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$150 Headphones Made From Trash

$150 Headphones Made From Trash

This is the Liberate Air, and it’s a very environmentally
friendly headphone. Just about everything is made
out of recycled materials, but that doesn’t mean these
headphones come cheap. They cost $150. But are they worth it? The Liberate Air
headphones were created by a company called House of Marley. Just about everything is made
out of recycled materials. Let’s start with the case. The top has a soft fabric material that is made out of recycled
plastic and recycled cotton. The bottom is made out of recycled wood. The clasp and the hinge are
made out of recycled aluminum. Then, when you open the case, you’ll see a nice bamboo finish on the case and on the headphones. The ear cushions and the
bottom of the headphones are made out of recycled silicone. Then we have the charging cord, which is partially made
out of recycled polymers. It even comes with a tie that is made out of recycled paper fiber. And lastly, even part of the packaging is made out of recycled kraft fiberboard. But how do they sound? They sound pretty darn good, and by good, I mean
the sound is very clear and they have a decent bass. It sounds better than AirPods but not as good as the Jabra Elite 65t, which is considered one of the best wireless
headphones of 2019. These headphones are also
really great at noise-canceling. I couldn’t hear anyone talking around me or the noise on the street, and even the sound of
the subway was faint. But the wildest thing
about these headphones is that they have up to nine hours of listening time on a single charge and a whopping 32 hours
with the charging case. That’s a lot. AirPods and the Jabras only have up to five hours on a single charge and 15 to 24 hours with the charging case. These headphones connect via Bluetooth, but the connection isn’t as
fast as the AirPods or Jabras. I’ve also experienced Bluetooth
interference a few times, which is common with
most wireless headphones, especially in crowded areas. To navigate music and answer phone calls, you’ll need to tap two or three times. There’s a groove on the headphones where your fingers need to tap, but sometimes it doesn’t register my tap because the surface is quite small. I also don’t really like
how you can hear a beep right before it does a command. That sound makes it feel slow, delayed, and distracts from a
seamless playback experience. There’s also no volume
control on the headphones, which is a bummer but
not a major deal breaker. However, they are splash-
and sweat-resistant, so you can work out with them. As for comfort, they
sit nicely in my ears. There are different-sized ear
attachments available as well, and they didn’t feel
heavy or uncomfortable after wearing them for a long time. They’re super soft and light, and I love how the silicone
material is easy to clean. I can wipe off any residue, no problem. The retail price for the
Liberate Air is $150, which is cheaper than the
latest $180 AirPods model and the $170 Jabra Elite 65t. I think these headphones
are worth the price if you’re looking for a solid set of nice headphones that sound great. Just keep in mind, they
are regular Bluetooth, so you won’t have the seamless
experience of the AirPods, and you may experience
Bluetooth interference, but again, that’s common on
almost all Bluetooth headphones. House of Marley wants its offerings to last longer than its competitors so fewer products get sent to landfills. The company was started in collaboration with the Marley family to create products that embody Bob Marley’s love
for music and the planet. So you can definitely say
that if you’re looking for the most sustainable
headphones in this trio, these take the win. Plus, it also doesn’t hurt
that they’re super stylish.

100 thoughts on “$150 Headphones Made From Trash”

  1. 150 for an recycled headphones wtf.

    Xiaomi red mi for 20
    its expensive to be a eco nerd

    Recycled today its like the word gaming a few years ago.

  2. Its not even trash, its recycled materials that get reused. I thought someone literally made earphones out of recently thrown out rubbish. Clickbait title again.

  3. People don’t buy airpods for sound quality. They buy them for convienence, portability, novelty, and how seamless they are accords Apple devices. They also buy them because they are true wireless headphones. Like there are no cables and no wires. I am an airpods owner and have spent 7 months using them as my headphones of choice.

  4. Literally every spoiled brat: those are trash if they’re not air pods.

    Small start up company:
    Hold my Hennessy we’re hitting them with the fast ball Ricky.

    Children worldwide in city regions: those are illegal I want them papa,

    Papa reply’s no…

    Child steals moms credit card.

    Inaudible screaming plays.

  5. Another amazing product from Marley. I have their normal earphones and their portable speaker and they are some of the best on the market for their price range. Also pretty much everyone at my workplace has Marley earphones

  6. House of Marley is by far the best budget audio devices on the planet… I own Their earphones and headphones… And they outperforms any other brands in the segment…. Trust me…

  7. You know that the airpods are not that great in terms of sound quality per price? Around half of all bluetooth headphones easily sound better and are even cheaper.

  8. wtf is she talking about? apple only support aac connection, which sucks (even ldac sucks), compare against airpod, refers sound quality as has a decent bass LUL

  9. Just buy the X1s by TFZ, they have a balanced armature, therefore they will be quick and textured. Moreover they are better than the Jabras, have an 8 hour battery life, and are IP67 certificated.
    They are what, $70 on

  10. Or you can get a wired earphones and headphones…. Save yourself from using crappy on board DACs, risks of having batteries nex to your head, microwave radiation and the effort of charging another device

  11. Literally everything sounds better than Airpods. I don’t give a shit about what they are made out of. Just another marketing scheme.

  12. I have the wireless bluetooth Bob Marley earbuds and they sound magnificent the battery is great and they cost me about $75.

  13. What cheap fucks would charge $150 from recycled material
    I saw a pair of jeans at koles made out of recycled water bottles they were asking $56
    That's bullshit

  14. Everything sounds better than airpods TF? The only reason people buy them is because of their ego and are too lazy to set up the Bluetooth settings the first time

  15. Why the airpods has long neck like that looks like wired earphones? They literally can design it a different way…. cmon….

  16. Literally my $2 earphones from the dollar store sound better than the airpods. Y'all just stupid thinking make the best quality products.they just really good at fooling people .

  17. Made of trash? I’m sorry I know it’s eco-friendly but who would want someone’s trash literally in your ears? Like, and it’s a chuffing $150 earphone. It’s just idiotic..

  18. Airpods and the people who willing buy them are trash. Hopefully President Trump stops those things from being purchased real soon. Take control back

  19. Your comparison do no shit for me … please compare it to the galaxy buds, airpods are trash and should not be used as comparison. Take note please.

  20. I have gifted and currently own many House of Marley audio gear mostly because they perform well, stand out from the crowd, are eco-consciously made, and are very difficult to fake so you could buy them from pretty much anywhere without worrying too much about authenticity.

  21. I don’t like noise cancelling feature of earphones, especially if I am walking or commuting. I wouldn’t want to be walking on a busy road being oblivious to the sound.

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