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300 series Bakelite GPO telephones

300 series Bakelite GPO telephones

Of the several models of 300 series this is
the standard 332. If you look there are no buttons, just the dial and the handset
and if you look there are the switch hooks and if you look at the next most popular one after the standard 332, is the 312 which has got the “Call Exchange” button.
If you look at the switch hooks there you will notice there’s a slight
difference in the switch hooks if you look at those switch hooks you can see
there’s no chrome insert round the hole which indicates this is what they
call a mark 2 body. If we go back and look at the 332
can you see the switches are subtly different they’ve actually got a chrome
insert and where they actually going to the case try and get them both in shot
so you can actually see what I mean. Yep and that indicates that this one’s
actually 1946 and this one’s 1954 however sometimes they did change the
bodies around because these all went back to factory generally in Wales for the
GPO where they refurbish them between customers. So if you look at this last
one this is a what we call it a 314, this is one of the rarest
models because as well as the normal switch hooks it’s got the “bell on” “bell off” button. So you can turn the “Bell on” or off, Bell on, that’s the rarest model of the 300 series and as
you can see this is actually also 1946 but it’s got a mark 2 case because its
not got the chrome inserts round the actual switch hooks. All three beautiful
phones but they are the basic three models there are other models as well
but you’ll see so as a after 314 after 312 and that’s the
332 which is the standard model. All gorgeous but in terms of
rarity 332 was the standard then in terms of rarity goes up to the 312 which is rarer and then the 314 which
is the rarest of all the various 300 series models, obviously the colour makes a massive difference, but in in a certain colour. There are other models such as the
328 and various others which we will mention in the link below, but
these are the ones that collectors tend to go for.
Lovely phones!

3 thoughts on “300 series Bakelite GPO telephones”

  1. I have a Bakelite 314 phone, it calls out and receives call just fine, it just doesn't ring…what are the possible causes?

  2. I have a 332 (CB) its totally dead, no dial tone or dialling ability, it's wired the same way as another Bakelite I have,  (332L) any ideas? And do you know what the CB stands for ? Thanks.

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