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A BANANA PHONE?! – What the Fruit?

A BANANA PHONE?! – What the Fruit?

The Banana phone – slipping into the niche
fruit themed phone market next to Apple and BlackBerry. It’s time to see if this newcomer can hold
it’s own during a durability test. The box says “Talk more, smile more, and
save the gorillas.” I wasn’t planning on saving any gorillas this
morning, but this phone just talked me into it. Let’s get started. [Intro] Inside the box we get some instruction booklets,
the Banana phone itself, and a micro USB charging cable. Pretty simple design so far. My Banana has 3 buttons and is about the same
size as a real banana, which I’ve included here for scale. Apparently by buying this phone, 1% of the
sales are donated to Gearing up for Gorillas, an organization working out of the Congo. So that’s kind of cool. Grabbing my Mohs picks, there is no screen
on this contraption, mostly because it works exclusively through Bluetooth and acts as
a wireless Bluetooth headset for your current phone. The whole thing appears to be made from yellow
plastic – up here by the earpiece as well as the stem is all plastic. The yellow buttons are also made from plastic,
and the rest of the shaft down here next to the microphone is plastic. It’s literally now possible to pair a Banana
with an Apple via Bluetooth – and if that’s not the future, I don’t know what is. Peeling the Banana down at the bottom near
the micro UBS charging port reveals more plastic. I can see why the box said “Do not eat”. You’d have to be bananas to eat this Banana,
because going bananas means…yeah…right. But is the Banana structural? That is what we’ve all come here to find out. Gripping the tropical fruit with both hands
and flexing the construction reveals a solid build quality. There is some creaking along the outer plastic
peel, but the Banana remains solid and intact. I would not worry about keeping this Banana
in your pocket – unlike a real banana which would definitely not be safe in your pants. Here in the United States bananas are usually
eaten raw, but in other parts of the world there is a member of the banana family called
Plantains that is fried and is surprisingly delicious. My lighter doesn’t cook this Banana real good,
but I’ll include a recipe in the description if you want to make some real plantains for
yourself. You’re currently watching a grown man play
with a banana. Let that sink in for a second, and figure
out what life decisions got you to this point and then let’s keep going. It’s time to take this Banana apart and review
it from the inside. The Banana has no visible exterior screws
but does have a nice seam along the outside that allows the Banana to peel in half, getting
our first look inside. And I’ll be honest, there’s quite a lot of
wasted space in here. There is plenty of room for wireless charging
or even a headphone jack. This is not an efficient Banana at all. Curious enough though, there are 2 Phillips
head screws holding down a large block of solid metal. People generally associate weight with quality,
so adding a metal banana core, while decreasing nutritional value, would indeed provide a
false sense of quality and substance. A nice little trick there Banana maker. There are 4 screws holding down the motherboard
to the Banana peel. There is no water proofing inside the Banana
but there is a lot of hot glue holding in all the components. It’s a very inexpensive, yet effective construction
technique. Up top we have the largest earpiece I’ve ever
seen inside of a phone, held in place by the same hot glue we see everywhere else. It’s hard wired to the motherboard just like
the microphone down at the bottom of the Banana. Repairability wasn’t high on the priority
list during the Banana design process…no Lego connections anywhere. I was finally able to pop the charging port
out of the device, but not before it snapped in half rendering my Banana un-chargeable
in the future. But at least we got to see the insides. The battery is a 450 milliamp hour, which
gives this Banana about 10 hours of talk time. Apple’s usually have closer to 14 hours of
talk time, and finally Apple beat another phone at something. Thumbs up for that. The 3 buttons are all injection molded into
one piece. Overall I would have to say that the Banana
shape is a great form factor for a cellphone. It has a nice curve to it – way better than
something round like an orange…or this carrot. I love carrots. Do you like carrots? What’s your favorite fruit? Do you think Banana phones are going to be
the next big thing? Let me know in the comments. If you want a Banana phone of your own, I’ll
put a link down in the video description. And thanks a ton for watching. I will see you around.

100 thoughts on “A BANANA PHONE?! – What the Fruit?”

  1. This reminds me of when in elementary school, whenever someone brought a banana in their lunch, they'd pretend it was a phone. Currently, I'm in high school, and I still do it.

  2. I now expect a scratch, bend, and flame test, along with the teardown. Also I expect "Scratches on a level 6, with deeper grooves on a level 7."

  3. "Your currently watching a grown man playing with a banana." 😂😂😂😂😂😞😞😞😞😭😭😭😭

  4. Imagine bringing this out to a executive meeting……….. and that’s you became the new CEO of the company

  5. Starts talk about fruit and how the banana shake is good then says something about a carrot brings out a donut

  6. Here in Mexico, in the south states, we fry the banana and eat it with lentejas or black beans. Usually it's my breakfast when my mom buys some. Tastes very good without doubt! It's another kind of banana, it's called "plátano macho".

  7. You're currently watching a grown man play with a banana 🍌 , let that sink in for a sec and figure out what life decisions got you to this point..

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