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9 Cell Phone Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed (Beauty Break)

9 Cell Phone Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed (Beauty Break)

Okay, so welcome back to Beauty Break guys! [Mhhhmm] It’s all happening right here and we’re talking about cellular phone accessories. You nearly said cellulite and I was like ”That’s not this episode…” J: Do you guys have your mobiles? L: I have my mobile
M: [English accent] I have my mobile phone Accessories OOOOOOOHHHHHH Accessories Guys I feel like I just committed a crime by not saying accessories… So this is clearly a USB self-timer… liver… lever fan Joslyn is great at reading Reading is my fave!! [Beep] So we saw one that was online that like literally just plugs into your headphone jack and gives you a little mobile Beyonce fan.
M: Is it for like Beyonce hair wind? L: I think it’s also for kids
M: Probably for families at Disneyland Yea that too maybe So that’s the one you just plug in J: Oh, this is the one you just plug in
L: This is an aggressive one! That… doubles as a selfie stick I believe Wohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Wowwwwwwwww! M: I wonder how much money these people make?
J: OH MY GOSHH! This is the ultimate theme park accessory Plug both them in? AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh M: Is it hard? Can I touch it? L: [SCREAM] I love doing that [Beep] Jos, how’s that fan treating you? It’s very effective M: Does it make you not look at the lens because you’re definitely just staring at the fan J: I was trying to see if I could get like Beyonce photo but But anyway you know those little battery ones that you have when you’re little and they give you after the jog-athon, for example,
DON’T PUT IT THAT CLOSE Cos I was about to say, it got stuck in my hair
M: Gasps
and it was traumatizing and now I’m scared of fans So you hate going to Vidcon right? [BEEP] [Babbles] SCREAM You’re going to get hurt! I’m telling you, I’ve warned you! You know how they make you, like, I hit my mouth, it hurt, don’t do it It hit my mouth This makes me think that because the Selfie Stick is attached that it is a Beyonce fan J: It’s gotta be J: Literally
M: I’m going to cry Hold on I need to get it to You need it lower I think That’s the best part, in order for it to get that close Ahh it’s so windy PROON That looks a little natch L: My eyes are literally
M: I know, we’re all crying See it’s a little?
J: OH WOW MEGHAN! So wind blown VOGUE J: You’re so pretty J: That’s my favourite look that you do
L: I don’t know how you do it
M: Me too Like how you roll your eyes into your head like that It’s like you let yourself die for a minute Half close your eyes and then roll them back in your head M: Lil, that’ll fit right in your pocket Perfect
L: You’ll never notice! M: What does your shirt say?
Exercise? I thought you said… more..
M: Extra fries More fries Someone reached out to me and was like ”Oh I’d love to send you this, nice satch” This is a fancy as f[beep] selfie stick, it’s called the lip stick selfie Wow, look at how classy this is It does fit the plus This is nice, I mean, it’s just a fancier selfie stick, it’s pretty much working the same Ugliest double chin ever Ok, next up, we got to keep our screens clean, I personally, actually I know Joslyn has the biggest issue out of all of us, I don’t think she’s ever opened her camera and had it not be
J: I don’t think I’ve ever taken a photo that I was like oooh I looks like I’m in heaven, like a glow is surrounding me But it’s really just like dirt on my lens That’s why we have ”Sprucies” These are little cell phone/ screen cleaners and they also have for glasses [M: That’s cute] and they’re these nice little
J: Ooo I want to try M: Are they reusable L: No, but they’re just cheap little, individually packaged
J: Omgosh I wonder if you can use them for makeup wipes too? L: I don’t think so, but it works really well on your phone So it’s wet but then it dries and there’s no streaks at all And then it’s just totally clean M: It’s literally my life L: You guys can’t really see it But, it works really well Oh, it’s made out of coconut oil, like all good things in life are
L: I highly recommend Moving on.
What’s next, Lils Channel? This is another friend product that is very helpful and very useful This is so good! This is so good! J: We know another girl who talks about this
L: Ok so our social media manager, Lauren, her husband works for this company This is effing genius It is a breathalyser that has Bluetooth capabilities.
So you blow into it and then it tells you on your phone So you download the app, it hooks up to your Bluetooth and then [blows]
J: Oh yea Lils you want one of these mouth guides? Maybe this is just so you can share it with a friend Yea I was going to say, I mean, it’s mine so Ok!
J: 0.00, Yayy L: Yay, it works! Can I try cos I took Dayquil Maybe it will make a difference This would be a great gift It’s called the BackTrack PAC Take a deep breath, and blow now Here we go Oh! You’re also 0 because we’re sober! I know no-one in the comments believes us but we are I know maybe this will stop people thinking I’m on drugs Joslyn’s turn! Take a deep breath and blow! 0!!!! WEIRD! Yayy!
J: None of us are drunk! We’re sober
This is sad, we should get some beers in here Anyway, moving on, I highly recommend if you like to know how drunk you are
J: Cool, this is awesome Ok
What’s next? Cases! J: Oooh
M: I love casemate cases! I know! So we had a friend at CaseMate, hi Diego! He sent us all these and they’re really cool I feel like you like rose gold M: I do
J: Oh Meghan, that’s very much your aesthetic
L: It’ll fit your GIANT phone This one’s my favourite This is a design your own case That’s so cool So this one comes with a clear case, and then it comes with a bunch of cool embellishments that you can put on there yourself
M: Oh my, that’s cute It’s a cute idea, this would be another, oh that is,
M: Like a kissy face That is… Gosh look! Ok it comes with all these cool stickers Oh my goodness! It’s got a bumper on it too.
L: I was just going to say reasons I like these cases is because it goes all the way around I hate it when cases have the missing piece at the top and the bottom because if you drop it and it falls right there, then you are f[beep]d M: I drop my phone all the time too Oh no! Ugh! I didn’t realise! Dammit How cute! Prune! The perfect prune is within your reach! Guys, everyone make your own prune phonecase I’m going to put my own case on because it has my handy-dandy Pop Socket I know a lot of you ask what this is, and a few of us here have them and it’s basically so you can take selfies or play with it when you’re bored that’s what I do or you can use it as a little stand! It really has multi functions M: I want one So this thing was really cool. We actually wanted to get this before we went to Coachella because we were out all day and needed to charge our phones L: Cos we’re basic So, this is like a purse or a wallet, if you want to carry, they come in different colours You can carry it as a wristlet Obviously, you can use it as a purse Check it out, so cool… Right? But then it also has an external charger You plug your phone in here, but I mean like, if you wanted to use you could charge your Ipad M: Wow! It’s just a USB Uh-huh, and then, this is, there’s a brick inside right here. This comes from ChicBuds So that’s the brand. They have a lot of cool tech accessories and stuff. Hey, are we ready for the FINALE? FINALE! YES! L: The piece de resis-
J: The piece de resistance THAT This is called the Litra Shield It proofs it from everything Shock proof, waterproof, throwing proof, I don’t know, everything proof Guys, long story short, we got sent this case and we’re going to put it to the test And see if it really works So, we’re going to go outside
[CLICK] Okay, so we’re standing out here, and SHOCKINGLY my phone has been volunteered to be the one we’re going to test this little thing out on
L: Shh M: You volunteered your phone
J: Whatever, I did not! You volunteered, don’t ask! I said just go big, because honestly what’s the point of doing something otherwise? If you insist J: 8 feet?
M: I hate it! Doing it!
J: Just go J: Uhhhh
Slomo: Uhhh Oh my Gosh!
Should we try another? Yea do something else! We’re walking…
WHOOPS J: Oh my gosh, this is giving me so much anxiety
J: Still functioning L: Oh my gosh J: Wait I think I broke it! Oh I just broke the case The case, just to prove, it’ll stand though Well so time to bring it the next level
J: What? M: Or the second level Okay guys are you ready?
M: No… I’m freaking out We’re trying to be quiet so don’t get in trouble in our building
M: Count it down, count it down Whispers: 3… 2… 1 LOUD BANG M: Nooooo It’s good, oh where’d she go? Okay guys, now it’s time for under w[huh]ater W[HUH]ATER And I’m pretty excited Sups excited and not does it work underwater but,
M: Like not only does it not drown Not only does it submerge in water and it still works, but you can use the button still, you can take videos you can take pictures
M: So we’re going to try that out So, 3… 2… 1 J: [Pained noises] The touch screen isn’t working, guys, I also really don’t think this is working I’m so nervous Ok, we’re going under, oooo J: Oh my gosh
L: oooooooo M: Wait let’s all wave
All: Hi This is crazy, hello Can you hear us? Papa can you hear me? M: Look in the future
J: Hello Papa Hello This is Meghan’s Adele meets James Blunt [Questionable impression voice] Hello, I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet to go over everything [Beep] Anyway, that’s it for today’s Beauty Break about cell phone accessories I hope you had fun I had a great time This was a hoot Let us know your favourite cell phone accessory in the comments below and then subscribe because… please And comment down below if you’re watching this on your cell phone [Gaps] Ooooo Yep, which is like 90% of you M: I’m curious
L: Bye! Bye!
They’re probably watching on Mobil MoBILE MoBEEL Mobeel Alabama And for more weirdness click to the left cos we collabed with Dr Pimple Popper and Spencer got a cyst removed on his head Click it! Or click to the right because there’s a brand new episode of That Got Weird and guess what? Things get really weird.

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  1. Lily needs to stop shouting, stop talking over everyone else, stop snatching, stop thinking it's all about her, just STOP. annoying as fuck.

  2. I watching on my phone and plus I really need the protective case I have dropped and broke my phone so much!!

  3. i am like that as well.. when i am drunk i sit in one corner and sleep hahahaha… love you guys!!! (rewatching)

  4. Hi Clevver Style/Beauty Break, I'm Jaydog. I just did some research on the iPhone 8/8 Plus that 1 of the girls had in this Video & the Official Apple website said that the iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus are both water resistant built by the way that it's designed. That's really handy how it's designed to be water resistant, up to a certain depth of course, in case you want to go underwater & you forgot that you still have your iPhone 8/8 Plus with you.

  5. Lily please stop screaming like that. Please
    Over half of everything you say is just raspy screaming & it’s so painful to watch without the volume being turned down too low to actually hear what you’re all trying to say.


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