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3 Common Mistakes: Separating the Glass and LCD on a smart phone or tablet

3 Common Mistakes: Separating the Glass and LCD on a smart phone or tablet

All right, three tips on replacing the shattered
glass on your new Samsung phone. Works from the Galaxy S3 and on, all the way through
the Nexuses, the Notes, all that good stuff. This video is just about tips, so if you want
to see the full complete restoration of the phone, click in the bottom left hand corner
and that will take you to a full video. Right now I am separating the glass from the buttons
on the phone so so the buttons stay with the phone itself. You don’t need to open up the
phone to replace the screen on it. Right now I’m just peeling off the glass because the
glass is just a solid piece of glass. There’s no wires coming out of it or anything. So
I’ve got the buttons separated, and I’ve gotten the glass pieces coming out. And you’ll see
in a second why I call this mistake the teeter-totter effect, for lack of a better scientific term.
You can see as I lift up on one corner of the glass the other side of the glass is pressed
into the digitizer underneath. And crack. The pressure cracks the digitizer underneath
and it doesn’t take very much pressure at all so you have to be really careful as you
lift up to not put any pressure on the screen underneath the phone. It cracks the digitizer
over the LED, and once it is cracked there is no fixing it. You have to replace the screen
as a unit. Mistake Number 2: Not enough heat. So you can see I had my blow-dryer, I was
going on this phone and I was kind of melting the glue between the glass and the digitizer.
You want to get it to a point where the glue is liquid enough that the glass kind of peels
away by itself. Here you can see I”m kind of struggling with it. The glass isn’t wanting
to separate from the phone. So I’m heating it up again with a blowdryer which just never
really gets hot enough. Some blow dryers might. Mine did not. If all you need is the glass
for your phone you can usually find them on Amazon for less than ten bucks. I will list
them in the video description below. You can just click on the link and it’ll take you
right to Amazon. This video is all about the common and very costly mistakes that people
can make when swapping out your own screens, and how to avoid them. This saves you a lot
of money and everyone is happy. And you subscribe to my YouTube channel. But really. You should
click the subscribe button below. Right here you can see that the glue is actually super
stressed. You can see all the crack lines in it. It’s just because it’s not getting
hot enough still. I’m kind of forcing it apart from the screen underneath. And it’s not happy
about it. So right here I”m going to come up from the other corner and the digitizer
is so stuck to the glass above it that it just starts cracking apart. And once it starts
cracking like I said before there is no saving it. It is completely destroyed and you just
have to replace the whole screen as a unit. And I have videos for all of these Samsung
phones and how to replace these screens as a unit, so just kind of search through my
other videos if you end up destroying your screen. This is usually just a cheaper alternative
for the people who don’t want to spend a whole lot of money. The screens for these phones
are about ten bucks just for the glass part. Anyway, once I realized it was broken I just
ripped off the whole screen. This kills the phone. All right, mistake number 3: too much
heat. So I got a new heat gun, and I started off way too close to the screen. It heated
up way too fast. So you want the screen to be at the point where you can barely touch
it with your hand, where you wouldn’t want to rest your finger on the screen. And that
gets the glue to the right temperature where it will separate from the glass. So here you
can see through the crack in the screen that it’s heated up so much that it’s actually
started to discolor the LED underneath the glass. At this point I realized that I had
messed up but I decided to keep going on anyway. So you can see that the screen is super hot
at the moment and as I kind of peel it up from the phone, it’s super–the glue is super
liquid underneath. It just slides away and the glass is actually really easy to just
pry up and away from the phone. Right now I’m also pulling it up at an angle to avoid
that teeter-totter effect, so I’m not putting any pressure on the digitizer underneath the
glass. Same thing with this. You can see the glue separating from the digitizer and the
glass itself. You want to find a happy medium, you know, between this and mistake number
two. You don’t want to see those stress fractures in the glue. But you also don’t want to damage
your LED either. It’s a fairly expensive mistake. Now I have the new piece of glass on top of
the phone and I am just running the heat over it really quick just to make sure that the
double sided sticky tape that I have underneath kind of melts again to the glass and holds
it a little stronger than it would normally. I have that same screen attached to my test
phone and you can see the burn mark right there in the LED, there’s no fixing it. If
you want to see how a screen swap is done correctly go ahead and click in the bottom
left hand corner and that will take you straight to the video where 100% is done perfect. And
if you have any questions make sure to leave them in the comments below. You can also find
me on Facebook, JerryRig Everything. On Twitter it’s @ZacksJerryRig, and don’t forget to subscribe
to my YouTube Channel. I put up videos fairly often, and I’d love to see you around. Thanks
for watching.

100 thoughts on “3 Common Mistakes: Separating the Glass and LCD on a smart phone or tablet”

  1. Mistake Number 5: Thinking that it's a better idea to buy and replace just the touchscreen instead of the LCD/touchscreen combo.

  2. will the heat mess up the inner hardware ? I feel like too much heat would do that, since over heating of phones is a problem

  3. So out of curiosity I watched the iPhone screen (only) replacement video and then this one and just wondering I need to replace only the glass portion on my iPhone 6plus is it possible to do so without the hassle of removing screws and wires? Similar to this video.

  4. sir if I put uv glue in LCD in fix touch so uv glue go inside LCD so.what I do that uv not go in lcd.plz help I damage 3 LCD

  5. is it necessary to take the motherboard and all the other inside guts out? please somebody help im going thru this now

  6. Another guy peeled away a layer of some sticky clear film first and the the glass pulled away with ease

  7. Thanks for the Vid. I have a question. I send to a technician mi s3 to replace the screen. Now, I have a new screen BUT the phone goes crazy, as if it were possessed :p by someone trying to unlock or making calls. Principally with whatsapp calls/audios and fb messenger audios or calls. Do you know what happened? The "tec" do not know. o.O Thanks

  8. Took off my screen. How do I know if whats left on the digitizer is glue or a digitizer itself… It feels a little rubbery, but when I scratch a part of the rubbery part off, I can feel a hard plastic underneath…

  9. First attempted glass only, did not heat enough.
    Second attempt, glass and lcd (cheap because it was a sony m4) assembled the phone, wifi did not worked, so I try to find, realize the antenna part is not screwed enough so the contacts are not good, but I realize that after dissasembling the antenna part, I ripped the touchscreen cable.
    Third attempt, I manage to put everything back, then a component of the motherboard literally fall off lmao (the sony m4 aqua is known for loose motherboard jumpers) which lead to a black screen because it's dead.
    So I will probably never try to fix a screen again.

  10. Ah @jerryrigeverything, I picked up a dirt cheap heat gun… First time using it on a glass replacement, destroyed it. Should have come to you first, as always. Now, I have made mistakes 1,2 and 3 ;).

  11. I managed to remove the glass on a Galaxy S2, it had only a small yellowish spot because of excessive heating. The main problem is that after some time the digitizer stops working and will work again only if you put it on sleepmode.

  12. after my screen replacement the adhesive glue was covered my front camera can i fix it without replacing new one ? pls help me

  13. do you have videos for edge 6 and 7? edge 6 battery replace, lcd replace, charging port etc. any thing it might need. Seems to be a pretty popular phone.

  14. Hey guys, I'm really just an amateur, but I'm comin at you with my own pro tip right now….. Get a good heat gun about the size of a microphone, (I got a 2 in 1 solder + heat work station for just $60) AND THEN get an adjustable arm MICROPHONE HOLDER. It is clamped onto the side of a table and it's like a miniature version of that giant retracting arm light fixture that the dentist moves around your head.
    Sometimes phone repair takes like 4 or 5 hands, and a setup like this literally acts as an extra hand. I usually just let it hover about 5 inches above the phone and I use heat gloves to handle the phone, and I move the phone around a bit while I work. Another tip 120 degrees Celcius won't burn your LCD as long as it's moving and you don't have the heat right up to the phone in one spot for a white. 130 degrees celsius tends to be able to burn an LCD if held in one spot.

    If you have tips of your own, or would like to dispute one of my claims, hit my inbox or something! I appreciate all wisdom. Like I said, I'm new in the business but I spend an immense amount of time experimenting and shopping for phones to practice things on.

  15. Also…. Just go to wholesale sites, look for stuff like "Lot of 10 iphone 4 – icloud locked – most won't turn on" , Sometimes that crap is like $30 and for 10 phones to practice your magic on? I'd say that's worth $30 any day. Investments are good even if the output is pure skill

  16. I've done a bunch of glass only repairs, and the last thing I would recommend is using the same razor you are using in this video. Because the risk of damaging the LCD that's under. There's just so little room for you to work with that If you've never done this repair, I guarrentee you will scratch and damage your LCD or brake it even.
    What I do recommend you do is, buy a deck of cheap playing cards from the dollar store or if you have similar cards, you can use those also.
    You can also buy a cheap heat gun ($7-$12 on Ebay)that will make the job 10x easier and faster and can be used for future repairs also, so it's worth it.
    You can also use moca glue for gluing the new glass back on. Double sided tape is also usable, but can become loose as you use the phone more and more.
    Well good luck guys and hope this information has helped some of y'all. Thanks

  17. from my notification bar to the first line of icons on the screen doesn't respond to any command applied, does this require a glass replacement?

  18. blow dryer vs heat gun
    Blow dryers typically don't produce enough heat. The result is conductive heating of the entire device due to thinking, 'If I just keep holding the blow dryer on here it will get hot enough.' Then heat sensitive components die…
    A heat gun produces more than adequate heat, so you can blast something for a shorter period of time, heat it adequately to do the job, and reduce the amount of time for thermal conduction to take place. The skill needed is to know how long is enough, so you don't overheat things.
    If you,re going to fix things needing heat, by a cheap heat gun. Something to know about heat guns is they include a heat sensitive wax fuse. These are placed in consumer goods, like small heaters, so if they over heat, the fuse melts, and they shut off. Great idea, and a good life saver.
    But, a thermal wax fuse in a frigging heat gun? I made a holder for my heat gun from a metal tennis ball can. That way I could set the hot thing down without melting something, or myself. The first time I missed the off switch and shoved it in the can, I discovered it had a themal wax fuse…

  19. I started looking at screen replacement vids to see if a screen removal suction cup, (like what window installers use, only smartphone size), would be worth the <3.00 on eBay.
    Now, I see why they are worth buying. No prying, heat it up, pop on the suction cup, and lift. Probably not THAT easy, but it would still reduce some potential pitfalls.

    Buy two, and put one on the other side and put it in a vise or clamp it, then the phone will be solidly stationary.


  21. L "C" D. Not L "E" D. An LED is a "Light Emitting Diode" those tiny little coloured lights you get on pretty much everything from Christmas lights to remote controls. An LCD is a "Liquid Crystal Display", a screen type seen on modern TVs and laptops and HERE ON THIS PHONE. Please don't say LED again! It's really grating on me!

  22. Tip about Home button arrangement. If you replace your LCD screen and need somehow to arrange properly the Home button inside LCD hole, do it with tape. That is the best and easiest way. Find easily removable paper tape, stick it to the front of the screen to cover Home button hole and then from the back insert Home button into that hole. In this moment LCD and Home button act like one piece. Put LCD on frame properly, try to click the Home button and see if it lowers (click). Then you should be fine. Remove the tape from top of LCD and you got it! Cheers!

  23. I successfully and recently took of the glass off of my old Samsung note 3. I realized that a cracked some of the digitizer when I was removing the glass. So I turned on the phone and it seems to display pretty well and almost normal. Should I proceed with placing the replacement glass on it or should I replace the whole screen? I would like to hear your thoughts asap. Thanks!

  24. FYI, if you gonna fix the broken glass screen facade you might as well have the replacement digitizer on hand.. Kudos @Felix Tritschler, you should never use the razor blade "off a box cutter" to pry and separate the residue glue/adhesive from most likely broken pieces of gorilla glass shards and a flimsy lcd screen. Safety first, Herr JerryRig.


  25. Thanks Jerry – I have a heat gun with a temperature setting. Can you recommend the temperature (Centigrade?) to avoid the "too/not too hot" errors? Other "hot plate" videos are saying something like 200deg C.

  26. Digitizer is the glass that registers your touch. Most phones use an LCD to make the pretty pictures on screen.

  27. The first time I separated the glass and lcd, I accidentally tore through the lcd with the diamond wire, when I put the wire in between the parts of the lcd itself instead of the glass.
    I was afraid of burning the lcd but instead struggled way too hard because it wasn't hot enough lol I didn't have fancy thermometer/heat table equipment

  28. Also I saw people using toothbrushes and isopropyl alcohol to clean the lcd once glass is removed, that scratched the lcd quite a bit but the glue hid that, so I guess it's fine then.

  29. basically phone repair shops are just people too. they also make mistakes, and if you are confident and good at things like this, than do it yourself. If you dont trust yourself than you probably shouldn't be messing with the stuff.

    I called this repair shop and the guy didn't even know what was around his work so I could find the shop with no GPS. I decided if this stupid ass cant navigate around his place of employment how the hell is he going to navigate around my 900 dollar phone?

  30. Fakinh nuub itiot, I brok my scrn bcuz you faker said press hart so Ido! I want my monyy!!! I sew you
    in cort, idot

  31. what about the thin wire thing that everyone else uses? I have my thin wire ready, and bought a hot plate. Going to try to not overheat it with the hotplate. Any tips on doing this that are not shown in other videos?

  32. I'm watching this in 2018 in one month we will be in 2019 and I didn't realize I'm watching Jerry hahaha I think nobody will read my comment

  33. I have a somewhat "new" phone from a friend that goes black when cold (the screen still recognizes touch and the notification bar is normal). I've used an oven, heatgun, blowdryer, even my armpit to make the screen come back on but only for a few minutes before it fades to black again. The question I have, being that I've replaced a glass and digitizer before, is there a good way to remove the screen and digitizer WITHOUT damaging the sealant that holds them in place? I'm thinking there is a bad connection and when heated the cable reseals itself for a few minutes. ANY help or ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  34. I've made a number of mistakes I feel. LCD was perfect before I started and is now not working at all. I got the galaxy s10 plus and wanted to repair my s8 plus but as I said I've made it worse. Where can I get a replacement LCD at a decent price? I seen them on Ebay for £180 but as it's an old phone I dont want to pay that. Thanks in advance

  35. But my screen game off my phone? is there any cheap way i can recover it since i have all my 2fa codes on there,

  36. Question: I replaced my cracked digitizer with a one I bought at alliexpress on my Chuwi Hi10 plus, but the new digitizer appears to come with touchscreen problems.. On windows os it’s just on the sides and on Android OS it’s totally malfunctioning.. Is it the digitizer that is faulty or do I need to flash Bios to fix my problem? Thanks in advance for your reply

  37. Wtf the time I put into researching how to change front screen and the digitizer separately has been a headache. Too bad I didn't learn about getting them glued together as a package….. this is lightly pissing me off and making me just want to take my phone to my local gym inside of the sauna and operate on this dumb thing called my phone

  38. Here's the question. I find many lcd replacement video do not indicate the correct temperature settings to do your lcd replacement for heat gun. They refused to tell it. Why ? i'm not sure. Maybe to bait trap users into doing their own and find themselves landed into a much bigger trouble later on i believe. Even the web is flooded with lots of information that is irrelevant. 100 degree Celsius ? 120 degree Celsius ? 200 degree Celsius ? Some liked to give Fahrenheit temperature which is basically stupid. And seems to equate it with Celsius. Trust me.. there are so many lcd replacement none indicate one. Some of us had rework heat gun that has a knob for adjusting temperature from 100 to 450 degrees. And some indicate that it's best to heat it at 45 degrees Celsius which is nut.

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