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$20 Microphone Vs. $12500 Microphone

$20 Microphone Vs. $12500 Microphone

Good morning guys; Beth is still sleeping upstairs, it is… *checks time* 8:45 on Saturday morning. We’re gonna go get a really expensive microphone from a mic rental place today We’re gonna be comparing that expensive microphone (the most expensive microphone I have ever used) to the cheapest microphone we could find on Amazon. So John how do you feel about getting to see a… 6,000 pound microphone or whatever it is.. I don’t even know how much it is ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Isn’t like testing out the best of something always interesting though? I feel like I would try the best of anything.. I would try the best female hygiene product. (oh?) I would try the best.. like, leg wax. If it’s the best, I’ll do it! We found a d*** puddle!! This is the right ball– (lol wtf)*awkward chuckling* This is the left ball, and this.. is.. the other thing. (he gets the point across at least) Content! (whatever you say) I’m expecting quite a difference between the expensive microphone and the cheap microphone I think. Ayyyyy, this is our stop. That’s me, I’m just a hillbilly from Sweden. I don’t know any better. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ We’re finally here. at FX, our destination There’s so much stuff.. Jesus, I wanna know how much all of this is worth must be something insane— *senses theft* they have REALLY good security here, though don’t try anything. *theft averted* Okay, so because we have this microphone now, we’re gonna go ahead and take an Uber back. I just feel a bit… *euuughh* I really wonder what the difference is gonna be between them. The thing is, the expensive microphone is like a vintage microphone- A classic.. if they lose it, they can’t replace it. just watch and loook at dis work of beuty This is gonna be my favorite moment of the day. I’m also looking forward to opening up the cheap microphone just because that’s a new microphone and this one has been used like a million times.. And THAT is what money looks like okay, so I just found a similar one to this one on eBay They don’t make these microphones anymore– JeSuS cHrIsT $12,500! That’s crazy.. I so don’t want to drop this right now. The guy at the rental store actually said that there’s some big artists that’ve probably used this microphone. I may be singing today into the same microphone as someone amazing like, uhh, y’know.. Jacob Sartorius or something! If that was true.. I’d just be *boom* blown away. The AKG C12 is a justifiable legend in the world of microphones. The originals were only made for ten years between 1953 and 1963 with approximately 2,500 microphones manufactured, and we *wheeze* and we have one of these here right now.. Jesus Christ, the combination of the CK12 capsule and the 6,072 tube achieves what many consider the pinnacle of the microphone designers arts. *snickers heartily* And– and we’re gonna compare it to that trash microphone right there! (rip trash mic’s feelings) Quincy Jones used this microphone to record All The Singers, and We Are The World *cue jones singing stuff* Yeah, I feel like tha(ha)t’s the gist of it– this microphone is like, very very good! Okay, so it’s time for us to unbox just the cheapest.. like, proper microphone you can buy on Amazon. Newer logo on amazing packaging. You know you’re getting quality stuff when, like there’s a rip like this in the bag like right here. You know This is the quality that you’ve been looking for..*is interrupted* *damn it my plan has been revealed* Shu…. *intense wheeze action* S-shut up! *nightmare gnome initiated* Here we go! Newer studio microphone! You can see I went for the blue color.. I don’t know why ¯_(ツ)_/¯ It comes with a bunch of stuff. “Pro quality, amateur prices!” Ooh, I’m impressed with that actually(what?) comes with a.. with a cable. Pop filter. Shock mount.. and we have the actual microphone! I’m super interested to hear how this sounds. *blue* I kind of like the color.. is that bad like what do you think John? *Aaa haha wait no* *more friggin nightmare gnome* Okay, so this is the cheap microphone– new air, NW-800 professional studio broadcasting and recording microphone set.. So I

100 thoughts on “$20 Microphone Vs. $12500 Microphone”

  1. Hi, That's my first time watching your video. Your vocal booth caught my attention. "It seems noble and elegant appearance". Could you teach us to build one of those?

  2. I bought a similar mic for the same price on amazon, because it came with a nice arm stand. And it also was way better than expected, I'm not a singer tho but it does a pretty decent job when it comes to online conversation and I also recorded some environmental sound fx with it wich were too quiet for my other microphones.

  3. Hey do you know if the Electro-Voice RE320 Dynamic Wired XLR Professional Microphone w/ pop filter is the same lew from unbox therapy is using in he's videos

  4. editor: this footage is a little shaky im gonna use warp stabilizer. ok im gonna do it again………. ok im gonna do it again.

  5. You should do a blind test to see if the $12,000 microphone actually sounds better or if it's just the placebo effect

  6. i was turning on the transelator and it said this when you did your evil garden gnome laugh: more friggin nightmare gnome

  7. For all the people who purchase super expensive mics; the listener doesn't care, they just want good, well composed music.

  8. Good thing it's not complete shit. Lol I just order one. But I got the arm and pop filter for about 10 dollars more. So glad to hear I didnt just waste money. Thank you

  9. I get a TON of white noise, maybe pink noise with the mic just by speakingg. Would you say a audio interface is necessary?

  10. It seems the cheap one tend to be brighter, thinner, and easier to get distorted? So, good for rock singers? Thank you for your video without having to try it my self.

  11. A real trained voice would show more difference…small range and thin voices not

    The "muddy" thing is the natural tube compression that makes the real thing, shure you`ll pay the legend to with the 12500.- but if you use it with some other high end gear ( Neve Console or Neve digit strip) you`ll hear the diffrence more and more as longer you work with…AND the mike is for a life time. Try also: Neumann 89 / Rohde NT2 (old ones) / AKG 414 … One of the cheapest I've ever heard that works quite well is the Marshall MXL V67G around 100$

  12. I actually would like to buy Shrek forever after for Blu-ray instead… I don know why… I even have no any bluray player

  13. No mic is worth 12.5K, in my opinion. It's pretty funny that 20 dollar mic sounded that good with certain things. I had to use 20 dollar Behringer XM8500 mics for a while, and some people even preferred the sound of it compared to an SM58 for live sound.

    I think you should redo this video with a new microphone compared to the 20 dollar mic. Since that mic is mostly jacked in value because of it's heritage, and not because it actually cost that much when it was first built. Gotta compare it to a modern microphone. Although, it seems most are based on vintage designs anyways. At least use an expensive mic still in production.

  14. The $12,500 Mic is just a history piece. You would buy it only cause you know there's a conversation you can have cause you have it and it held importance, or you want to make Music or recordings in a similar style and feel as X person did back in the day with little to no extra work needed.

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