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5 Mobile Phone Video & Photo Hacks – Mobile Cinematography

5 Mobile Phone Video & Photo Hacks – Mobile Cinematography

– Ooh. (upbeat rock music) What’s going on everyone? I am your host, Claudio Zavala Jr. Glad you’re here. How many of you use you
phones to shoot video, take photos, work on cinematic projects? Well you are in luck, because
today I’m gonna share with you five more mobile phone
video and photo hacks, kinda long there, anyway, that you can use to take better photos and videos. All right, so let’s go ahead and begin. I’m calling this one the
skateboard tracking hack. So basically what you’ll
do is use a skateboard and take some really cool
tracking shots of your subject. You can either set up a phone rig on it or have someone sit on it and push ’em. Now, it won’t be Hollywood
professional-style, but it will get the job
done and I think you’ll like the end results of it. Filmmakers use these
elaborate rail systems and place a cart on top with a cameraman positioned there holding the camera that move along the track
to follow the subject. You can use an office chair
to pretty much get close to the same type of movements and shots that you would with a rail system. So, the person holding the phone will sit in the office chair while
a person behind them will push them along, similar
to what a dolly would do, move them up close, forward
or backwards, sideways, and also take some type
of panning shots as well. A really cool trick to use
with a simple office chair. This next hack, I’ve actually done before. I was sitting at a fast food restaurant and forgot my gear, I had my phone but I needed it to record a video. Well what I did was I
took my french fry box, dumped all the fries onto the tray, cut some slits onto the edges of the box, placed my phone there,
and I was easily able to record a video as well as
take a selfie if I wanted to. This is a really cool
hack that you can use if you wanna go to the fast food place and get cups or boxes. I’m sure they’ll give ’em away, maybe even charge you a few cents for it. Or just buy some fries. But there you have an easy hack, call it maybe, the french fry box hack. I’m gonna show you a way
that you can get some really cool panning
shots from left to right. I’m gonna introduce the most innovative, most high-tech filming tool
you’ve ever seen before. It is the Lazy Susan. All right, it’s not really high-tech, but it will help you get the job done. Place the Lazy Susan on a flat surface, whether it’s the floor,
tabletop, countertop, whatever it is, and then
stabilize your mobile phone on it. It can be on the edge
or it can on the center. And then slowly turn the
Lazy Susan to kind of get that panning, tracking shot. Really cool way to use
a really low budget tool to get a really high-end shot. You can also use the Lazy Susan to get some time-lapse photos,
from tracking time-lapse. You might be surprised at the result. For this last hack you’ll
need to own a tripod and some sort of mobile phone rig. With the mobile phone set up
in the rig and on the tripod, I’m gonna take one of the legs and turn it at a 90 degree angle. And basically what I’m
doing is using that leg as a sort of stabilizer so
I can create some movements and carry it around, follow the actor, do some up and down movements,
move forward and backwards. So many different things you can do with this really cool trick. Those are five more mobile
phone video and photo hack. Hope you learned something
useful from these tips. Let me know what you
thought about this video by adding a question or your thoughts in the comment section below. Especially if you try one
of these hacks, let me know. Do hit that like button down there. To learn more tips about
photography and video and so much more, do
subscribe to this channel. And don’t forget, be good to one another. Peace, I’m out.

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