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24 Hours Without A Phone

24 Hours Without A Phone

uh guys I just woke up 9 a.m. and I’ve been scrolling on my phone for like 30 minutes it’s super unproductive it happens almost every morning I’m sick of being a good boy full I honestly think it’s taking over my life so I just checked and on average I spend 20 hours on my phone a week 20 hours that’s almost an entire day wasted on my phone that’s insane I recently saw a video that Emma Chamberlain made where she didn’t use her phone for 24 hours and I was really like inspired by that video I was like wow I need to try that I think it’s getting really hard but I think it’s gonna do a lot of good for my life and I’m gonna realize how much better life is when you’re not sitting on Instagram and Facebook and just scrolling mindlessly and distracting yourself the entire time and baby see in 24 hours we’ll get through this distances good sometimes taking breaks is important we need to discover ourselves we need to figure out ourselves you know I’m with you so much and I’m growing and I’m changing you I need time for myself I need to know who I am without you see you soon Oh before I put my phone away I need to call my mom and let her know that I’m a mister challenged because one time I mom didn’t hear from me for an hour and she called the police okay I was just gonna say I’m doing a 24 hours about my phone challenge forever do okay I love you but didn’t really seem to care she seemed like more important things going on in her life but okay here’s what I’m gonna do not only am I gonna put my phone away I’m actually gonna cover it in a ton of saran wrap right now I’m just gonna put it in a cupboard I’m not gonna go to that cupboard that cupboards the nono zone okay sorry I don’t have pants on it’s too early for pants okay let’s start the day what I do I have nothing to do I give you so many things this Henry Hart I’m gonna be so bored Wow guys pooping without a phone is the hardest thing I’ve ever done what are you supposed to do you’re just supposed to focus on the poop coming out of your butt okay so what I’m gonna do is make a quick delicious breakfast this is cooking with Eric Tubac they’re just literally gonna make a smoothie nice boom a button on ah boom some mayonnaise and some tuna almond butter and some good old-fashioned oats boom I’m just kidding about the mayonnaise in the tuna I’m just being silly [Music] this is like one of those inspirational YouTube videos where it’s like this is my morning routine I waked up I brush my teeth twenty five times I make myself out the community that I stare out the window for forty five minutes and think about how incredible my life is and I manifest manifest my future I think about hey I’m gonna have a Lamborghini today then I gonna buy a Lamborghini mm-hmm this isn’t that good this really isn’t that good my brain is confused so I just laid in bed for about an hour doing nothing just like a daydream Ian thinking actually it was kind of nice it was like unintentional meditation it’s getting late already so what I need to do is I need to plan some activities I need to do something I need to be adventurous I need to experience life outside of the screen you know what I mean so I’m currently in San Francisco I’m doing a play here it’s called the jungle at the current theater so I haven’t even had time to explore San Francisco I haven’t seen anything so what I think I’m gonna do is I’m gonna organize a little trip to a national park that should make it a lot easier because there’s gonna be so much to do and I’m not gonna need my phone so I’m gonna organize a trip let’s do this how do I organize a trip without a phone okay so the plan was I was gonna text my cast mates and see who wanted to go to the National Park but now I think I’m gonna have to go to their apartment and knock on their door and physically like invite them it’s so weird leaving the house without the phone because I keep like checking my pockets making sure that I took my phone and then I realized that I’m doing this chat I don’t have a phone anymore going in an ancient elevator I had to get led into the apartment by a stranger and then I have to go into their apartment to use their phone to call this up because I forgot what apartment she lives in so rough to a great start I literally already forgot what apartment she said she was in this is what phones do to you your memory goes super bad 10/10 not so text whoever you want I don’t care who you invite and we’re gonna go to a forest place yeah okay what do you think of smartphones um I think they’re addictive and distracting it’s always in my hand it’s like an extension of me and that’s a problem this is Natalia this is Jonathan we’re splitting an uber but I don’t have my phone so that means I I can’t pay right Jonathan this is John by the way he’s in the play too but he’s not coming on the trip because he sucks because they didn’t invite me last it we ended up inviting John yeah they didn’t want to invite my invited myself [Music] so we’re meeting up with a San Francisco local here Michelle and she’s going to take us to the National Park and give us a little tour [Music] restaurant where yeah everyone gets the same thing oh yes John [Music] it’s my phone right okay yeah Reno’s shalt have smartphone but stupid people yeah we could go together you control yourself you are empty first control duloxetine second what you want me to say an accident open your mercy look them or even enemy will be free what are the chances look at this so what were you just saying I was just saying that I don’t have a smartphone I never will because I see what it does to people’s minds so what do you have what are you use instead in 1998 2000 flip phone then keeping alive that’s what we were just talking about when you’re on a cell phone and play a game like that or even social media your brain produces dopamine which is the neurotransmitter associated with get this achievement look into this not some of the top executives and IT and in the field they do not let their children to have a smartphone they’re marking those other kids you know they don’t keep it down kids [Music] Michelle is this a national park it might be a state parks a park it’s a park its nature it’s beautiful it smells good time to rest the brain from social media [Music] I’m not on my time making a picture that’s right [Music] Cass walking fast walking [Music] hi Rocky he’s got blue eyes so I grab some food real quick before the performance and I feel so tempted to call someone or text or school and now that I’m alone it’s kind of hard being without a phone but it’s nice because I get a pay attention like to things around me and things that are going on but it is very it’s like it feels like an addiction like my body is craving having a phone and being able to call someone to do the show and I had to go to the bathroom the bathroom is the only challenging part of this video taking a poop without a phone definitely the hardest part okay guys so I just got home from the show what a day I still have not used my phone well I have had the most incredible day and another weird phone thing happened one of the actors in the show missed his cue so he didn’t make it on stage in time because he was on his phone and he was distracted backstage this is all signs that we should be using our phones less I had so much time to think and and fuel my emotions and like I just felt like I was living more I don’t know if I sound crazy or how to explain it any better but I just felt like I was seeing the world I was noticing things I was connecting with people feeling my day with other activities so that I could get endorphins then I get from scrolling on Instagram from other things I’m very tired what I’m going to do right now in the shower go to bed and then wake up in the morning and I guess check my phone good morning guys I just woke up and I realized I spent more than 24 hours since I don’t have a cell phone I didn’t set an alarm to wake up so I slept in super late but I feel so refreshed oh my but geez my hair my face everything I usually tell me the dream and I had so many vivid dreams today and I slept really well knocked out boom I don’t feel the need to check my phone the only reason I am is because I need to for work because everyone else is using these cell phones now you have to – just stay updated about it I’m gonna start using it way less I’m gonna set up limiters I’m gonna delete apps I’m just going to start using my phone less and using it more as a phone instead of as a toy [Music] Wow I just spent so much time on the phone I need this and most people need this but I am going to limit my time on this thing so you do what you want to do hope you enjoy the video peace oh why did I do that for real it’s broken no no [Music]

100 thoughts on “24 Hours Without A Phone”

  1. it gave me diseases when he used all of that saran wrap. that's the only thing I took away from this video

  2. 20 hours on your phone for a week … WEAK
    Try 37 hours (5h 15m a day) and this is down 15% from my previous week 🙂

  3. And because of this video, I wont finish watching this to stop using my phone,🤣🤣

    Edit: I failed.^^;;

  4. I have an idea. Go vegan or vegetarian for three months + be more mindful about the environment for those three months. Like consciously recycle, use less plastic, do meal prepping, use your phone less and idk meditate more. Not for 30 days, but for three months. That way you'll start to see some actual change in your life. That way there might actually be a good lesson to wrap up the video with. Just an idea.

  5. That is why my kids aren't getting a phone until they are 16 until then they have gps tracked watches that they can call me on only

  6. I quit all social media (Insta, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Facebook) two years ago (I'm 20). It was difficult for a while and I had major FOMO, but it is possible to not be on your phone as much

  7. 6:16 they didn’t want to invite me so i invited myself 😂
    Edit: I know I said it a little wrong

  8. I`ve been living without a phone for about a month. It`s okay. I still have my computer though. I guess I feel better without all these distractions I usually had because of it.

  9. I know this is a random comment lmao. But If you're looking for a worth watching anime, please go and watch Banana Fish. Don't get fooled by its name, it is a masterpiece. I hate that it's so underrated… It won many prizes in Japan last year. The ending and opening songs are fire as well. It is worth your time. I promise.

  10. Sips smoothie and stares out the window

    Wow, such beautiful friends!

  11. The plastic wrap bit broke my heart!! Was that even necessary!! What about environment

  12. You know what you can do? 7 days challenge with old like camshell phone without internet. Because what is distracting you is all smart functions in phone, not phone itself. Keep for your self ringinh and texting functions but get rid of all smart options. And then see how god damn handy smartphone is. In old days you have to keep walkman or cd player with bunch of cd or cassettes with you, all books, something to write, map maybe when you go travel, you have to know where public information booth is to ask for directions or anything else. Do that one week with old phone challenge. Maybe try to obtain old 3310 nokia from somewhere!! What say you?! Yay or nay?

  13. My average screen time per week is 80 hours….but you can’t blame me cause I moved to a different country not knowing the language of and don’t have any friends

  14. It would’ve been so funny if he accidentally set an alarm for the night before the morning it ended so he couldn’t sleep

  15. Did he say he spends an average of 20 hours on his phone??? I spend a average of 5 hours and I’m always having that feeling of regret 😂

  16. Then there's me, the noob who doesn't own a phone, and has a tablet, but parents don't let me use it on school days….

  17. Ok next time do a week of camping, no phone, no internet, no electronics,nothing. Enjoy the outdoors
    2:48 read a book…

  18. This gonna be hard for most people like me who's an introvert, dont know how to socialize with people and dont know how to start a long conversation, but videos like this helps and encourages, just something to share. 🙂

  19. My favorite thing about this video is he gave credit to where he saw the idea which seems rare for Buzzfeed.

  20. You’re telling me he memorized his friends number but he doesn’t know which apartment she’s in???

  21. This made me curious so I checked my phone usage and turns out I average an hour a week 😂 kinda relieving. How could you hit 20 hours a week?

  22. When he said that he spends 20 hours on his phone a week I immediately look at mine and it said 69 hours… Is that bad??

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