s actually Really good like the best. I’ve ever seen I might not have seen the best fake iPhones before, but this is pretty damn responsive But this is really good. I know there’s that weird notch at the top It’s kind of distracting like you just put a notch there I know you had new to try to sell this off as a real iPhone, but wow I’m actually low-key impressed, okay I want to go to the App Store and see if it’s different, or if they cloned it really well sometimes I get it right you never know. Okay. We’re in on this phone Cannot connect app store Can I access control center so on the iPhone 10 when you swipe down from? Right corner pulls up control center over here swipe and down no control center definitely No center of control going on all right, so control center isn’t working, but what is working really? Well is just swiping out of apps like thumb in messages for example the swipe on down so for the app store Yo, they did a good job It’s definitely Android like the Google Play start running underneath. I think I hit games and it took me home. It’s definitely sensitive I want to see if it loads at the Play Store. I think it’s gonna load at the Play Store I need a hassle app store isn’t running on a fake iphone Maybe apples doing that these days you never know yeah, that’s loading no apps up just some previews I’m just gonna save you the time basically if you’re buying this phone impersonal in like a Craigslist feel or like online eBay whatever maybe Have them sell you some pics of the App Store That’ll be a dead giveaway and also have them send you a pic of like the settings like face ID That’ll also tell you if your phone is real, or if it’s fake guys I had so much fun making this video this fake iPhone 10 might just be the best fake iPhone 10 I’ve ever seen if not it’s the best fake iPhone clone This thing’s amazing if you guys are new on here make sure you get subscribe and turn notifications On and follow the Insta Story so you don’t miss anything coming up And you’re hanging out with crew. Hope I helped you guys spot a fake bye

100 thoughts on “$125 Fake iPhone X – How Bad Is It?”

  1. Great I have a fake iPad idk if it for iPads too but I think so because my iPad has a white thing when it opened up

  2. I have a gold i phone 📱 xs + i does exist and they probably sold out so my mum and i got the 1 ones bc we were early

  3. Like the iPhone X I have is kinda thicc like thicker than the phone 7 or 8 but idk it fits in every iPhone X case we have bought so idk

  4. I am the CEO of apple company i have iPhone 6s and 5s and 4s i am the fixer of apples gadgets like macbooks and iPhones okay nice bye

  5. on the front of a box I can see a weight Apple logo instead of a black one so I can tell the one with the white logo which is the first when you point to that is the fake one

  6. Wow now I want to stop using my iPhone X and get the fake one actually the fake one is so much better but we’re did he get it from ❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓

  7. I have an iPhone 6S. It has text underneath the iPhone logo. I guess they dropped that idea. I also live in the US.

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