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5 iPhone Gestures and Tips You Should Be Using

5 iPhone Gestures and Tips You Should Be Using

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
I wanted to share with you five gestures that I’ve been showing people lately
that I didn’t realize people didn’t know so I want to share with you five of them
that you should be using if you’re not already and this pertains mostly to the
phones without a home button so iPhone X and newer so if we go to music for
example and then we want to go to another app we just swipe our finger
across the bottom we can go back and forth and if we’re on the last app again
just swipe back now if we’re at this app for a while we may not be able to go
back to this one so we’ll just swipe again but either way you can do that
just like you could like this and swipe between them it’s easier just to go back
and forth here now the next one is reach ability now this is something some
people were familiar with on the plus model iPhones but if you go into say
music and you want to reach something at the top you can pull down from the bar
about half way and it will drop the screen down so that you can reach it a
little bit better one-handed so that’s the idea here you can reach it a little
bit better but you do have to enable this particular feature so to do that we
want to go to setting’ then we go to general then we go to accessibility
under accessibility just scroll down here to reach ability and turn it on
then you’ll have that feature so again you can go into just about any app and
then swipe down on the bar here and you can drop the top down so you can reach
it a little bit better so it’s pretty simple and straightforward
now the next one has to do with actually selecting text and while you may realize
you can select text you can do so much more so let me open a note so here I
have the note and you may be familiar with moving the cursor around you can
tap here or 3d press or hold on the spacebar if you don’t have 3d touch such
as on the iPhone XR you can just 3d press and then move the cursor around
however if you have a 3d touch device press a little bit harder and now you
can select them so the way that works is touch here 3d press a little bit move
the cursor to where you want press again or a little bit deeper and you’ll be
able to select the text from that point and it’s pretty simple and
straightforward but incredibly useful and something that I find very useful
now another thing has to do with notifications so if we click the home
button here go back to the home screen you’ll see we don’t have any
notifications what mean we may have had some before and we want to see them just
swipe up and there you go so you’ll see a bunch of different notifications pull
down and they’re still there if I turn this back off and back on you’ll see
they’re gone again swipe up and they’re there so you get the idea I think it’s
pretty simple and straightforward but that should hopefully be a little
helpful now the last one isn’t so much a gesture as it is just a tip and I was
really surprised recently when people didn’t realize this was in iOS because
it’s an incredibly useful tip so if you want to move a bunch of different apps
around this works on any iPhone running iOS 11 and newer pretty much tap and
hold so we’ve got these apps jiggling just grab one and move it a little bit
now tap another one and another one in another one and now we’ve got a group of
five different apps we can move around if I want to just let go they go back so
again tap and hold move it a little bit then tap the apps that you want to move
all at once and they’ll just start piling up and then you can move you’ll
see there’s eight they’re just under my thumb so you can move these to wherever
you’d like or just let go and they kind of go back I’ll have to rearrange them
but you get the idea so hopefully those five tips help you out as far as
gestures are concerned and that one last tip and hopefully that’s something
you’ll use regularly let me know what you think in the comments below if you
have a tip that you don’t think a lot of people know I’d love to have you place
that in the comments below and share it with everyone so we can check it out if
you haven’t subscribed already though please subscribe and like if you enjoyed
this video and I’ll link the wallpaper in the description below as always
thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “5 iPhone Gestures and Tips You Should Be Using”

  1. Why apple do not aware about these soooo many small but handy features ?? Millions who don’t follow you will use iphones just like that. No source to be aware what all an Iphone contains. You Keep Up

  2. My iPhone X has a little delay in the animation when i tap the icon (especially settings and App Store)
    Only when i tap the icon the animation is not smooth

  3. Though I'm a tech oriented person, like you, and already knew all of the tips shown in the video, I still watched the video because your videos are always entertaining and well produced. This one was no different.

  4. Holy S**t, thank you so much for sharing this video! I knew about the 3D Touch for space bar but didn't know you can touch more firmly for the highlight thing, I love that feature so much! Although, I'm really sad because Apple might remove 3D Touch for iPhone XI

  5. When you swipe from left to right to switch to another app, and then you interact with that app in some way, when you swipe from left to right again, it takes you back to the original app. A convenient way to interact with 2 apps back & forth style.

  6. I knew all of them already & all these can be performed on iPhone 7 as well. Especially that app switching gesture. I use it regularly in my iPhone 7

  7. Hi Aaron
    Need some advice on battery health plsssss
    Mine dropped from 100% to 91% in 12 days
    Not normal right?..So what could I be possibly doing wrong?
    Fake charger?..Got something to do with 12.1.4?

  8. Great video! please make more like like this one. Noticed a new bug on my XS MAX 12.1.4 couple of days now stock Email app crashes repeatedly when trying to forward an email . Thank you for your awesome videos!!

  9. I didn't think I would learn anything from this but I didn't know that you can press harder on the keyboard to select text. That's a good one and one I will certainly be using. Thanks Aaron. Have a great weekend man.

  10. I feel like no one knows about the Low Light mode for full screen zoom in accessibility settings. It’s super useful when you need to check your phone in the middle of the night and the lowest brightness settings is still a little too bright.

  11. Like the 3D Touch gesture for going back and forth from an app or to the multitasking in pre-X devices, no one use to know that, I use it all the time

  12. I know too but so nice to remind this for new iphone x,xs users and by the way i like your wallpaper,where you download it? Thanks👍

  13. I knew pretty much all of them, though the best thing you could use on iOS is the AssistiveTouch feature, which you can set however way you want. I have it to go to the home screen with one tap, app switcher on double tap, and lock screen on hold. You can also change the duration of each tap or hold.

  14. Thank you. I always think I know everything and you prove me wrong lol. I didn’t know how extensive and helpful trackball feature is.

  15. Thank you Aaron, great video. Can i ask you sth?
    I’m using an iphone xs and being my first oled display, should i worry about screen burning? If i leave white icons (e.g. Music) in the same spot would damage the screen? Should i rearrange them from time to time? Thank you in advance😁. Greetings from 🇬🇷

  16. damn .. as i said b4 , i dont even have an iPhone nor i ever had, but i watch every vid, cause i love how Aaron explains things, i have not seen a youtuber that does explaining better then Aaron, and tbh, i think Aaron knows more about Apple stuff then 80% of the ppl that work in Apple lol .. i wonder if they ever saw a vid of urs and asked u to work for them

  17. The last one was crazy. You can tap the top of screen like top of the phone nearly and you'll zoom back to the beginning

  18. You don’t show me nothing new I already no those from the beginning iPhone x. And by the many people already posted those tips long time ago.

  19. For those who don’t know this already, When I want to clear out some apps, Instead of swiping up and waiting, you can just swipe up and then just swipe right, it gets you to multitasking faster. Also nice video Zollotech! 🙂

  20. iOS main negative point is not call recording option. Give call recording option and I switch note9 from apple xs max .
    I am saying

  21. Aaron, off topic question. For an iPhone XS Max that was bought when released, and heavily used everyday, is it normal for the “battery health” to go from 100% to 99%? I just started using the Apple Smart Battery Case for it a few weeks ago (while battery health was still at 100%). Do you think the constant charging from the case has degraded my iPhone’s battery health in those two weeks of usage?

    My OS is the current OS.

  22. I have some tips too . If you're using an assistive touch , you can set it to lock your device without pressing the power button by simply holding it for milliseconds. Or you can double tap the assistive touch to multitask . Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch > Custom Actions

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