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5 เหตุผลที่ iPhone 7 ยังน่าซื้ออยู่ในปี 2019! | เฟื่องลดา LDA

5 เหตุผลที่ iPhone 7 ยังน่าซื้ออยู่ในปี 2019! | เฟื่องลดา LDA

5 reasons you should still buy iPhone 7 in 2019. 5 reasons you should still buy iPhone 7 in 2019. I’m not selling a phone today but amidst the rumors of the upcoming iPhone 11. There’re many people DMing me asking if it’s still sensible to buy iPhone 7 in 2019. So I’ve brought them to show how many of them we have tried out. Today, I have 2 ladies here with me Turtle and Oil. To talk about iPhone 7. Do you know which one is it? This./ This. This is iPhone 7 and this is iPhone 7 Plus. I’m going to explain why you can still buy them in 2019. First, the price is affordable. Cause since the launch of the XS series, iPhone 7’s price is a lot cheaper. It starts from 17,500 Baht where you can choose between 32 GB and 128 GB. If you wanna use IOS but don’t have much on budget, I would suggest this one. Or a bit more upgraded, iPhone 7 Plus which has a double-camera, the price starts from 22,500 Baht. Secondly, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are the first ones to be water-resistant. I’m very impressed with this. We can go do advenger things that might be wet. And I like listening to music in the bathroom. So 7 and 7 Plus are water-resistant up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. You can take photos underwater. But I don’t encourage you to do so Just to protect the phone from being wet. If you accidentally wet the phone, I’d suggest you to leave it for 7 hours before charging. Unless it’s gonna be broken. You can go to my other video./ Why are you holding this? To show you that this is iPhone 8 Plus. Which looks almost identical to 7 Plus. But you have to be more careful with it. Because the materials are different though they may look almost the same. This is made of metal but this is made of glass. So if you dropped it, the glass’d be cracked. But the metal one wouldn’t be cracked. But wireless charging is not supported. So it depends on your preference. If you don’t use that, it doesn’t matter. 3. Double-camera on iPhone 7 Plus with great performance For those who like taking photos, iPhone 7 Plus would be better than 7 because it has double-camera and wide lens to take photos of sceneries. Telephoto lens to get depth effect. And it’s 12-Megapixel. Also, you can take 4K videos. Both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have stabilizer So they are good for videos. Personally, I’d pay 4,000 Baht extra to get the double-camera and a bigger display. If you like taking photos, I’d recommend 7 Plus. 4. The chipset is Apple A10 which still performs well. Though now Apple has A12 already, A10’s performance is still good and you can play games smoothly with it. But if you use the phone heavily on VR AR, like Pokemon Go or apps that mainly use AR, I’d recommend the newer ones cause it wouldn’t be as smooth. If you don’t use it much and wanna save more than ten thousand Baht, this one is still good. Finally, for those who are concerned if you can still get updates on it. You can. I’ve already updated IOS 13 onto this iPhone 7 Plus. You can still get the updates. If you wanna learn more about IOS 13, click the link up here. I talked about it for you. In summary, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are still good to buy in 2019. If you don’t do much on it, iPhone 7 is enough but if you like taking photos, I recommend iPhone 7 Plus with the double-camera. For those who don’t wanna spend much, I suggest you to go check out the promotions from different phone companies. They always have promotions. Please check them out. So you can get it in an even cheaper price. You might ask “what about other models?” For me, after iPhone 7 Plus, the really wowand different one is is iPhone XS Max which is only 50,000 Baht. Which is way more expensive. So if you don’t want to spend that much, I’d say iPhone 7 Plus is the easiest way to get into IOS. Because phone is depreciable just like cars. So you should really consider before buying. Or wait for a newer one to come to buy this one. Yes. This is it. For those who wanna try iPhone out. iPhone 7 is the most considerable one before iPhone 11 comes this September. Let’s wait and see that one too. Please don’t forget to like and subscribe to our channel. And please click on the bell button so you wouldn’t miss our new videos. Hope you enjoy the technology world with us. Bye.

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