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3 Cool iPhone Gadgets!

3 Cool iPhone Gadgets!

So today’s video is about iPhone accessories I’ve got three of them in front of me, I think they’re pretty cool I ordered ’em off Amazon, of course that’s what we’re gonna do in this video Is find out just how cool they are. The world of iPhone accessories is vast. This one the LELIGHT, the LELIGHT. What this is, is of what I understand is, a case for your iPhone that also has a forward facing light in it. and a battery. That’s kind of weird looking, how its translucent like that. To illuminate yourself. Possibly for a selfie. Does it clip in? What are we doing here. It starts with a clip, then a slide Its a clip and slide. Kind of like a slip-n-slide. The micro USB port there to charge it up and this looks like the power switch down here. so As usual, no juice when I need it! Oh! Lights up. This bar along the top You know a lot of people, there out with their friends of something, … your at a party, it’s not going to be the brightest environment. But you still want to take your selfies. So, lets do it. I’m going to trigger this guy on, and, here we go. as scary as that is, you’ve got a lot more detail in that. So, unlike a flash that would be triggered for a still image, this just stays on. So that’s going to work for video or photos. The, Lelight Or, Lelight. In this box, look at this nice little letter I’ve gotten from the seller. This, is not actually not iPhone specific. So, this one, everybody can be interested in. Its called what? Pickogen. It’s a little clamp. It’s for the back or front of your device There look. Its a pretty powerful, LED right there. Truthfully, I’m not that big of a selfie dude. But, what I do do is use my, what I do do when I do it If I do chose to do it. Take some video on your phone, like this, but as you know, dark enviroment, you’re no seeing much. Regardless of smart phone, iPhone or other wise. That’s going to, illuminate the scene. Once upon a time, there was a boy named jack, nobody liked him. There once was a boy named Jack. A happy childhood he had, until one day… Thats evil overlord Mr. Lew himself Forced the poor jack in to eating, silica jell for lunch. Now, Jack has a rumbly in his tumbly Here’s with nothing turned on, level one, level two, level three. Ooo spooky. I dont know. It a little upgrade, Its a realitivity inexpensive way to get some lighting at least. I don’t even know whats its called, It says Mr. Pro on it. A lightning, to magnetic connector. This guy, this little piece here. Turns your lightning port, into a magnetic connector. Simular to a magsafe on a Macbook for example. So this slides right in here. Once you got that in, and you’re charging, if somebody then walks by right, and trips over the wire. It just breaks free. If it were plugged in there it might just yank the device the table right off the table completely. Somebody comes by, maybe a pet, maybe its a cat or a dog, or maybe it a militias sibling. Somebody comes running by. You put it on, get the vibration, it goes to blue. Couple little accessories, couple accessories, nothing here is too expensive. Accessorize your phone.

100 thoughts on “3 Cool iPhone Gadgets!”

  1. I would love to get a IPhone 6s, Even though I am not the most needing..I love your videos!

    The reason I would like to get one is a currently don't a phone, Nothing else to say 👍❤️

  2. you darkened the image when testing light case, you could still see the lighting on when he pointed phone at camera??? no way you would get such a clear image, too dark??!?!

  3. That's it? Your item of choice as a cool gadget is a case that gives you a light for selfies? Yeah, unsubbed. Talk about a waste of time.


  5. I like the products, but is there a way to get the host to be less annoying? He should start dating the watch mojo girl.

  6. @unboxtherapy i have one of those magnetic chargers identical to that with type C. The magnet is too weak and the magnetic part gets extremely hot. I would not suggest these yet. I feel the tech isnt there

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