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65-Now talk Kannada on telephone (with subtitles). टेलिफोनवर बोलण्यामध्ये लागणारी वाक्ये

65-Now talk Kannada on telephone (with subtitles). टेलिफोनवर बोलण्यामध्ये लागणारी वाक्ये

Namaskara, everyone How are you? I am fine Did you have tea,breakfast? Now you know lot of sentences in kannada Today we are going to talk about conversation on phone. Nowdays lot of talk happens on phone. which sentences are used ? we will cover in todays lesson so you can with your relatives,friends in Karnataka over phone then lets see how to do it I will cover many useful sentences. But in such short lesson everything cant be covered . so you write in comments and I will answer There is a call for someone. But the person isn’t at home/office. So youtell them the person isn’t at home/office. But I will inform him/her. Avaru banda KuDale tiLisuttene. I will inform him/her immediately on return I have already covered lot of grammer. So you know the change in verb as per person. The caller is asking when can he/she meet you. when can come to meet you? when are you free? so you answer caller that You are free at 5 PM so you tell them so. ‘Nivu sanje aidu ghantege barabahudu’ ‘Nivu sanje aidu ghantege barabahudu’ meaning ‘you can come at 5 in the evening’ ok As you see I have used ‘gh’ in ‘ghantege but you can also ‘gantege’. Both are used in conversation and are correct. Now when you call someone on phone you introduce yourself. If your name is kumar I am ‘so and so’ etc then you say ‘ Nanu kumar matanadutta iruvudu’ or You say ’ Nanu kumar matanadutta iddhene’ Which means ‘I am kumar speaking’ Now another example. You want to collect some information. you ask John to get that information by calling third person on phone how do you say to John to call X & get information? Dayavittu phone maDi tiLidukoLLi Dayavittu means Please The exact meaning is please call and understand( the work/information) Another situation Suppose I am busy and cant talk much on phone. So I request the caller to call after some time. ‘Swalpa samayada baLika phone maDtira?’ ‘Swalpa samayada baLika phone maDtira?’ Will you call after some time? In bookish terms maDtira is ‘maDuttira’ While speaking you omit lot of words. Ok. I am focusing more on speaking now There is some topic being discussed on phone.(maybe between Maya and John) So how do you say it to Teena ? that they are discussing on phone ‘telephone nalli matukate naDita Ide’ Please note The exact word for nadita is ‘ nadeyutta’ So it means word to word ‘ inside telephone talk is going on’ .Nade also means To walk Now how do you inform a child that his mom is on line ‘Nimma tai linenalli iddhare’ ‘Your mother is on the line’ ok You can use any relation or name instead of ‘tai’ e.g.’Dad, sister’ Many times I have issue with phone reception,sound quality Maybe you too. So you stop and say I can’t hear your talk ‘nimma matu nanage sariyagi keLisutta illa’ or ‘nimma matu nanage sariyagi keLisuttilla’ or ‘nimma matu nanage sariyagi keLata illa’ while speaking lot of words are shortened so talk is faster I am giving real world speaking example so please listen carefully ‘nimma matu nanage sariyagi keLisuttilla’ ‘I cannot hear you properly’ Then afterwards we try to go somewhere and get good reception Ask them. Can you hear me now? Nanna matu keLisuttideya? Can you hear me ( properly)?? Or if you want to say ‘can you hear me Now?’ Iga nanna matu keLisuttideya? meaning ‘can you hear me Now?’ When fixing appointment you ask the listener when they would be free, right Indu madhyanaha muru ghantege nimmannu kanabahude? Can I see you (really meet you) at 3 in the afternoon today? If you want to say exact word for ‘ meeting’ then you can say ‘indu madhyana muru ghantege nimmannu bhetiyagabahude?’ Or instead of bhetiyagabahude you can use ‘sigabahude’ you can use anything ‘indu madhyana muru ghantege nimage*sigabahude?’ “see bahaudu lesson in link” Now if someone asks me if I am free to meet at certain time or I can meet in the evening But I am going somewhere then I would respond ‘Kshamisi nanu horage hogiruttene’ ‘Kshamisi means ‘sorry’ nanu ‘me’ horage hogiruttene’ means would be out Or you can say in plain future tense ‘Nanu horage hoguvenu’ Or ‘ nanu horage iruvenu’ (see Iru & Agu Video in description) This way you can use different verbs for same situation. You must have seen future tense videos. So you can also say about tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Student asks ‘ what is day after tomorrow?’ Answer ‘Nadidu’ Nadidu nanu hogiruttene or hoguvenu or hogiruvenu Suppose there is a call and you don’t recognize caller. So you would definitely ask ‘ who is speaking?’ ‘yaaru matanadutta iruvudu?’ similarly your friend has been away. Maybe gone abroad. When he/she calls back you ask them.’ ‘ When did you come back?’ ‘Nivu yavaga hidirugidiri?’ Nivu’You’ with respect or you plural yavaga means when Hinde+tirugidiri=hindirugidiri please note the combinationformed There are more such sentences but we couldn’t cover them. But you can write the queries and I will respond. You need to practice these sentences as often as possible Student ‘Please explain Hindirugidiri’ ‘Hinde” plus ‘Tirugidiri’ When will you return is ‘Nivu yavaga tirugi baruviri?’ or student(Uttam)’nivu yavaga maraLi’ ‘Yes correct’ Yes ‘MaraLi’ is also correct But here it would be Nivu yavaga maraLIdiri? as person already returned Another Query ‘Telephone nalli matukate nadita ide’?? Isn’t it naditta? ‘Nadeyutta written but while speaking’nadita’ ‘Barutta’ becomes ‘barta’ ‘KeLutta’ becomes ‘keLata’ Ok. Got it? ‘DhanyavadgaLu’

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  1. I want to learn daily routine sentences or conversation in Kannada. so make more videos on this. ur videos are really nice .

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