100 thoughts on “5 Texts To Make Any Man Obsess Over You”

  1. Lady there is no such thing as sending a ride text message no matter what you do you cannot make a woman obsessed over you that's just not going to happen and if it does it's just meaning they're playing you they're teasing you or just trying to get what they can out of you that's all women care about is getting what they can out of you woman can't be obsessed with nobody unless they have a good heart and they want to be with you and Aunt about damn material shit like sex money fancy cars big muscles and houses.

  2. Thats why its called text messages because you have to reply right away, if i want a snail text, I’d rather write a Love letter

  3. it's aallways about de men. wat men wants, wat men likes, wat men need, etc. come ooon nd give us a break.

  4. Pleaseeeee… If you have to shift your personality for attention and affection, it's best to date someone who you can just be yourself with. This makes no sense.

    A person can only pretend for so long. These tips sound like high school games.

  5. I just told my crush that I love him but he didn't clearly answered me that whether he want to be in a relationship with me or not he just said maybe .. so what should I understand by this?

  6. What do I do if my ex is friends with my best friends he is always there and I want to do your tips on no contact ect..

  7. Ok this woman is confusing me, how is saying hi or hello or how r u is a dealbreaker i mean WTF that's literally the way to start a conversation and how is asking ur man how he is or how was his day something boring, i don't get it, and she also said that her friend broke up with his gf becuz she lacked basic intelligence !??!! WTF it's literally just misspelling words. That's fucked up. And when u don't respond quick ur man would take it as if ur not interested and that ur doing something better it's totally pointless to do this and it could cause conflicts in ur relationship

  8. Most of the men suffer of menopause that's the fact one day are gd another they ignored you 🤦‍♀️

  9. me: OmG HE MesSAgEd Me
    My bsf: ok good—
    me: start to text

    me: df ok

  10. As you pointed out people are turned off by bad grammar. I suggest you correct your own or your writers' before giving advice. Take a look at 6:49…….which is where I decided I'd had enough. Generally a good money making concept but rather sloppy production. Never mind, the viewings are there, so enjoy the cash.

  11. While I like your advice and find it informative and I’m sure it would probably work to win a guy over. It all seems a little dishonest to me. I hate playing games in relationships I want a man to be honest with me. I would hate if a man planned his responses or told me light hearted things instead of real things to make me interested. My question is what happens when you’ve played all these games with your man and you attract one and begin a relationship. All throughout your relationship are you expected to love life only? That’s what they like about you now that you’ve showed them you have no stress or bad days you are always cheery and positive in the beginning and then when they are in a serious committed relationship are you expected to keep this facade of a happy positive only person? It so you suddenly switch and become real with him and share your insecurities and stressful days? It seems like if you attract someone because you are positive and love life and never show him your bad days. When you get together and life happens and you have a bad day he’s going to feel lied to and deceived. I don’t know it just seems dishonest. I want someone to be real with me 100 percent of the time. So it would be weird to not be real with them in return.

  12. Seriously? Be yourself, be honest that's what men want. Talk to them if they're too busy or don't want to listen move on!, they don't want you period,.Take a pole dancing class,speak in complete sentences, articulate.

  13. Wait, some men have very poor grammar even when texting. Ebonics is very real in today's texting society. In text messaging, it's auto correct the culprit. Seriously.

  14. People hating but these are really true, and factual, no it doesnt apply to everyone, but these are amazing tips.

  15. Its very nice please make video what to ask a guy and I can't initiate the conversation . kindlly make video on this

  16. Not to be rude, but i have just wasted 10 minutes of my life waiting for you to tell me 5 text messages that will drive him wild. Talk about false advertisement. Thanks a lot.

  17. Once I was waiting for him to text me getting frustrated. My friend at the time who is gay and could get any guy, I mean ANY guy obsessed with him, asked me, "Do you want him to be your boyfriend?" And I'm like yeah duhhh. He said "first, DO NOT TEXT HIM! And when he texts you wait as LONG as possible to text him back…literally as long as you can. Second, go out and have fun single and know you're the shit." Literally that's all he said and within 6 months of me doing this the guy I was in love with asked me to be his gf and we were together for 2 years. Just remember the end line of the nursery rhyme Little Bo Peep "…leave em alone and they'll come home, wagging their tails behind them." 😉

  18. "So"… reading out of the teleprompter is your thing. I was paying attention to your eyes. "Oh"
    Why not try comming from memmory… turn up the heat for your suscribers

  19. Amy, you are so pretty and amazing.. very few women are blessed with a beautiful mind like yours. you are a total winner in my eyes. Glad to meet ya 🙂

  20. So, are you saying i have to flirt with him in texting? This is so wrong, ladies. In case you want quick sex or 109, then you can use her advise. If you want serious relationship, be yourself, act normal.

  21. Thanks very much! I texted my guy friend that I wanted to get a haircut for regular grooming and cuz someone might take me out. Lol He texted his response, then in a separate text, lol.

  22. Most women don't understand what she says on 2:58 . Also, I've infiltrated the female ranks to see if what my girl does is normal.

  23. I watched this out of curiosity, but it's all bullshit and only desperate women will try this and that's not the majority of women so.. meh…

  24. Omg.. saying stupid shit. what r u wearing. Is his job.. i dont throw my sex around to anyone.. you want me to text like a whore to get a real relationship.. NO. Bad ideal!! That is entrapment and ruins your lady reputation

  25. We men are all simple visual creatures, save yourself all theses bullshiting tips and send us a provocative picture. It is that easy 😉

  26. Good tips as a guy I do not give a fuck about what you are doing or your coffee shop stories. Keep it flirty or GTFO of my dms! Shm

  27. Really—-these tips were total BS…why would I text sm1 who I’m getting to know “wt r u wearing”… I mean dang—can we say Slut bucket…I know how to Sext already

  28. I'm a human being who is a male and if you want a man to obsess over you then show him your bionicles collection

  29. I'm my experience, the slightest sexual comment turns into the main focus of the relationship. I want to be taken seriously, not just taken! Men need to grow up a bit and value more than T&A! Women also shouldn't have to be so manipulative to be loved. Either they're into you or they're not! Game playing is for high schoolers! Just sayin'!

  30. Advice from a single woman! Let me tell you how to make a man obsess over you. I've been married for 28 years ok? First, learn to cook. That is the most important thing. Second, learn to clean and act like you love doing it. Third, give a great BJ but every once in a while, don't let him finish. Fourth, compliment him all the time, men love that. Lastly, and the most important, don't ever cheat on him. Men love a faithful woman.

  31. This is wrong, my bf loves when i text back fast, texting without grammer is texting freely and it's goofy it shows your hype

  32. Don't complain too much. Don't complain constantly about your job, your boss, your weight (obviously), you kids, the heat…it's a downer and typically he can't do anything about it leaving him not knowing what to say (fyi- this goes for guys too. I don't want to hear about your mother).

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