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$479 Pixel 3a XL VS. $1,099 iPhone XS Max

$479 Pixel 3a XL VS. $1,099 iPhone XS Max

I have been using Apple’s iPhone XS Max in my day-to-day life, which costs more than a $1,000, but I recently switched to Google’s cheap new Pixel phone, which costs less than $500, and I was surprised at
how little I missed. All in all, the Pixel 3a was proof that you don’t need to pay $1,000 to get a really good smartphone that doesn’t compromise. The Pixel 3a delivers where it counts: on battery life, camera performance, day-to-day performance,
and screen quality. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that you’ll get from a high-end smartphone like the iPhone XS Max. But, like I said, it
performs where it counts. So the thing that really stood out to me after having used both of these phones is really how little I missed when switching to a smartphone this cheap. So what’s interesting
about the Pixel 3a XL is that it really maintains a lot of the really important features of a flagship smartphone. So most of the time in the past when I’ve used budget smartphones, you know, they usually get the job done, but they lack in a few areas. Especially, you know, camera performance is usually one of them. One of the best things about the Pixel 3a is that it has an excellent camera, just like the more expensive Pixel 3. The Pixel 3a has a 12.2-megapixel camera that comes with the same features as Google’s more expensive phone. This includes Google’s
Night Sight feature, which takes really good photos
in low-light conditions. When I was out with a group of friends, I took a picture with
both phones in a dim bar, and the difference was astronomical between the iPhone and
Google’s Pixel phone. The photo I took in the bar
was just so much brighter, and the colors were a lot richer, and it just captured more detail than I could have with Apple’s iPhone. The iPhone XS Max has
a 12-megapixel camera that’s also very good. When I used the two phones side by side, I noticed that they were both able to take bright, crisp, colorful photos. Although I did notice
that the iPhone’s pictures were sometimes a bit brighter in daylight. But the Pixel’s photos
took very, very sharp details, which was very impressive for a phone that’s this cheap. Both phones also support portrait mode, although you’ll notice that Apple’s iPhone has two cameras on the back, whereas Google’s only has one. That’s because the iPhone
uses two camera lenses to create that portrait-mode effect, whereas Google’s camera
does it through software. Both phones are capable of
taking really great pictures in portrait mode. The photo I took with Apple’s iPhone looks slightly more natural than Google’s, although the portrait effect
is much more noticeable in Google’s photo. Which one is better will depend on your preference. One of the biggest differences between these two phones
is the build quality. You’ll notice Apple’s iPhone is made of glass and metal and has
a very premium feel to it. The Pixel 3a XL is made
of a more lightweight polycarbonate material. This makes the Pixel 3a
feel much more lightweight, but it also has a little
bit of a cheaper feel to it. The iPhone, on the other
hand, does feel more premium, but it’s also a bit heavier. Another important difference between these two phones is the screen. You’ll notice that the iPhone XS Max has an edge-to-edge screen, whereas Google’s Pixel 3a still has bezels on the top and bottom
like some older phones from previous years. In everyday use, the screen
quality was pretty similar between the two phones, other
than that design difference. An important detail
about Google’s Pixel 3a is that it still comes
with an OLED screen, whereas a lot of cheaper phones come with LCD screens. For a cheap phone, the Pixel 3a XL performed pretty well in everyday use. I didn’t notice much lagging except for a couple of circumstances. In one instance, for example, I noticed that a game
that I had been playing was a bit laggy. Although it was still playable, it just didn’t feel as buttery smooth as it did on the iPhone. That’s because the Pixel 3a runs on a lower-end processor, while Apple’s iPhone XS Max comes with the company’s
top-of-the-line A12 Bionic chip. The battery life on the Pixel 3a XL was very impressive. I was able to get
through a full day of use and then a half day after that without having to plug the phone in. That’s usually the type of battery life I would expect from a
much more expensive phone. While the Pixel 3a XL does
not support wireless charging, it does come with a
fast charger in the box. That’s important because
the iPhone currently doesn’t come with a fast charger. It comes with the same
5-watt charger that Apple has been
selling with its iPhones for years. And of course, the Pixel 3a comes with
Google-specific features that you can only get on
the company’s smartphones. For example, the Pixel 3a has a feature
that lets you launch the Google Assistant just
by squeezing the bottom of the phone. Some people may find that useful, but I honestly didn’t
really use it very much. But it’s just an example of how Google is trying to differentiate
its smartphone experience from the rest. One thing I tend to love
about Android phones in general, since a few
phones have this feature, is the always-on display. That means that even when you
turn the phone’s screen off, you can still see information like the time and notifications. I find this to be very useful, and it’s a feature that companies like Google and Samsung have adopted that Apple still has not
brought to the iPhone. Most of the Google-specific features, as I mentioned earlier, can be found in the device’s camera. But when it comes to Apple,
if you’re an Apple fan, and you like to use Airpods often, and you have an Apple watch, your gonna miss that experience by switching to Android. That’s one of the key features that’s kept me hooked
into Apple’s ecosystem. You can use Airpods with Android phones, but you won’t get the
same benefits that you get from pairing them with an iPhone. Other than that, some of the key differences that you get when you buy a more expensive phone like the iPhone XS Max are advanced features
like wireless charging and facial recognition. Those two features are
definitely appreciated, and I love being able
to just rest my iPhone on my nightstand on its wireless charger without having to fiddle with a cable. But it’s not necessarily worth paying all of that extra money. Also, with Apple’s newest
iPhones, you get Face ID, which lets you unlock the
phone just by looking at it. The Pixel 3a does not have this feature, although it does have a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone. The fingerprint sensor worked pretty reliably in my experience. There were a couple of times where it would ask me to swipe my finger again, but that also happens
with Face ID occasionally. I don’t always unlock the phone immediately when I look at it. The Pixel 3a is a great phone for those who maybe have a phone
that’s a year or two old, and they’re looking to upgrade, but they don’t want to pay $1,000. Smartphones are getting
more expensive than ever with new models from Samsung,
Apple, and even Google with its more premium phones
costing nearly $1,000. This is a great option for Android fans that want to upgrade and really care about camera quality and display
quality and battery life but don’t necessarily want to chalk up the extra, you know, $500 for the top-of-the-line smartphone that has high-end features like facial recognition and wireless charging.

100 thoughts on “$479 Pixel 3a XL VS. $1,099 iPhone XS Max”

  1. iPhone cost :$1000
    Goggle Pixel :$479
    Total $1479
    What was the purpose of switching …..
    Stupidity level at its greatest (≧▽≦)

  2. "Obviously the pixel isn't going to have all the bells and whistles the high end smart phones like the iPhone have", please enlighten me what extra bells and whistles it's missing 🤔

  3. iPhones have approximately 60% market share in USA. Population that large can't be stupid. iPhones are the best and it deserves $1000+ price point! Their processor is a league apart, which might not matter in most scenarios but when it comes to playing games, graphics matter and I think most people spend quite a lot of time on their phones playing high intensity games.

  4. Am I the only person who doesn't give a shit about the camera quality? Cameras on phones have gotten so good that the difference in measuring them is hard to tell unless you are an expert. Get a phone that gives you a good performance in the tasks you need to accomplish.

  5. Why pixel 3a is overreacted and overhype.
    Xiaomi mi9,oppo f11 pro,vivo v15 pro,.Pixel 3a is not budget is not even as good as mi9 se. Which is alot cheaper and alot better.You can install google camera (g cam) on every snapdragon phones.Lol shit pixel.overpriced.

  6. The fact that Google includes all the adapters you need AND a fast charger, whereas Apple makes you buy them, even after paying $1K+. 🤦‍♂️ That should be enough evidence to prove you're buying the name, not a better product.

  7. Just did a simple experiment to see how bad the Pixel 3 XL is at RAM management. I tested with my 2017 Mate 10 Pro, a phone a year older.

    I opened 8 simple apps, like mail and YouTube, no games or camera or anything that may crash the Pixel. I left both phones for 30 minutes and when I returned the older Mate had all these in memory but the Pixel 3XL, a six month old phone, reloaded two!

    To me, this is a massive deal breaker and unacceptable for a new phone. I tested the Pixel 2 and that held all 8 in memory, so I know it is possible,. Google seems to have made some mistake with the Pixel. When it was new it held no apps in memory, it would reload every app. I must say the Pixel 3 line for me has been a poor experience and some may say that does not matter, but I say when you cannot do something as basic as that then you deserve to have terrible sales, which they have. We can only hope the Pixel 4 doesn’t fail as badly.

  8. Huh. I thought the latest Pixels and OnePluses were midrange-not cheap, budget phones. chinese brands are the og don’t break your wallet phones. Xiaomi and Huawei especially get the job done at a more reasonable price.

  9. Listen i get it you dont like the iphone or youre trying to prove you dont need the iphone, but i bought an iphone cause i wanted it and other people are just going to buy what they want. You guys make the same video way to much, like chill out people are going to buy what they want to.

  10. Apple died when Steve Jobs died, if Steve jobs is still alive he'll be opposing this, that amount of money with its current technology and innovation, It's not right for that huge amount of money. I remembered it was 2007, when Macbooks were launched and it was pricey but it was the right price for that product, now Apple is just turning into Gold Digging company

  11. Very biased video.
    Wrong conclusions drawn, comparing the best and the cheapest phone in 2019 is stunning how little they differ, but not all people need the best and most expensive stuff.
    If one wants to buy a cheaper phone this one isn’t very good since the processor is slow out of the box and is not future proof (is more disposable).
    I dunno if it’s because google promotes videos on their platform that favor their phones, but Chinese brands really do much better at cheap than google. They at least give high end specs that will last for longer.
    So if you don’t want to pay a thousand dollars for the best phone that will last you for 5 years with good performance, there are options other than this, even from Apple but also Motorola, Xiaomi and others.
    To clear the conclusions you should give responsibly: Best tech for big money has its space and good enough stuff for cheap also has its space in the market.
    (And not expensive – bad, and cheap – good; as you put it)

  12. Typical videos this year. Every major youtubers are going to do a video of them switching to whatever phone form an Iphone. All these are just for views to make you guys think they really are switching. But at the end of the day, they are still going to use the Iphone. Just a fact. I don't believe one minutes these people are switching. Personally I don't care what they use. Just be honest about it. I have like 4 different phones. I switch around a lot but at the end of the day, my Samsung is the one I use the most.

  13. Apple releases the Google pixel 3a with a staggering price of $700

    The same people who criticised Google for this phone– This is what we wanted in our lives

  14. Active wear moms at my kids school are not going to rock a Pixel phone come on now. iPhone is a Tiffany ring to a Walmart ring

  15. I mean it's not a budget phone. This was standard and considered expensive like 3 or 4 years ago. Apple's greed and high price points make consumers believe that more money means better quality but even though they're decent it's still all for the logo and status. So now with apple charging so much consumers believe that anything under 500 is now budget and low quality which is just bull. That is still an expensive product. You don't just shell out that kind of money every day.

  16. I'm going to miss my Huawei so much. Looking at the market without Huawei looks like terrible, being able to buy a top of the range phone for a budget price was amazing, you can see why Silicon Valley was so threatened.

  17. 3a is better than 3a xl. Has a larger aspect ratio and higher resolution/ppi! I care more about quality than size

  18. Very nice video, much better than the other girl who spoke at 100mph with the "lifelong iPhone user switches to..".

  19. And yet it cost both companies under $10 from materials, to software, to manufacture for each of their phones.

  20. I think that the op7 whould have been a smarter choice than the pixel 3A
    . Better build quality
    . Much better performance
    . More customizable software
    Maybe its price is a little bit higher and it's camera is not as good but in every single other aspect it's much better

  21. My only problem with Google phones is the screen, I just want it to be bezel-less and take all that free space

  22. iPhone is not for me though…..because it's quite behind in terms of features and the price is way too much for what you're getting. But I get why people are still buying it (long term support, hardware, camera, etc.).

  23. Whatever but in India google pixel 3a isn't cheap phone every Indian using only around $100-150 phone 😅🤣

  24. I won't use any of these phones, the reasons being:
    1. The other phone makes you pay for it's name and not for what it is as a phone, a total waste of money.
    2. While the other one is cheap, you can still buy waaayyy better smart phones for that price.

  25. You missed video recording, iphone can do 4k 60, extended dynamic range in 30 fps and cinematic video, unlimited video recording, also iphone take panorama in 63 mp pixel in 5 mp, optical zoom, also no timelapse in pixel atleast, the recording mic in the pixel is trash compared to iphone, iphone front cam support 1080 60 fps recording, 1080 p 240 slow mo, wireless charging, water resistance, etc

  26. would’ve gone for the 3a but the snapdragon inside is slower than the iphone x i have. gonna wait for the pixel 4

  27. The Pixel 3a($399) is priced around the range of the iPhone 7($450). Maybe do a comparison of these two? They seem to have the same target audience.

  28. The bias in this video is quite apparent. Go for this cheaper pixel if taking photos is your main priority, otherwise iPhone is better with its seamless performance. She might haven’t noticed a performance lag maybe because of her usage patterns(no heavy applications and Games and keeping it low on storage). These drawbacks will be more noticeable with extended usage. Imo if you don’t want to spend over 1000$ you could choose XR, or if you are an Android fan then any other phone with latest chipset, one plus and zenfone seems like a great option for phones under 500$.

  29. iiiii reeeally think that people should pay more attention to the recent news. People who uses face recognition, faces are being sold to the Government; don't believe me?! search YouTube. It was broadcast days ago. Ice also use it to capture illegal immigrants and government criminals,people with warrants etc. shits creepy

  30. If you're "suprised by how little" you missed when using a $300-400 phone compared to $1,000 phone, then you don't know anything about tech.
    I'm so glad I'm not a loser and spent $1,000 on a phone.

  31. You can get facial recognition on all Google devices under: security > smart lock > facial recognition. Its not 3d but it is a face recognition.

  32. Get a Xiaomi mi 9, pay 450$ for a phone with more features than iphone xs max and it comes with a dongle with the phone.

  33. I wouldn't call $500 cheap….my Redmi Note 7 phone was €200, has 6.3" full hd+ screen, 128gb memory, 4 GB ram, SD card slot, dual camera, face ID, fingerprint scanner, 4000mah battery, I don't think I miss anything, unlike iPhone, missing headphone jack and FM radio 😀

  34. F i can buy iphone why the hell will i buy a pixel or any other budget android.
    And f i cant buy Then i dont need any justification

  35. Hey guys. Get $50 to spend in the Google store when you buy the new pixel 3a or 3a-XL with this new code : B-OTON68NMPFMQHSSYSIV7U2P

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