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5 Secret Snapchat Tricks You NEED to Know (2016) | Collins Key Tips

5 Secret Snapchat Tricks You NEED to Know (2016) | Collins Key Tips

– What’s up? It’s Collins Key. Welcome to the Thursday vlog. For today’s video, I’m going to be doing
something informative. You are going to learn something after you are done watching this video which for the most part, it doesn’t really happen on my channel. This is a super special video. I’m going to be teaching you guys some of my favorite Snapchat tips, tricks, and hacks ’cause you guys know I love Snapchat. I’m always on it. You guys always ask me how I do all these different crazy things. Today, I thought I’d let you guys know how it all works. Also, I wanna let you guys know I’m doing a huge giveaway
on my channel right now. I’m giving away a GoPro, Instax camera, and also a Mac. If you guys wanna win all that stuff, let me know by liking
(bell rings) this video. (bell rings)
Comment down below what is your favorite video that I’ve ever posted. Of course, you must be
subscribed to this channel. Without any further ado, let’s get it in. These are my five favorite tips, tricks, and hacks for Snapchat. Also, stick around ’til
the very end of the video ’cause I’ve got a couple of bonus ones at the very end. Right now, let’s jump in to number one. This is hands down one of my favorite ones to do on Snapchat. This is how you really
freak out your friends because people think you only have four basic filters you can use. With this one, you’re able to create as many filters as you could ever imagine. This is how you do it. For this, select your favorite emoji. I’m going with the flame emoji because it’s lit. (chuckles) Now you just gonna
wanna zoom in on the emoji and you’ll see a fuzz being created. Using this fuzz, you can now create your
own custom filters. Have you ever wanted to write
in white or black on Snapchat but you just couldn’t
figure out how to do it? Well now you can thanks to this next tip. Also, you can make even
more specific colors. (chuckles)Yeah, let’s just get into it. To start just tap the icon that
looks like a pencil thingy. Go to the color wheel and drag all the way
to the top left corner. That’s gonna allow you to write in white. Now if you wanna do this in black, just go back to the color wheel, drag to the bottom left. From there, you’ll be
able to draw in black. If you want to get in
even more specific color, go back to the color wheel, go somewhere in the middle. Right here, I’ve got like a
pink kind of salmon color. That is how you do it. I just wanted to throw this one in as a little bonus,
(bell rings) and that’s how you can add
people super quick on Snapchat. Pull down and a custom
Snap code will appear. From there, if you hold
your phone over it, tap and hold on that icon, their profile will automatically appear, and you can add them as a friend. If you want to try this out right now, just go watch this video on a desktop, pause it. At this point right here, you’ll see the little
icon right over there. Scan it. That way you can add me
immediately on Snapchat. Also, if you haven’t already, you might as well add me on Snapchat. My username is CollinsKey. I’ve always got some fun
stuff going on there. I might even post a little bit of magic from time to time on Snapchat. Go check it out. Normally, Snapchat
restricts the amount of text you’re able to put into a Snapchat which is kind of frustrating. With this one, you’re gonna be able to bypass it and put in as much text as you want. First, take a snap you like, then go into notes, hit return a whole bunch of times, select it, copy it, then go back into Snapchat, paste it. I know it’s a lot of stuff going on, but now you can do
literally unlimited text. This one is for those of you who are very specific and like to
get very, very detailed about each letter having
a very different color. Yeah, let’s get into it. We’ll start off easy. If you want to change the color of a word, all you have to do is
just select that word and using the color wheel, you can change it. Now if you want to change
the color of each letter, again, just select each letter and using the color
wheel, you can change it. If you do this to all of
the different letters, you’re gonna be left with
a really cool effect. This one is hands down the
sneakiest one of them all. This is how you can
screenshot someone’s Snapchat without them knowing about it. With great power, comes great
responsibility on this one. First, turn on Airplane Mode and that’s it. Now you just have to go to their Snapchat, screenshot it, and they will have no
idea what just happened. (funky music)
(audience cheers and applauds) To use multiple filters at once, just find the one you like, tap and hold on it. From there, you can select
another filter over it. To turn the camera around super fast, just double-tap on it. If you want to zoom in, instead of pinching, you can actually use your finger to go up and down. That will do the same thing. (bell ringing)
Snapchat, Snapchat, Snapchat, (bell ringing)
Snapchat, Snapchat, Snapchat, (bell ringing)
Snapchat, Snapchat, Snapchat, (bell ringing)
Snapchat, Snapchat, Snapchat, (bell ringing)
Snapchat, Snapchat, Snapchat.

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  2. The air plane mode does not work me and my friends tried it. Multiple times. Wish I could post their screenshot of them seeing all of mine….dont do it unless you try it with a friend….although…Screen capture did work and friend didn't see it.

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