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4th of July & EATING DISORDER? 3 easy TIPS for the HOLIDAYS! | Kati Morton

4th of July & EATING DISORDER? 3 easy TIPS for the HOLIDAYS! | Kati Morton

Hey everybody. Today I’m going to give you three helpful
tips on how to survive the holidays, If you are struggling with
an eating disorder. The first tip is, Create a plan. What parties do you have coming up? Who’s going to be there? Who is expecting you to go where? How many people? What tools are you going to
need to get through it? What support may be there? Who can you reach out to? What can you do in the moment? We need to sit down, It helps, honestly for me, Maybe it’s because I’m a list maker. But I like to put lists down and
to create a plan on paper, For how I am going to get
though certain things. It could be planning ahead. It could be utilising your
relaxation tools. It could be making sure you bring
your best friend with you, To that party with everybody, So you feel a little better. It may be that you prepare a dish,
you offer to bring a dish to a party, So that you know what’s in that dish. And you feel a little safer eating that. It may be having a conversation with
your mom or your aunt or your grandma, Ahead of time so that they consider
where you’re at in your recovery, And what may be a struggle for you. So you can work together. But I promise you it’s so much better when
we have a plan going in to the holidays. Versus just feeling like it runs us over. And we just feel overwhelmed. And it can cause a lot more anxiety. A lot more embarrassment. And frustration. Than we really have to. The second helpful tip, Is to focus on your friends and family. What are you thankful for? Who are you thankful for? Make time to catch up with those people. Force yourself out. And to start conversations with
people that are important to you. I know it’s hard. I know there is a lot of anxiety. And our eating disorder
tends to pull us in. And we can see why that may have
helped us in the past. If we were raised in a
really chaotic environment, The fact that our eating disorder
draws us in and isolates us, Can keep us kind of safe. So you can see why it worked. But we know where that takes us. We know we don’t want to end
up down that road again. We’re working on our recovery. So lets make sure
we get out of that shell. Maybe this means making a list
of some conversation starters, If you find you struggle for the right
words when you’re talking to someone, Or when you sit down,
‘What do I say, is it awkward’. This can help you prepare. Because I want you to engage. The more we engage in conversation. The more we catch up with those
loved ones who mean so much to us, The less time we spend
thinking about what we’re eating. What’s in the food. Who made that. Who touched that. What’s this. And we get out of that
eating disorder mind. And we actually participate
and enjoy the holidays for what they are. And my third tip to getting through the holidays, Is to be gentle with yourself. The holidays are really stressful. And it can feel really overwhelming. And we’re all going to have
times of struggle and relapse. But what we can do, Is we can take this information that
we’re gathering through the holidays. If we have a slip up, we use that to
come back stronger the next time. Because all of that is good information
for us to know what our triggers were. How we could cope better? What things can we potentially bring with
us next time to help us get through it? So know that recovery is a process. It’s not perfection. We’re going to slip. We’re going to fall. But we can get up and we can keep fighting. And if you’re new to my channel
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important and we like them, hey. And since it’s the holidays, I have upgraded and updated my shop. At If you go to the goodies button, You can go in. There are sweatshirts. And t-shirts. And all sorts of goodies for the holidays. For you to be there. Bleh. Be there. What? Sorry, we’ll have to start over.

17 thoughts on “4th of July & EATING DISORDER? 3 easy TIPS for the HOLIDAYS! | Kati Morton”

  1. great tips kati 🙂 u inspired me to make my own mental health channel about selfharm ,depression and anxiety 🙂 thank you for that,if anyone else reads this feel free to check out my channel 🙂 xx

  2. I really like how you say "we" instead of "you". it makes me feel less weird, if that makes sense. "we" is more motivating and makes me feel like I'm not alone.

  3. My holidays are like that: parents and sisters w boyfriends will sit 2gether in the living room and celebrate xmas. Eating and chatting together and pretending to have fun. While I'm going to sit alone and lonely in my room which is over the living room. I don't talk to my family a single word, so why should I only because it's xmas! I wish I had money. Then I wasn't financial dependent on my parents, I could pay a ransom for mysel and could live a life w/out my family: w/out any feeling of guilt, w/out any pressure, anxieties,. I would live a life in peace w myself and in love w myself. -But I'm dreaming at the moment…….

  4. While I don't have an eating disorder, I have learned a couple tactics to deal with my anxiety while at social gatherings or just around people in General. I'll leave the situation for a few minutes if I need to by going to the bathroom or stepping outside. I'm terrible at starting conversations but I'm the worst with talking on the phone. So, if I have to call someone, I'll write down a few things I need to say or should say.

  5. Thank You so much Kati! I am so anxious about the upcoming days and thats why I also requested similar questions.I have a difficult relationship with my family, especially with my mother. but i'll concentrate on my little brother, cause he means so much to me and I dont see him that often. Another Tip my therapist gave me, to make a date for calling a good friend. As every friend has his own party to go, it is not possible to bring her at my own. And for security and to unload my high emotions I'll write/call a friend. Also if I get anxious about food, or my mind is going crazy I should go outside and take a deep breath. maybe journal abit (in the bathroom or anywhere else) and than return with fresh energy and calmes thoughts to the party. Oh Dear… I am so anxious and nervous if all goes well. Hoping everyone will have good holidays! xoxo big love from germany :*

  6. I've written a blog post on the same topic – xx

  7. My sister practically IS eating disorder personified. She is the eating police, and she will hide snacks and desserts from the rest of the family when she thinks we are all eating too much of it. She calls people out for eating a little extra and will shame anyone when she feels we are not following the proper 'rules' for healthy eating, and her rules are insane. I don't know how to deal with her and often have to excuse myself to be alone so I can take time to calm down.

  8. This is amazing, thankyou so much. I completely feel everything you said. It's nice to know there are people out there who understand.

  9. What of my family (grandmother, aunt, friends.) Don't know I have an eating disorder and I don't feel comfortable tell them?

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