50 Alexa Voice Commands (Amazon Echo)

(coughing) – Alexa, testing. One, two, three. – [Alexa] Receiving over. – Alexa, what’s the agenda? – [Alexa] Here is the next event. It is in progress. 49 more Alexa commands lasts all day. – Alexa, how tall are you? – [Alexa] I’m about 10 inches tall. – Alexa, how many
centimeters are in 10 inches? – [Alexa] 10 inches is 25.4 centimeters. – Alexa, volume 10. Alexa, what’s the weather like? – [Alexa] Currently,
in Irvine it’s 78 deg– – Alexa, volume seven. – [Alexa] Currently, in
Irvine it’s 78 degrees with intermittent clouds. – Alexa, stop. Alexa, play Rock Paper Scissors. – [Alexa] Okay, let’s play. Three, two, one. Scissors. Three, two, one. Paper. Three, two, one. Scissors. – Yes. Alexa, how far away is Christmas? – [Alexa] There are 10 months and 15 days until Christmas day. – Alexa, resume my audio book. – [Voiceover] That Sam-I-am. That Sam-I-am. I do not like that Sam-I-am. Do you like green eggs and ham? I do not like them, Sam-I-am. I do not like green eggs and ham. – Hey heads or tails,
loser pays for lunch. You call it. – [Voiceover] Tails. – Alexa flip a coin. – [Alexa] Tails. – Damn it. Alexa, open Domino’s and
order a cheese pizza. – [Alexa] It seems that
your order has one item. Your first item is one
extra large Brooklyn pizza. Would you like to place your order? – Yes. – [Alexa] Your order has been placed. It will be ready for pickup in approximately 10 to 15 minutes. – Alexa, how many calories
in one slice of cheese pizza? – [Alexa] Margarita pizza
contains 257 calories per 100 grams. – Alexa, what’s 257 times eight? – [Alexa] 257 multiplied eight is 2,056. – Start Seven Minute Workout. – [Alexa] Welcome to Seven Minute Workout. Your first exercise is jumping jacks. Get ready. – Alexa, stop. Alexa, what was the score
from the last Warriors game? – [Alexa] Last night the
Warriors beat the Rockets 123 to 110. – Alexa, when’s the next Warriors game? – [Alexa] The Warriors
will play tonight at 6PM in Phoenix, Arizona against the Suns. – Alexa, remind me to
watch the Warriors game tonight at 6PM. – [Alexa] I added watch the
Warriors game tonight at 6PM to your to do list. – Alexa, start a timer. – [Alexa] For how long? – Two minutes. – [Alexa] Two minutes, starting now. – Alexa, ask Sci-Guy for a fact. – [Alexa] Blood sucking hook worms inhabit 700,000,000 worldwide. – Alexa, do aliens exist? – [Alexa] So far there has been no proof that alien life exists, but the universe is a very big place. – Alexa, where do babies come from? – [Alexa] I think they
come from the stork. – How many teeth do sharks have? – [Alexa] Most sharks have
five to 15 rows of teeth in each jaw. There is no real count
because the teeth grow back within a 24 hour period. – Alexa, how much time do I have left? – [Alexa] About one minute and 10 seconds. – Alexa, what’s the best tablet? – [Alexa] The Kindle Fire
HDX comes highly recommended. – No surprise there. Alexa, ask Uber for a ride. – [Alexa] There is an Uber
X about five minutes away. Would you like me to order it? – Yes. – [Alexa] Requesting a ride. – Alexa, ask Uber where my car is. – [Alexa] Your ride request was accepted. Your driver should be there
in about four minutes. – Alexa, ask Uber to cancel. – [Alexa] I’ve canceled your ride. – Alexa, what time is it in the UK? – [Alexa] The time in the
United Kingdom is 10:20PM. – Alexa, how long is a
flight from here to the UK? – [Alexa] The flight time
between the United Kingdom and your current location is approximately 11 hours and 30 minutes. – Alexa, ask Pronunciations
how to pronounce A-L-U-M-I-N-U-M. – [Alexa] It is pronounced as aluminum. – Alexa, tell me a joke. – [Alexa] What hotel does
a fancy cheese stay at? The Stilton. – Alexa, what color is the dress? – [Alexa] The dress
colors are black and blue. – Alexa, turn the studio on. Alexa, trigger purple. – [Alexa] Sending that to it. – Dim the studio to 100% Alexa, turn the studio off. Where the heck did my phone go? Alexa, ask phone finder to find my phone. – [Alexa] Your phone must be ringing now. (phone ringing) – Right. Alexa, beetle juice,
beetle juice, beetle juice. – [Alexa] I think that
only works in the movie. – Alexa, Wikipedia Fight Club. – [Alexa] Fight Club is
a 1999 American film, based on the 1996 novel of the
same name by Chuck Palahniuk. – Alexa, how many movies
has Brad Pitt been in? – [Alexa] Brad Pitt is a
star in at least 74 films. – Wow. Alexa, what’s the first
rule of fight club? – [Alexa] Don’t talk about fight club. – Alexa, what new movies are out? – [Alexa] Here are a few
movies playing near Irvine. Kund Fu Panda 3, Hail,
Ceaser!, The Fun is Ours, and the Revenant. – What the heck is that? Alexa, buy a new MLB cap. – MLB Los Angeles Dodgers, black
on black, 59 50 fitted cap. Should I order it? – Yes. – [Alexa] Okay, order placed. – Alexa, who’s the richest
person in the world. – [Alexa] The wealthiest
person is Bill Gates. – How much money does Bill Gates have? – [Alexa] Bill Gates’ net
worth is $58,000,000,000. – Alexa, how much do you get paid? – [Alexa] It doesn’t matter. I love what I do. – Alexa, Simon says, will the real Slim Shady please stand up? – [Alexa] Will the Real
Slim Shady please stand up? – Alexa, who is the Real Slim Shady? – [Alexa] Marshall Bruce Mathers III, known professionally as Eminem. – Alexa, what was Eminem’s first album? – [Alexa] Eminem’s first
album was Infinite. – Alexa, play some Eminem. – [Alexa] Shuffling Eminem. (classical music) – Hey let me see my keys. Alexa, ask Automatic how much
gas I have left in my tank. – [Alexa] Your BMW 328i is 56% full. – Good enough. Alexa, what’s another word for subscribe? – [Alexa] Subscribe synonyms include, pledge, sign, subscribe
to, support, and take. That is it for me and this video. Thank you for watching. Be sure to pledge to the channel, and as always, I will see
you in the very next episode.

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