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5 Excel Questions Asked in Job Interviews ☑️

5 Excel Questions Asked in Job Interviews ☑️

Hello and Welcome to MyElesson. I’m your guru. And in this video I’m going to teach you
5 most common topics that are asked in excel JOB interviews. Alright, those topics are
1- Vlookup 2- Charts
3- Pivot Table 4- Removing Duplicates &
5- Protecting Sheet These are the most commonly asked topics in
a JOB interview. And in this video you’ll learn all these
topics; alright. And there are more topics also that you’ll
be able to learn at the end of the video. I’ll tell you how you can learn all these
other topics also. You’ll also be able to download this link,
this practice file from at the end of the video. I’ll tell you how you can get that for free. So let’s start learning VLookup, One of
the most important question that is asked in interviews is about VLookup. So they ask you. Do you know VLookup? Simply say YES. Because after watching this video you’ll
know how to use VLookup. VLookup is nothing but a lookup formula which
allows you to fetch data based on a criteria. For example let’s understand that these
are 4 students that we have- Lucky Chawla, Thor, Munni & Sheela; alright. These are the subject that they study in-
Maths, English & Physics. And these were there marks. So lucky scores the highest 99, 99 & 99. And anything else. And these are the marks for others. Now If your teacher says that do want to
Get the marks for Thor for Maths, how would you get that. Now you can get that using Vlookup by applying
the Vlookup so we type in=vlookup, and then it says lookup value, it
would be name on the basis of which you’re looking up the result. Correct. Though we’ll select that and press comma,
and then it ask for table array. Now table array is nothing but that range
where your answer is located along with your lookup basis, That is the name. Select this completely and press comma and
now it says column index number. Now this is the most important part. Since you’re looking for the Maths, so you’ll
have to find out the column index number of Maths. How would you find that? What is the starting number? The starting number would always be that column
where the lookup basis is located, that is column 1, this is column 1. Then this is column 2, this is column 3 and
this is column 4. So Maths is column 1, we will type in column
1 So Maths is column 2, Main would be column
1 and Maths would be column 2. So (2,0), 0 would get the exact result. Nothing approx. in at that which is the nearby
as that you know. Will get the exact result always use Zero(0). And you now know marks for THOR in maths is
72. If you make it Sheela, see the marks for her
is 69; correct. Again Thor it is 72. Which is how VLookup works. You’ll learn VLookup more in details go
to And I would explain it around 10 examples. Now the next important topic is removing duplicates
in Excel. Now there are many ways os going about it. The easiest one is which I’m going to teach
you is by going to the Data Tab and using the remove duplicates option. It’s and built in command given by Microsoft
Excel. To apply this select this range, now the duplicates
are 390-390 & 490-490; alright. You select this range, go to Data and click
on remove duplicates, click on column C and click OK. And it says 3 duplicate values are found and
removed 9 unique values remains. 390 and 490 rest were gone. Click Ok. See you are able to remove duplicates. So they ask you in the…. Tell them there are many ways to going about
the. The simplest way is going to the Data tab
and using the remove duplicates. If you say this they will be impressed. Next is using password protection on you sheet. If they ask you can u do password protection? Tell them sir Yes I can do it & Three are
things that we can protect in excel. First the complete work book Where in a password
would be require to open the workbook. Second is the sheet that we are looking at
right now. This is a excel sheet. It can be protected so nobody can make a entry
over here or any changes. And the third option is locking this complete
sheet but leaving a few cells open for editing so you can say Yes sir we can do Password
protection in three ways. At the workbook level, at the sheet level
& at the cell level. I’ll tell You How. The easiest is going to File Tab & choosing
the Protect workbook option & from here choose encrypted password. Give it a password. The password I’m giving is 123. Click Ok. Type it again 123. Now what would happen if you see the colour
changes to yellow. Now If anybody tries to open this. If you email this file to anyone. If I try to open this, it will ask for a password. So that’s password protection. Now if you want to protect the sheet so that
nobody can edit anything over here then you go to review tab and click on the protect
sheet. Type the password 123 again type the password
123 and now the sheet is protected. I’m trying to chang, it is saying you can
not change anything. If you want to work on it you have to go review
tab again and click on to unprotect password and type in 123. Now you want to go ahead and say make this
range editable and the rest everything should be protected then you select this range. I’m giving it a colour so that you know
what sheet range we are talking about. Select it and go to the Font Option over here
and click on the small drop down from here go to protection and uncheck this locked option. Click Ok. And now go to review again click on protect
password, protect sheet and click on the password option and type the password 123 type it again
123 now your sheet is protected. I’m going to see if this things works. I’m going to type here It allows me to type. So now you know how to protect your sheet
at three levels. If you give this answer they’ll be just
amazed. Next more important thing they would ask do
you know how to use pivot table? Simply say Yes sir! I can do use pivot table for analysis and
data report. How do be use them? So we select our data in short there is a
header that is there on a data alright we will select it. We go to insert………the sheet is protected. So let me unprotected (haha) 123 and it is
unprotected now. Though select my data very simply like this
and go to insert and from there I insert a pivot table and now it will ask you to select
a range which is already selected always use the pivot table on new worksheet click ok
and now you can start building it. So I’m Just coming the basic of pivot table
more important features are taught on my website
So if I want to find out the sales for county wise for these cars then I just put the topics
over in the rows and the values if there are the numbers should come should go in values. So you are able to find how many sales are
happen in India, Japan, Pakistan & UK. You can simply find it for cities and see
for January immediately in 2 minutes you are able to get this data. For more details on pivot table go to
to learn more about pivot table and then they will learn about charts. If they would ask you can you prepare charts? Of course! You would have to say Yes. And I would tell you how. After watching this video you’ll know how
to create charts. Select you data and I’m going you to teach
a magic trick press F 11 automatically chart is created for your data for the suited chart. If you want to change it you can go ahead
and change the chart type from here the line chart, A Pie chart, just make it a line chart. See and the other way to going about it creating
chart is select your data go to insert and from here choose the charts. If you hover over these icons you’ll know
what kind of charts would be created. So if you want to create a pie chart, so this
is a pie chart. With one click you can create charts I’ve
taught how to create all other types of charts on my site
You can go there and learn more about charts. But this is the way. Now like I said that there are more things
that you can learn there are more option, more questions that can be ask they are listed
over here and this is video link You can download this sheet by going to and looking
for this topic excel for job interview. This is how my site is going to look like
and you go to the excel training section and you’ll find this video excel for job interviews. And from there you can download this sheet
for free. No charges. And you can learn all these options. Last I’ve covered all the other examples
over here. And also you can go video this video, it contains
all these option that I had are explained in details; alright. So hope you like this video if you did please
go ahead and click on the like button if you have a question or something to say about
my video, type in the comments and do please subscribe to my channel. So that whenever I make a new video you’ll
be informed about that and you’ll know what all new videos are coming up. You’ll also be able to see my other videos
also. And I also be motivated. So Thank You for watching this video. This was your excel guru now. Signing off for the day they have a wonderful
day. Happy Learning.

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