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5 Reasons To Buy iQOO 3 | Highest Antutu Benchmark Score Phone In India

5 Reasons To Buy iQOO 3 | Highest Antutu Benchmark Score Phone In India

[Intro music playing] Hello friend, I am Abhishek and I welcome
you in this new video of gadgetstouse. today’s videos about IQOO 3 Yes, we have done the unboxing Of IQOO 3 already you can find it in the description. But, today I will be telling you why you should
buy the IQOO 3. that means this video is going to be about
the “reasons to buy this phone”. And first thing people will tell me that this
is a 5G phone and there is no 5G infrastructure in India then why we should buy a 5G phone
then it is a valid concern. if you buy a 5G phone it can be the best and
the most powerful 4G compatible phone. because 5G phone is also 4G compatible, that
means 4G can also run on that phone and when in future the 5G comes it will be 5G ready. So the first reason for this will be it is
the cheapest phone in which you are getting Snapdragon 865. it is the cheapest phone in which you are
getting UFS 3.1 storage which is the fastest storage in this industry right now. It is the cheapest phone in which you are
getting DDR5 RAM Also it is the cheapest phone in which year
get in 55 watt fast charger And also you are getting a 4G variant of the
phone in which the 5G bands will be disabled otherwise, performance and power will be the
same. This is why the phone is a little bit cheaper
and and only IQOO has this type of collaboration with Qualcomm in which they are selling the
5G phone at the rate of the 4G device. The only difference is there it won’t run
the 5G on the device but all the other things will be exactly the same. Let’s talk about what other things that you
are getting so the second thing is that the display you are getting 6.44-inch high brightness
display and the wonderful thing is here is the display is very bright whether it is Indoor
or outdoor, you won’t face any visibility any problem that means you can watch things easily
even if you are watching it in the sunlight because the brightness of the display is that
much good visibility is good and there is very less reflection. The touch responsible display is also very
good. touch responsible of the display is 180Hz
and you will notice this especially when you are gaming like playing pubg and in this case
when you are moving and aiming and shooting the touch response of this phone makes it
this device premium and superior. Moving ahead there is one more reason to consider
this device is the fast storage of this device. It has UFS 3.1 storage which is considered
to be the fastest in the industry comes with it. The Andro benchmark score of this is almost double. If you go and see phones in the market you
will get UFS 2.1 or 3.0 in the 15000-20000-25000 rupees phones and in that the read and write
speed of those devices is almost 700MB per second but here you are getting read and write
speed of approximately 1700MB to 1800 per second. Which makes this phone much more faster which
is approximately double and also you are getting DDR5 RAM in this device and the DDR5 RAM is
clocked at 2700 megahertz Because of that you are getting smooth multitasking
experience and whatever heavy apps which are running in the background will continue to
run and you can easily switch in between all those apps. If we move further ahead then the next reason
is the gaming performance of this device. To make the gaming performance even more better
they have given shoulder buttons and this shoulder buttons are touch sensitive buttons
and in this touch sensitive buttons there are some pressure sensors there as well, I
think. Because they continue to work even when you
are keeping it under a case. So you can use these buttons while using the
case that comes with the box too. One more thing, in this device you’re getting
a monster Mode which we have enabled and as soon as you enable the monster mode it kills
all the background applications and makes the phone more responsive and fast so whenever
you think you want very fast and responsive performance you can enable the monster mode
and this will make the phone faster. Moving ahead, the cable that you get here
is a unique kind of cable so whenever you are Gaming while charging the phone you can
do that because the design of the cable is such that you won’t feel it in your hands,
especially those people who are using this phone for gaming and they can also charge
it too, at the same time. you are getting 4400 mAh battery and this 4400 MH
the battery can be fully charged in 35 to 40 minutes approximately. If we talk about the storage and Ram of the
devices then you are getting plenty of storage or RAM in this device. Starting price of the device is rupees 36990
It is the cheapest price for this kind of hardware-device this kind of storage-device. This device is definitely rock-solid. And I will recommend this, a big Thumbs up
to that. If you have any queries your question you
can write it down in the comment section for more videos like this close the like button
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Vande Mataram! [Outro Music Playing]

35 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Buy iQOO 3 | Highest Antutu Benchmark Score Phone In India”

  1. My top 5 features of this beast are :
    1. 6.44" FHD+ SUPERAMOLED display
    2. S.d 865 octacore processor
    3. 4440 mah battery with 55watt super fast charging 🔥🔥🔥
    4. Quad camera setup
    5. 12gb Ram with 256gb UFS 3.1 storage

  2. Top 5 Best Reasons To Buy IQOO 3 Monster 😎
    ⭕ Snapdragon 865 Processor
    ⭕ 6.44 FHD+ super AMOLED Display
    ⭕ 180Hz Touch Response Rate
    ⭕ UFS 3.1 Flash storage
    ⭕ Monster Button & Monster Mode
    #IQOO3 Mega Monster ✌ I love it

  3. Absolutely Fantastic Multitasking performer Flagship phone i think Gaming beast bhi kah sakte hai,Display accha hai.Aur iska Processor isko accha banta hai jo kaafi impressive hai ,Strong 55 w ka Charger 🔋🔌 over all Ek badiya Phone #GTU #GTUFamily

  4. I love the feature;
    👉Super amoled display
    👉865 SDP processor
    👉 Monster touch button
    👉Dot notch small

  5. I have purchased a phone from Flipkart recently but the product have quality issues,its overheating everytime the return period is not over so i request for return but Flipkart keep rejecting my return request.Pls help me in this problem.

  6. Very good Smartphone no doubt. Design is awesome. It's a very powerful Smartphone because of the presence of SD 865 but my personal preference is RealMe X50 Pro. It's the cheapest 5g phone right now. Great video Sir. #GTUFamily

  7. SND 865 octacore processor

    .4440 mah battery with 55watt super fast charging 🔥🔥🔥

    .12gb Ram with 256gb UFS 3.1 storage

  8. #IQoo Is Definitetly A Great Value For Money Smartphone With Superb Design, Display, Camera And Performance Is So Good 👏


  10. PaL अभिषेक भाई हमने आपकी यह लाइक की है राम जी

  11. Would you buy this phone? Let us know in the comment section.

    What do you think are the other reasons to buy this phone?

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