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$400 Pocophone F1 vs $1100 iPhone XS Max

$400 Pocophone F1 vs $1100 iPhone XS Max

– Hey guys, this is Austin. The iPhone XS is expensive. Starting at $1,000 and reaching $1,450 for the maxed out Max, if you see what I did there, it’s easy to say that this is the most expensive flagship ever. On the other hand, I recently took a look at the cheapest flagship you can buy. The $300 Pocophone F1. Even in its $400 Armored configuration, which is what I have here,
it is an incredible bargain. To be clear, I don’t think anyone is cross-shopping these two phones, but I also don’t think it’s a crazy idea. And sure, if you’ve got the kind of budget for a high-end flagship like the iPhone, by all means, go pick one up. But I think for a lot of people, if you can get a very similar experience for a whole lot less, why wouldn’t you? Which brings us to the real
question of this video. Can a $400 Pocophone match
up to a $1,000+ iPhone? This is probably the strongest
case for the iPhone XS. It has incredibly nice hardware. Not only is it rocking
glass on front and back, but unlike most phones which
are made out of aluminum, this has a stainless steel chassis. Now, of course that’s something that’s up to personal preference. Some people won’t like the idea that it is going to scuff a little bit easier, specifically with the silver edition, but as far as I’m concerned, it looks nice and gives you a nice sense of heft, which feels very premium. On the other hand, the Pocophone is primarily made out of plastic. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you take a look at the
JerryRigEverything video, he did a really solid test
of seeing how durable it is and it did hold up pretty well. Unfortunately though, plastic is never going to feel quite as premium as stuff like stainless steel and glass. To be fair, the Armored
edition I have here is a slight upgrade over
the standard version, as the back is made out of aramid fiber as opposed to plastic. It feels nice and it
does give you a little bit of grippy-ness that the iPhone lacks. But there’s a clear winner
here in build quality. It’s the phone that
costs three times more. There are some advantages to the Pocophone’s hardware however. USB-C versus Lightning is kind of a wash as far as I’m concerned. But what the Pocophone
has that the iPhone lacks is a headphone jack. Unless you’re TechRax
and you drill one in, the iPhone XS is going to be using a whole lot of dongles and
adapters to listen to music. The downside is that
you’re losing basically any kind of water resistance
with the Pocophone F1, something that the iPhone
has no problems with with a full IP68 water resistance. Hey look, I didn’t even press the screen. It still works though. You won’t find wireless
charging on the Pocophone, something that is standard on an iPhone. However, the Pocophone does
have a fingerprint sensor and to be fair, both
phones have a pretty solid implementation of Face Unlock. The added advantage here
is if you don’t want to, you know, stare at your
phone to unlock it, you can easily drop a finger on the button and unlock it like that. Let’s be real though. The vast majority of people
are going to put these phones in a case regardless, and the
build quality is good enough that neither of them really
worry me all that much. Now yeah, the Pocophone
can’t quite keep up with the iPhone, but considering how much more expensive this is,
yeah, I would hope so. Usually when it comes to a budget phone, one of the biggest things
you have to sacrifice is performance, but that’s
actually the strong suit of the Pocophone. Inside you’ll find a Snapdragon 845, paired with 6 gigs of RAM
and 128 gigs of storage. That’s not a perfect
comparison, but in context, the iPhone only has 4 gigs of
RAM, and 64 gigs of storage on the base model. And again, it’s $1,100. That is really impressive for a phone that’s this much cheaper. However, as soon as you start trying to do any kind of benchmarks, you’re going to find the Pocophone just can’t hang with the iPhone. It shouldn’t be a huge surprise, but not only is the Pocophone going to be significantly
slower than the XS, but even the OnePlus 6
is going to be quicker, even though it has
basically the same spec. It’s much the same story
on the graphics side. The iPhone is a huge, huge
leap over what’s available on the Android side, full stop. And the Pocophone is no exception. Surprise, surprise, this
does apply to real world use. So I don’t think anyone would
call the Pocophone slow, but put it side by side with the iPhone and you will notice that there
is a responsive difference. Responsive difference? Responsiveness difference? A difference is responsiveness, perhaps? A responsive difference. One thing I think is important to mention, is that while the Pocophone
is a global phone, it’s not necessarily
meant for the U.S. market. Don’t get me wrong, it is available to be purchased here in the U.S., but it doesn’t have full LTE
support for all the carriers. It’s pretty good on AT&T and T-Mobile but Sprint and Verizon
are a bit hit or miss. This is all a lot more straightforward than you might think. Yes, the iPhone is faster, and that really shouldn’t be a surprise, but when you consider the
enormous price difference, and the fact that the
Pocophone can totally hang with the iPhone in some ways, and slightly surpasses it in others, is incredibly impressive. Take a look at the screens,
and you’re going to find that they look very, very similar. The Pocophone has a slightly
smaller 6.2 inch display whereas the iPhone is
rocking a 6.5 inch panel, but they are actually really close. There’s no doubting that both these phones have quite the notch. I can’t complain too much. So both the Poco and the iPhone do have, not only their selfie cameras here, but they also do have
some face ID tech to be able to unlock. The issue here is that while the iPhone looks pretty much uniform
on the rest of it, the Poco does have a pretty large chin. Considering that it’s a
third of the price though, I really can’t complain too much. Run the phones through our display tests and what you’ll find is
something kind of surprising. Yes, the iPhone has a terrific display, and some of the things that
our test doesn’t really show is the excellent viewing
angles as well the contrast, but that being said, color
accuracy and brightness on the Pocophone is right up there. In addition to having a slightly
higher screen resolution, the real advantage for the
iPhone is that it’s using an OLED panel versus LCD. There’s nothing wrong with
a solid LCD like on the Poco but you’re not gonna get quite as vibrant of a picture as on the iPhone. Still though, I’m incredibly impressed with just how close this gets. Surprisingly, both the
iPhone and Pocophone share the exact same
size 12 megapixel sensor. Now mind you, there are
some other advantages with the iPhone, including having optical
image stabilization as well as an actual telephoto lens, but on paper, they look pretty close. It might not look particularly exciting but this actually should be
reasonable test of the camera. Not only is there a lot
of detail on the tree, we’ve got a lot of vibrant colors as well as some serious dynamic range. It does seem like the
iPhone got the white balance just a little bit more accurate. Detail-wise, they’re fairly close. I will say that there’s a
little bit more dynamic range on the iPhone here and
it did do a good job of, sort of, warming up the image, but it’s not a huge difference. Oh, that’s a much bigger difference. The iPhone really was able
to pull in a lot of that sky, whereas the Pocophone totally blew it out. Yeah, the Pocophone just
does not hold the shadows as well as the iPhone. It also seems like it’s a little bit over-sharp in this photo. The iPhone does look
a little more natural. It shouldn’t be a huge surprise that the iPhone has a better camera. What I’m also curious about
is the video capability. This is what 4K video looks like straight off of the Pocophone F1. So of course, you guys can
be the judge for yourself. I will say that there’s not quite the same level of stabilization. So if I move a little bit
to the left and right, you’ll be able to tell. But based on that and the audio, not bad? On the other hand, this is
what you’re going to getting on the iPhone XS Max. Here we’re recording at 4K 24 frames, although it is important to note that the iPhone will go all the up to 60. But first of all, you’re going
to be getting stereo audio, something new for the iPhone. On top of that, to my
eye, this is going to be a little bit more of a natural image with a little bit less,
sort of, crunchiness and a little bit less compression. Next up we have the front facing cameras. Whereas the iPhone has seven
megapixels to work with, the Pocophone has 20, but is it actually any good? I will say I like the
iPhone colors a bit more and there is more dynamic range, but I gotta give this
one to the Pocophone. It’s wider which means, of course, you’re going to be able to get
more people in your selfies if you’re super popular like Ken. But almost more importantly than that, it’s a nice sharp image. Those extra megapixels are
definitely doing something. So, does the $400 Pocophone F1 match up to $1,100 iPhone XS Max? Well subjectively, the
iPhone is a better phone, there is no doubt. And in a lot of ways, it’s actually a pretty
significant difference, but in most ways that people care about, I think the Pocophone is right there. And it is incredibly impressive that I’m even having
this comparison, right? You might think that, of course, an iPhone’s going to be way, way better but consider it’s nearly
three times the price, it is nowhere near three times the phone.

100 thoughts on “$400 Pocophone F1 vs $1100 iPhone XS Max”

  1. The Pocophone F1 destroys the overpriced iPhone XS Max, it runs Android, and has a headphone jack and more RAM along with expandable storage and the Pocophone F1 even beats the OnePlus 6T as well.

  2. First you don't compare pocophone with iphone xs but with iphone x for obvious reasons. Second, even doing this comparison pocophone's gpu still smokes iphone's xs gpu even though iphone's gpu is one generation ahead. Pocophone has a slower cpu, which does not affect by any measure perceived performance as this depends much on the speed of storage and ram by far at phones. This is why antutu which is a collective score of performance reaches between 285000 and 300000 on pocophone . IphoneX reaches only 250000 and is the true contemporary of pocophone. So, pocophone is not only worth a fraction of Apple's offerings , it is also faster by as much as 20%.
    Iphone XS' soc reaches an overall score of ~ 350 to 360 k on Antutu. So it is about 15-20 percent faster, than pocophone . But its internals are made on a 7nm process. Wait a little untill pocophone 2 incorporates the 7nm snapdragon 855 made on 7nm. We will have the laugh our lives.

  3. I own Poco F1 and in my area Sadar, Nagpur, India people think i am rich because i own Poco F1. 🙂 But i know the truth.

  4. Pocophone is actually being soft bricked intentionally by Xiaomi. Throw lineage on it and then you'll be surprised

  5. Why is it that every single phone camera that I prefer over the other people would always say the exact opposite? I like the pictures above from the Pocophone more than the iPhone but Austin said the iPhone camera is better, also he didn't mention the "Apple knows best" camera auto beautify bug (did I say bug, I mean feature cough* cough*)

  6. I don't care if it's not a premium feel as long as it's more durable than glass, it's a go for me. Less problems with my sweaty hands

  7. Its kinda funny how everyone talks about how premium iphone feels and looks, while EVERYONE will put a thick plastic case around it so it doesnt break at the first fall! Plastic phones all the way here! More durable, more grippy and it doesnt have an actual difference as we all end up with a plastic case around our phones nowadays!

  8. My beef with Xiaomi phones is I've heard that MIUI deliberately displays ads. So apparently it won't be just apps that show ads, MIUI itself will also give you ads. Then again considering how Android users are so used to ads already anyway, maybe users won't be bothered by a few extra ads??


    the iphone is nowhere near as good as the poco…… that is just stupid, anyone who buys an iphone is stupid….. stuupid isheeps giving kidneys to apple just to buy garbage to get replaced next year

  10. If you want a phone that does everything – then buy a samsung
    If you want a phone that has a good camera – then buy a huawei, pixel
    If you want a phone with good speakers – then buy a razer, pixel
    If you want a phone for gaming – then buy razer, rog, black shark
    If you want a cheap "flagship" – then buy oneplus
    If you want a budget flagship killer – then buy poco
    If you want to look rich and flex your parents hard earned cash in which you just wasted – then buy an iphone

  11. Value of money, performance – Poco F1 is best.
    Brand value, OLED display, performance, camera quality, 4K – IPhone XS Max is best.
    Apple iPhone XS Max is better than Poco F1

  12. If you're a gamer you dont care about cameras or whatnot.
    What's important is the processor and a headphone jack 😂

  13. This review and comparison are odd to me, the poco is a gamers phone clearly aimed at the emulation crowd. The iphone can't casually run wii/gamecube games in your pocket and the poco can so game over. None one cares what video it shoots.

  14. TBH Rooting is very important on the Poco as the hardware has been slowed and the photography has been damaged so it doesn't hog the sales of Xiaomi's higher end phones like Mi8 or Mi9

  15. I honestly don't know why people care about water resistance/proofing so much.. Just don't drop your phone into the pool

  16. IPhone xs 90k
    Poco f1 20k
    A PC with r3 1200 and a RX 570 35k
    A 1080p display with freesync 8k
    A ps4 25k
    Total 88k and the 2k is for you to do whatever you want
    The choice is yours….

  17. You should do a review on a Blu phone like the Blu R2 Plus 2019, Blu Vivo XL4, Blu Vivo Go, something like those. Sub $100 phone would be a cool video

  18. Hey you fool…Dont you know the meaning of review?. Look at the poco phone price and its for people looking for low budget. You were not making a review and it seems you are over proud of you iphone.

  19. Why are all the apple fans triggered???
    You HAVE to understand that you guys are feeding a company in the illusion of privacy, premium materials etc
    Ugh cmon guys be real iphone ARE overpriced for what they give

  20. After so many months pocophone f1 (Armored Edition) is still an affordable flag ship device with so many good specs. Also there were many updates by xiaomi which solved some issues (now you can watch Netflix, better camera Performance, new MUI etc.)👍

  21. Any phone is better than a iphone, iphone is literally the worst I can't believe people can't open there eyes 👀
    Iphone = scam and shit 💩

  22. Got pocof after alot of research.
    It was quite popular all across the internet and installed a custom ROM over it so that it looks like a stock android.

  23. You forgot to mention Poco is an android, so slap on some Google camera software, root overclock the CPU and then compare again

  24. Why do I prefer Pocophone over
    iPhone XS Max
    1. Price
    2. Fast Charging
    3. 4000mAh Battery
    4. Kevlar Back
    (on Armored Edition)
    5. Fingerprint Sensor
    6. Headphone Jack

  25. I'd really like to get a phone like this. Worried about the 4g coverage. I live in la grande Oregon and use Straight talk. I'm looking into umdigi power or this one. I currently have a stylo 3 if these phones won't work in my area. ill look into getting the stylo 4 or moto g7 optimo maxx. I like the idea of slightly bigger screen. Use phone for lots of things. The battery life is what I'm looking for. I use my phone to draw, listen to music, games, and take pictures but don't need 4k hd whatever, I ALSO need a good reliable phone so it has to be able to make and receive calls lol.

  26. Iphone xs max is pretty premium it has glass on front and back for 1400 dollars I expect transparent gold on front and back!!!

  27. I'll take any Android phone over iphone only because it can read flac files and all other lossless files.

  28. Got the poco over an iphone 8plus for the hype. Downloaded gcam and its a lot. The f1 beats the max in speed test at a resonable price.

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