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  1. Number 5 probably ended up hanging upside down from a tree with peanut butter in his pocket in the middle of the woods.

  2. Ok my biggest question is they said Paula jean Chandler was 18 but the head stone says 10 1968 to 1978 it just makes no sense

  3. I wonder if dove went to lock the door and he got thier to fast and graber her and thats why their is no sing of a struggel and she could not fight him off ornhe had a gun and she thought maybe he will just rape me n let me go

  4. So she smoked dope and became aggressive, have you smoked dope? Aggressive isn't a quality you have on dope? just say drugs. if she did drugs then aggression is a symptom of drugs. plz dont dis the herb.

  5. The Tuccaro case is so infuriating!!! What difference would notifying the police make, esp considering people have done so and have identified the same man?

  6. That dear little French boy…. His face… His beautiful smile…. It breaks my heart to think what he went through. 😢😭

  7. Amber Tuccaros skull wasn't discovered until 2 years later…not 4 days.

    When I heard her SKULL was found after 4 days I was like "wtf happened?"

  8. You know that "friend" of Dale Williams, the one who's wife Dale & his wife helped move out without him knowing? He was also caught going around town tearing all of Dale's missing posters down. That has always bothered me. I know they say he gave an alibi and was cleared. Nucla, Colorado only has a population of 700. I can't help but wonder how strong his alibi really is or if he has friends in high places.

  9. That makes me so mad that police in two of these stories never acted and a young girl and a woman both went missing because of it…

  10. Amber was to naive to go into a stranger's car, that is the first thing I tell my kids not to do, even if the person claims to know their mother or me. I wonder what happened to her child too, there is no mention about him

  11. That Dale Williams case was on Unsolved Mysteries a very long time ago it's always bothered me it's so obvious that the friend did it but I guess the cops just couldn't find any evidence for them to say he's ruled out that's ridiculous

  12. #1 This guy was a damn serial killer! If he'd been charged and prosecuted correctly for the kidnapping of the young girl in 1981, Kelly Dove might still be alive – 'cause y'all know damn well he's the guy who was stalking her at her job when the cops wouldn't come help her! Then he only served 9 1/2 years for murdering that little girl?? WTF?!?! Then he killed his girlfriend and her little girl – and was never prosecuted for it? The system failed every female here. What a steaming pile of shit this guy was!!

  13. Since Amber Tuccaro's family were natives, they had little chance of getting justice in the first place.

  14. miss tuccaro was probably drugged or something. i feel awful for the families of the people who were killed, and i hope the killers do a crime bad enough to get life in prison. they need to rot in there for as long as they live!

  15. The police are always talking about teens & kids running away in these cases smh…….. just do your freaking job & LOOK FOR THEM!!!! Regardless!!!! Whats the point of your job if its not to aid in searches, investigate & lock up these demented ppl!!! USELESS!!! UGH!!

  16. "Where are we going?"

    "50 street"

    "Yo, where are going?"

    "50th street"

    "Yo, where are going"

    "50th street"

    Goddamn Woman, are you deaf?

  17. If they look in that river I bet they'll find something; clothes, bones.. something.. I mean I don't understand why they didn't rule it out in the beginning just sounds like some lazy police work.
    The little girl deserves to have someone look for her there and the family deserves to have some type of closure. Even if they don't find anything at least they can rule it out but my guess is that's where she's at.
    Such a damn shame.

    Edit: They should try and run the DNA in Gregory's case now.. so many years have past that the perpetrators may have a family now or DNA may be in the system. It's worth a shot to do since our technology is more advanced now then when the crime happened.
    The family should have a chance at some justice, closure.

  18. I love your channel but take it easy with the ads… There was like 4 in this video 😞 Awesome videos though!!

  19. Along time ago i watched one with the weepy voice killer on criminally listed. It was the best criminally listed video ever but i cant find it anymore. anyone got the link?

  20. Poor Kelly, the police are ridiculous, how does some1 not respond to a person who callz 911 3 fucking times.

  21. Concerning l'affaire Grégory: I actually think Jean-Marie did the right thing in killing Laroche, even if it was in front of Laroche's son. That "crow" was apparently obsessed with the amount of money that Jean-Marie was making, as well as the fact that Jean-Marie would get Albert's money if Albert would die. I don't think anyone but a close family member would be THIS jealous about money. And if Laroche was jealous, why not take it out on somebody his own size, say Jean-Marie? Oh no, of course he had to take it out on a 4-year-old who was incapable of defending himself. Drowning a 4-year-old? While he had a 4-year-old himself?? A monster like that deserves to be killed and Jean-Marie proved to be a great father as he wasn't afraid to go to jail if it meant he could prevent the monster from doing such harm to anybody else ever again.
    Kind of weird that none of the Villemins ever recognized the crow's voice though…

    (Btw, thank you for this channel, it brings out the detective in me, haha!)

  22. I thought they all were unsolved cases but the third one the girls killer was found in the video and the case was solved?

  23. Woah, by my own little sleuthing I found out that the photo at 1:02 is from a shop right near me in Sydney, Australia. How amazingly strange! I thought I recognised the logo in the top left that was in the shape of the state of NSW and sure enough…

  24. The Shitty R.C.M.P in Canada didn't want to investigate because she was a Native American why you ask because they don't care about anyone other then White People.

  25. That little boy! OMFS!
    I think the French dont have a very good detective pool.
    EVER since inspector Klusou <pink panther>
    [Peter sellars]
    Sorry- that case is FUCKED- but, ya know- FRENCH🇫🇷
    👣👣👣I'LL leave,I dont need the BOUNCER💪👣👣👣

  26. All of your videos have the police (shout out to RCMP) as the main reason everyone was murdered. Haha! Either police forces everywhere are corrupted thoroughly or it's agenda to get people to distrust police (and any official office thus connected).

  27. As an edmontonian this was really hard to not be able to help her..Bless this poor scared girl..rest easy hun

  28. Police are quick to respond to rubbish like a driver not having insurance or having a loud exhaust on your car but when a person(s) is at risk, they couldn't give a damn. How many lives are lost every year because the police couldn't be bothered?

  29. I smoked pot I deserve to be murdered. I can not wait until these ignorant parents die. And no no morphine, suffer pricks.

  30. damn they could have saved the dove girl if the police would've checked on her ;mabey she should have told the 911 op that someone was in the store with unpaid traffic tickets ;the police would be there in a few mins smh;an they should never let child molesters out of jail ever period😡

  31. it sounds to me like the tuccaro girl was asking 2 different men where they were taking her ;I may be wrong but it sounds like she is talking to 2 men ,how could someone hurt a innocent 4 yr old because of something their daddy did???😢

  32. I think Dale Williams staged his disappearance. He had things planned with his girlfriend (that is who called to say she was ready to go) and he just wanted out of his life and is probably living off the grid in Costa Rica or somewhere like that. Maybe he couldn't stand his wife and decided it would be easier to disappear with his lover who may have been pregnant or even already had a child by him but the relationship remained a secret. Men do crazy things for their lovers, some of them kill their wives to start a new life. He just wanted out of it entirely without having to explain.

  33. they forgot to mention in Kelly Bergh Dove's case that the second time she called police, she said that the man was "dressed improperly", possibly meaning that he exposed himself to her. that was my first thought when i heard that. just an important piece of information i thought i would mention.

  34. Been watching this channel for over a year now. Always waiting for a notification for a new vid. The videos are well done. I feel so bad for the victims of these crimes and how the police in more than "one" case botch things up…I watch too, to see if there's any cases near me that I might be able to help if I see the suspect etc…

  35. #2 Why would the cops just ignore the phone call that said she was at the bottom of the river?? Why not look just to see if she is there and if not then you can rule it out?? Those cops seem like they really didn’t care.

    And the cops in the third story just sat on their fucking thumbs doing who knows what, but certainly not their jobs. If they had gone when requested the first time, or hell, even the second time then she might just be alive today. Pricks.

    Not surprised that those Mayberry cops botched the investigation. Assholes

    And the third case was botched, too. This is what happens when law enforcement doesn’t give a shit. They get paid well and have damn good benefits to give a shit. We need a way to hold them responsible when they fail at their job this badly that the entire case is completely botched. How about three strikes and they get their badge taken away forever? As it is there’s absolutely nothing in place that punishes law enforcement when they fail on purpose when almost every other occupation would fire you if you bungled your job.

  36. 4:00 they didnt check the river?? wtf? years later and theyre wondering about their daughter but nobody looked in the river?? wtf

  37. For all you lonely guys out there who don't think you'll ever find a girlfriend, go to 8:12 where you'll find hope!

  38. anonymous caller : "Your daughter is tied up at the bottom of the Winooski River"

    police and family : she might have ran away, but weird that she never made contact with anyone in 40 years :-/

  39. Cops have always been corrupt af why would they actually do their job they just care about recognition that everyone HAS no choice but to run to them for help they just care about getting paid not for these poor family's

  40. That "Amber" chick sounded like a real snatch. Dumps her illegitimate baby off on someone else, used men to take her into "the city" to buy drugs. If I were the law enforcement there, I wouldn't waste any time looking for her, either.

  41. One thing to note is if you're native don't trust no white cop or any cop really. Especially on Canada and USA, the land of faux freedom. I feel like this is part of the silent genocide that happened in Canada. Where many native women are murdered but the police will not do anything about it. Who knows maybe they're in on it.

  42. If the crows stopped making phone calls after the phone was tapped and started to write letters wouldn't that almost indicate that the crow was a policeman

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