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A Diehard iPhone User Switches To The Google Pixel 3 XL

A Diehard iPhone User Switches To The Google Pixel 3 XL

– I’m going to be switching
from my iPhone XS Max to the Google Pixel 3 XL for a week. I’m honestly not looking
forward to switching. I’ve had an iPhone for about six years. Before that, I had my Sidekick, and I loved the flipping keyboard, so that’s why I couldn’t
really give it up. I’ve had the iPhone 6, the iPhone 7 Plus, and now the iPhone XS Max. I also own AirPods, an iPad Mini. I also own a MacBook Air, and at work, I also use a MacBook Pro and the trashcan. I would consider myself
a real Apple fangirl. I love using iMessage. I love using Animoji, FaceTime. I love AirDrop. Portrait Mode’s great. Selfie Portrait Mode is also great. It just looks so clean
and, like, friendly. So I love my iPhone, but I did hear a lot of great things about the Google Pixel, and I’m going to be switching over for a week to test it out. I’ve heard that the camera quality on the Google Pixel is amazing. I’m excited to test that out, and that’s about it. Honestly. Androids. I just think Android people are like serious, and they know their stuff, and they’re like, “This is the best phone, and this is why.” But for iPhone people, it’s like, iPhone’s so cool-looking. I love it. So I’ve never used an
Android phone before. If a phone is really
good in its interface, you should be able to
understand it easily, and that’s why I think I love the iPhone. I am scared that the blue bubbles in the iMessage will be turning green for my
recipients of my text messages. But at the same time, I’m a little scared that I’m gonna like it and actually wanna switch. Connect to mobile network. Couldn’t sign in. Why is there so much dead space here? I’m in. I’m just gonna finish setting this up and see how it goes for the week. So I’ve been using the Pixel
3 XL for five days now, and it’s been really frustrating. The operating system
isn’t as easy to navigate as the iPhone, so, these past few days, I’ve been just really irritated on trying to figure things out, and no matter how much I customize it, it just doesn’t feel good. I didn’t even bother putting
all my contacts in my phone because all of my friends were
like, “We’re not texting you because we don’t want the green bubble.” I thought getting used
to the fingerprint sensor would be harder, but it was actually pretty easy. I kind of like using it. The only issue is when
my phone’s on the table. I think the most challenging thing that I’m still not used to is just the notifications on the phone. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I love getting
notifications on my iPhone ’cause it’s like in your face, and I like that. The only thing so far that
I like about the Pixel is the camera. Actually, I love the camera. The camera is amazing. I’m not gonna lie. This camera is so, so much
better than the iPhone camera. I’m obsessed with the
wide selfie cam as well. I guess widgets are pretty cool. It’s not like I need it, you know? Like, I could survive without it. I know most Android
users probably don’t put a lot of apps on their home screen, but I like putting all my important apps on my home screen. I don’t like the gestures on this phone. I don’t know why, but it’s so hard for me. Like, even like this, if I
wanna, like, look at all my apps, I’m not doing it right. Like, I guess I have to do all that. After switching to the Pixel, I can see how advanced and how prestige an Android is. You can do so much with it that it’s like whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, you know? But when you’re on the iPhone, it’s like, oh yeah, this
does that, this does that. Oh, okay, I see all these things. It’s like it’s babying you, you know? The iPhone is babying you, and I honestly prefer that. The only thing carrying me
through these next few days is the camera. So I’ve been using the
Google Pixel for a week now, and I’m really excited
to get back to my iPhone. The first thing that I’m gonna do when I get back to the
iPhone is fix iMessage. I’m so excited to do that. Yeah, I was really excited
but also nervous to use it, and then, when I was actually using it for the first few days, it was kind of frustrating, but then, I started to appreciate
the Pixel a little more, and I kind of didn’t put the iPhone on this high pedestal anymore. I just think the camera
quality on the Pixel is just so much better than the iPhone, but I don’t think the camera is enough to switch over for me because, just the operating system, it just really brings it down. My average screen time on the iPhone is about six hours a day. My average screen time
on the Google Pixel? Three hours. If you love customizing a phone and love going on an endless journey of discovering new things
to do with your phone, the Pixel or any Android is
probably the best for you, but if you wanna be
spoon-fed and you wanna, you know, just enjoy
beautiful-looking phone and looking at beautiful-looking apps, go with the iPhone. I’m still gonna be team iPhone, but I would say I am not as in love and as hyped about the iPhone as I was. But I’m loyal so, sticking to the iPhone. Team iPhone! Now give me back my iPhone!

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  1. This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.

  2. This video shows how dumb iphone lover. They choose the blue bubble colour over her. She was actually given wrong phone, s9 or s10 wud have been great choice though

  3. 1:23 translated
    Android users: Good with their money
    Apple users: Like to spend 100s of dollars on phones that are bad

  4. If u put the apple logo in Pixel XL she will definitely love it whether if she uses it for a week or a year 🙄😒

  5. I mean she says android is confusing to her, but i find ios rather confusing and missing a lot of normal features

  6. Almost every comment in the favour of Pixel/Android. You people are really cool and understand the freedom and ease provided by the Android. I bought an iPhoneXs max and sold it on the third day of purchase to buy pixel 3xl…. I can undoubtedly say it was the best decision of my life… My experience with pixel-
    Camera: God fckn damn
    Software: Meticulously designed for ease and speed
    Overall usability: It made my life easy 😅(not kidding)….
    I hate people spreading bullshit about pixel without knowing it's true potential and love you all guys for appreciating the effort made by Google in making pixel…
    Love you Android lovers ♥️…

  7. Okay, so there are tons of videos on the internet about bashing and hating Apple, and they get praised, but if you dared voice your opinion about any other phone, your video gets disliked and people are bashing you in the comments

  8. yk i'm an iphone user. i used android for like 5 years. i didn't like it. i switched to iphone in 2015, and i was happy. im using an iphone x now. but if i look to some android phones, i can say that: they are cool. i'm an apple fan, but android is not terrible, it is good. i never will switch, but i never will say bad things about android users. just if he is a diehard user 😀

  9. The thing is if you never had a apple product to get into 🍎 ecosystem then never buy an apple product because when u get into the ecosystem it’s pulls you in and you get too attached to the apple product connectivity so it’s pretty much impossible to leave and by the apps that you bought don’t move over.

  10. Why are you americans so fixated with the blue of green bubbles… just use one platform. Like just use whatsapp or something.

  11. Your cute face😍🤩😂😘
    And btw 30hrs screen on time😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 android is best😝🤫🤭🤭 #jaiandroid

  12. The pixel isn’t a good phone. I work at T-Mobile and I’ve sold 2 since they were released. And one of those ended up getting returned from a former iPhone user who didn’t like the “flow” of the pixel

  13. All her issues stem from being unfamiliar with a different OS. I don't think a week is long enough to adjust to the new environment and form an unbiased opinion.

  14. I am not loyal per say but after I got my first IPhone and continuing to the present, I just find Apple products more intuitive and easier to use. If something better comes, I will switch but right now you can call me an Apple fanboy because their products work for me.

  15. You can't use an Android phone for one weak and expect it to beat iOS devices you have been using for six years. These pixel devices have a lot of AI and machine learning . The more you use them the more you enjoy using them.

  16. I get that the iPhone is cleaner and more refined. It's a closed ecosystem. But Android is for me. I like the customizable interface. It all boils down to preference. Neither one is better than the other.

  17. Seriously tho people buy iPhone because of the brand and social status. Not to be bias but Android is obviously way better in specs and options in phone.

  18. Dear everyone:
    People can like different things to you, it doesn't make them stupid, and it doesn't make you smart for calling them stupid

  19. Reasons to Switch:
    1: It makes you seem modest
    3: USB-C
    4: It's all connected to your Google account
    5: Speakers=👌
    6: Photo storage
    7: I'm just super biased.

  20. sorry y’all apple over android 😳✋ we have more apps and we can ft each other easily 😳✋ PERIODT

  21. Ease : iOS
    Rest : Android
    Also, Apple chips are always a generation faster than android but thing is – iPhone is no less than a headache.

  22. It’s all what works best for you, iPhone and Samsung have its pros and cons its just what you prefer at the end of the day. I’ve had Samsung for the past 5 years and I just switched to an iPhone 8 and I actually like it a lot better, overtime I’m sure I’ll find things I strongly dislike but it’s not about what looks cool it’s just about preference and what you prefer. Some people love iPhone just because they think it’s a good phone and others love Samsung. It’s really not a huge deal I don’t even understand 😂all my friends with iPhones are low key bitchy tho like when I had a Samsung they were like ew and I’m like chill tf your phone ain’t much better sis a phone is a phone grow up

  23. sigh where do I begin first of all she's the dumbest iPhone fan girl I've ever seen she said Android people know what and iPhone people just go with looks. Then she said this is to advanced and the iPhone is babying you. So basically she's not that smart of a person to operate a Google pixel so she needs something to dumb it down for her so she decided on the iPhone. And your friends won't text u because of the blue bubbles lol. iPhone users I fee like like the iPhone because of the design and how easy it is. But with the iPhone you can't do shit with it I need something that is advanced and that can do more than expected.

  24. Its just another Android hater lol
    If you spend $1000 on iPhone, why can't they put the fast charging power-brick in the box? Instead you have to buy it separately.

  25. Dudette u can use iMessage on an Android, different but better Airdrop on Android, and a bunch of stuff that the iPhone sucks au. The train iPhone is appealing is because it can't do much, and it doesn't look that good to me. Personal opinion

  26. I stopped watching when she said that their friends are considering the iPhone more important than she,in my opinion they aren't real friends,cuz friends don't chose you because and operating system ☹️

  27. I actually never noticed the green blue bubbles and have been using iPhones for like 5 years now just found what they meant

  28. What is easy is relative to the person.
    Until recently I couldn't afford an iPhone.
    So I used Android. It has been the smart phone I used because it was the smart phone I could afford.
    Strictly speaking, the iPhone and Android are more alike than they are different.
    If you took Apple and iPhone off of the device, And took Google and Android off of the device.
    There are sooo many different Android phones out there, some look very much and work very much like iOS. If there were nothing on the device or in the software to tell this is a Apple, Samsung, Google, BLU, One Plus, Nokia, etc etc you probably wouldn't notice nor care. They both do so many of the same things.
    Settings looks different and works different, but there are many Androids where the settings is different than others.
    Almost without exception, Samsung's settings menu is different than Google's etc etc.
    I use Android as my personal OS for phone, iPhone for my work phone because it is what work gave me and iOS for tablets because iPads just work better than Android tablets.
    Adapting to Android is hard for you because you don't want to switch, are afraid to switch. When you shouldn't be looking at it as a switch thing. But as a being interested in learning more about the other side.
    Coming from someone who has used probably half of every Android brand out there at one time or another, and who has been using iPads and iPhones alongside that. I can say from experience. The two OSs just aren't that different

  29. There's like a million different messenger apps. That's a dumb reason to decide what phone. I have the Iphone X and I use Google Hangouts and Google Voice on it. Imessage only with my one Iphone friend, lol. But every other feature feels better to me. THis is coming from Samsung user for a long time. Iphone experience has just been better.

  30. If u want a GOOD phone stick with android
    If u want a phone that just looks nice then get a iphone
    – Random girl that i forgot the name of 2019

  31. When your friends don't want to talk to you just because u have a android…I think its time to criticize android and say iphone is better!

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