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5 clever uses for old Android phones

5 clever uses for old Android phones

everyone loves getting a shiny new phone
or tablet but what do you do with the old ones if you’re anything like me
you’ve probably got a pile of dated old devices sitting in a drawer somewhere
and gathering dust but all those abandoned gadgets can
actually do a lot of good if you know how to tap into their potential ready to
give your old Android device new life here a few ideas first set it up as a
wireless trackpad and controller for your computer an app called unified
remote makes it easy install the app on your old phone or tablet then install
the companion software on your computer that will work with Windows Mac or Linux
systems you can then swipe around on your devices screen to control the
computers mouse and keyboard the app even has special remotes for things like
media playback and presentation control another possibility set up your old
phone or tablet as a universal smart remote for your home or office just load
it up with all the relevant apps for whatever smart devices you have things
like nest hue anything else you’d need to control your home or office tech you
can even install apps to make your old Android device a dedicated remote 4
components like TVs cable boxes and DVD players that way you or anyone else
around can control all that stuff without needing a thousand remotes or
your own current phone in hand here’s an interesting one your clunky old Android
device could actually help scientists detect earthquakes and research possible
cures for Alzheimer’s it’s all part of a program from UC Berkeley called boink
yes boink that stands for the berkeley open infrastructure for network
computing load up the boink app pick the projects you want to support and then
just plug your phone in and put on the nearest lab coat and goggles for good
measure who needs a fancy-schmancy connected camera when you’ve got an old
Android phone sitting around with the help of an app called IP webcam the
camera on your data device can actually let you keep an eye on your home office
or top-secret crime layer from pretty much anywhere all I’ve got to do is
download the app set up your device wherever you want it and then peek
through its lens from any compatible web browser you can even perform advanced
functions like video recording and motion detection
another cool option turn your old device into a dedicated in-car command center
then you don’t have to mess around with your current phone every time you need
something find a decent car dock and mount the device somewhere safe be sure
to plug it into your car’s power port and connect it to your stereo then
either use your primary phone as a hotspot to keep it online or go the
economical route and download any necessary music and directions before
you hit the road grab the Android Auto app for a
simplified interface with large buttons and extra voice commands and that’s it
your newly repurposed companion is ready to roll

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