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A Conference Call in Real Life

A Conference Call in Real Life

Tripp Crosby. . . has joined the meeting. Beth… has joined the meeting. Hello? Tyler? No, this is Beth, from ICS.
Oh, hey, Beth. How are you doing? Oh, yeah, good. Makin’
it, you know. Tyler. . . has joined the meeting. Alright,
well, uhh, this is Tripp. Who’s here? Tyler’s here. Beth’s here.
OK, well, the purpose of today’s meeting is to discuss the, uhh. . .
Yeah, I’ll be able to do it in, like, thirty minutes. John. . . has joined the meeting.
Hi, John. Hi. I was just trying to go over the purpose of
today’s meeting, which is to discuss the delivery of. . .
Tyler. . . has joined the meeting. Sorry, guys, I got cut off. Is Paul here? I sent
him an invite. Put in your access code! No, no, that’s
your PIN number! It should be a nine-digit number!
Try pressing the pound key. Paul. . . has joined the meeting.
Any questions before we move on? Yes, this is Beth.
What’s our best plan of attack for the second quarter?
I think what we should do. . . The question actually. . . Go ahead! Go ahead!
Well, I think what we should really do is diversify, because. . .
Well, it actually depends on how you really look at it, because the really com…
Go ahead. Go ahead. Well, given sales. . . Well, lemme just say. . . OK.
That’s a great graph, John. Uhmm . . . Tyler? Well, my main concern with (…) the projections
for (…) year (…) was that they’re insufficient. I mean, they’re not even taking into account
the. . . Did we, uhmm, did we lose Tyler again?
Hello? John, uhmm, are you guys taking distributions?
John? My bad. I was on mute. Lemme, lemme let me
start over. So, I’ve prepared a presentation. I’m
sharing it with all of you. You should be able to see it on your screen right now.
Got it! I don’t see a link anywhere.
It says I need to download a plug-in. We are all using Macs, I’m assuming?
Yeah. Yup. How can you. . . uhnn.
Finances are looking great. Paul, do you have any comments on staffing?
I was thinking about that, because if we get a few more contractor types in. . .
Hold on for a second. Rex, get down! I feel like when . . . tighten that up, and
I . . . For me, staffing is a huge. . .
What is that?! Is that me?
That’s not me, I don’t think. I just want to go over a couple of details
as we move into our next section here. We got three new departments coming on. . . Breakin’
up a little bit, guys. . . .by the end of Q3, so I need everyone
to give me detailed evaluations each month . .
. . . Driving through a dead spot so that we know. . .
Sorry, guys. That’s it, guys. Beth, you’ll send out
a recap email that could have basically taken the place of this whole meeting, correct?
Yup! Always do. Thanks for doing that, Beth.
Dave! You been here
the whole time? Yeah. Ah.
Well, thanks everyone, once again. Oh, one more thing. . .

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  2. It's brilliant. It could also do with the guy using his Apple AirPods on the call while flushing the toilet, forgetting to mute.

  3. Crying with laughter! I have seen this video a number of times over the past few years and it slays each time. Thank you for making it!

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