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3DS Repair : How to fix a dead New 3DS XL (Not turning on, No power)

3DS Repair : How to fix a dead New 3DS XL (Not turning on, No power)

Let’s try plugging in the USB charger. It charges normally. Let’s try turning on the console It won’t powered on What is that faint red light means anyway? So let’s inspect this New 3DS XL Pressing the power button does nothing. I cannot turn it on Let’s try plugging in the USB charger. You can see the orange LED there. You can see a glimpse of red LED turn on and off for a second while pressing the power button. Let’s try replacing the battery It does nothing. It won’t budge and It won’t turned on. So the battery is not the problem. We may need to disassemble the console and check the fuses inside it. So remove the battery and prepare a small philips screw driver to disassemble the console. You might need to use a sharp tool to remove the rubber pads So go ahead, remove both rubber pads with that sharp tool. Remove the stylus and don’t forget to remove the micro sd card. Start removing the screws from the console Lift the back case very carefully. There are two flex ribbon cables attached to the motherboard. You may need something like this plastic opener tool to remove the flex ribbon socket from the motherboard Then you can lift the back case completely These are the flex ribbon cables. The shoulder button connects to the motherboard through this cables Now remove this button board. Use the philips screw driver to remove all the button board screws. Lift the board carefully, there are two flex ribbon cables below it. Use the plastic opener tool to unlatch it This is the first fuse. You need to check it with a multimeter It has continuity. That means this fuse is OK Now check the other fuse on the main board It is located just right there. This fuse is OK too. I see continuity on the multimeter. So both fuses are OK. I assume there is a problem with the button board. I read someone’s post at GBATEMP that had the same problem as this console. He replaced the button board then the problem solved. But I have a different approach before buying a button board replacement. I tried to reflow this chip with a hot air rework station I applied some flux around the chip and isolated it by covering the board with an Aluminium tape It look something like this Then I turned on the hot air and set the temperature about 220c until the solder melted. Move the hot air nozzles around the chip and keep heating the chip about 30 seconds Then I assembled the board back. Then install the back case temporarily. And install the battery Let’s try turning on the console I am amazed. I can see the blue LED turning on right now. The console is now officially back from the death Now it is time to assemble the console completely Remove the battery and remove the back case once more Use a tweezer to place back the flex ribbon header to its socket. It was tricky. But I managed to install the flex ribbon cable properly. Then screw the back case completely Place the battery and the micro sd back to its place Then install the battery cover Final check. Let’s try turning on the console Yes, the console is now fixed So for my case, I did not replace the button board. I just reflowed the tiny chip and the console is resurrected. Thank you for watching this video. I hope it helped you. Please like, comment and subscribe for more upcoming videos

53 thoughts on “3DS Repair : How to fix a dead New 3DS XL (Not turning on, No power)”

  1. So for my problem I tried turning on the console and it only flashed blue for a few seconds and then it just shut off right away even if it was charged pls reply ASAP

  2. This happened to My 3ds, Luckly it was the battery That was so dead it had to charge for about 5 minutes before it even turned on.

  3. i replaced the entire.abxy board, worked well like two months and the problem returned. The board seems ok but maybe an ics is now dead. I can't overflow i didn't have the proper tools. Maybe try another abxy board brand.

  4. Well my old 3ds xl from 2012 only works when plugged in and it still need the battery to be in to turn on when it’s plugged how do I fix this

  5. Mine's blue light turns on but not the console. Any suggestions on how to fix it? (Without paying for a repair or opening it) all i wanted to do was replay my old pokemon save file

  6. I think it might be the battery for my brothers 3 DS but I can't access the pad cause I'm afraid I might strip the screws out what do I do?

  7. My Nintendo charging port broke so I can’t charge it from the port so i use the cradle but it doesn’t charge I get a new charger but it still don’t charge plz somebody text me a solution

  8. I had a problem where my 3ds turned on but both screens didn't display anything I took off the back and one of the cables was disconnected I plugged it back in and turned it on and it worked it is now living a happy life with its CFW and a nearly broken R button

  9. I think you may have narrowed down my post problems. Thanks a lot! I swear, it was so hard to find information before I came across this video.

  10. i see you linked the starter package in the description, it works like a charm, but i was wondering if you could tell me how to launch home brew on it

  11. can you make another video about how to fix the new Nintendo 3Ds xl but on one that freezes and gets a black screen but still turns on?

  12. So you just guessed that it was that IC that was causing the problem? No way to test it before I try to reflow it and find out it's not the issue?

  13. On mine, the blue light turns on for a sec and then shuts off. How do I fix this?????? The orange light shows as well

  14. Hi there. I can confirm this worked on my New 3DS XL system. I had the message "an error occured, please hold on the power button and contact nintendo if it occurs again". Then full black screen and no boot. I reflowed the chip as you mentionned; but I also had to clean the top right corner yellow ribbon (itself, not the connector) that can be seen at 5:08 on your video. Somehow, some oxydation/black stuff appeared on it. I removed it with WD40 and a teeth brush, gently moving over it's surface until the oxydation was removed. During the repair process, I also removed the mainboard to check it's back side, but when putting it back in, some of the tiny plastic holder broke (I think it was allready broken before as the console fell many times and I had trouble removing this particular ribbon). I used hot glue to keep the ribbon in place, and by some kind of luck the console seems to behave as normal, except that the home menu doesn't trigger anymore. All in all thank you as your video spare me to buy another console. Special Hot resistent tape around it made the trick so as to avoid burning other components when reflowing the chip with the air station. Take your time and good luck everyone. D.N

  15. So the tab that holds the ribbon cable for the board you removed I damaged and it will not lock back in place …is there any fix for that

  16. take it to a repair shop… its the same price of buying all of these things also no one wants to do this

  17. I tried doing another one of your hacking videos on the 2ds to get the cfw thing, but when I finished the b9 thing, it did not go to the luma screen and won't turn on, when I press the power button, the led turns blue but led turns off again, please help!

  18. Can you explain why it happens? I have a new 3ds xl and it don't turn on , it just charges for 5 seconds, i have this problem because i tried to repair the joystick also i think that problem is: I put the battery upside down or the static of my hands ? Please explain me , thanks so much

  19. Hey man my 2ds XL is what I think is dead. It will not power on and the screen stays black and the blue light at the bottom will not light up either. Also the Wi-Fi light at the bottom will not light up. Any solutions?

  20. Try testing the full charged battery. Nominal is 3.7V and mine was at 2.3V max. It was showing no signs of life exept for the charging light. Working fine with a new battery.

  21. Hi, congratulations for your nice video. Can you help me understand what problem my New Nintendo 2ds xl has, please? When I press the on button the blue LED lights up the 2 screens remain black and after 4 or 5 seconds I hear a noise (tac) and the blue LED turns off.
    What can I check / change? Many Thanks

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