71 thoughts on “A: 6 (Hidden) Tricks New iPhone 4S Owners Should Know – How to Use My iPhone Tutorial 5”

  1. Hello, i dont have that button you click on the right of the volume we can see on 1:51.
    i have a 4s having os 5.1.1

  2. I want to take a screenshot but where is the sleep/wake button you said to press at same as home button?! you didn't say where it was and I could not tell what you were pressing other than the home button?

  3. thanks a lot for your time but for such kinda video but next time be smart and please do not waste your time coz such thing even a 5 year old child knows these days
    so maybe u can do some new useful research rather than wasting your time whatever or you can go watch some porn for your pleasure and hand exercise
    at least good for you xD

  4. yes so that bumper is stupid.. you can get the lifeproof case for 40 bucks right here coopertoodproof.us i mean really, come on, who uses that thing… all procedes benefits daddys new iphone

  5. this is a great video and all
    but everyone and i do mean EVERYONE should know this things
    Extra help is at the app Tricks & Tips: iPhone/iPad

  6. This video takes to long to load let me read the comments : hmmm im not gonna watch it anymore i think everybody would know this thats what they said lol thx everybody u guys saved me some time

  7. sorry but i didnt work no red cicle appears when i click edit
    it only appears beside albums i created from my phone not ones synced from pc

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  9. Each step will be explained with a British Accent.

    Even in 2011, if you didn't know the basics of your iPhone, you should have been using a Fisher-Price phone.

    tip #7
    Take your iPhone and place it on Ebay or CL.
    Use the money to buy an Android phone.

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