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A few reasons to Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch [GMJ]

A few reasons to Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch [GMJ]

I know you might have a few misconceptions
about jailbreaking; but, don’t worry, we’ll get to that in the next video. In this video,
we’re going to give you a few reasons why we think you should jailbreak. We’re going
to walk you through a few of the most popular apps that you will be able to install after
you jailbreak. To make it simpler, we’re going to break these
apps down into 3 different categories making your device faster and more efficient, adding
features and functionality and customizing the look and feel of your device. So we’ve all had that moment where something’s happening in front of us and we wanted to get
a picture or video, but first we have to scroll and find our camera app, tap camera, wait
for it to open and press ‘Take’. By the time all that happens, the moment’s usually gone.
Snappy allows you to access your camera 6 times faster. By holding down the top bar,
your camera will open in 1 second. Using your camera will never be the same. Brightness Activator Action allows you to adjust the brightness of your screen by simply sliding the top bar. This is much more convenient than going to the settings app. Lock Info allows you to access all your important information in one place in your lock screen. Your mail, your calendar, Twitter, weather, and if you have an iPhone, your missed calls
and text messages all quickly and easily right when you open your phone. MyWi turns your iPhone into a wifi hotspot. Using your iPhone’s data, you’ll be able to
access internet for your iPad and laptop wherever you go. Folder Enhancer, like its name, enhances folders. It allows you to put more applications into
your folders the app usually allows. It even allows you to put folders inside the folders.
Ultimately, this will keep your device much more organized. If you use text messaging, BiteSMS changes everything. It allows you to quickly reply
to any text message from anywhere in your iPhone – from your lock screen, or even inside
of an open app. There’s so many features of BiteSMS. We don’t have enough time to cover
them all in this video. But if you decide to jailbreak, make sure to check out our BiteSMS video. MultiFlow is a very easy way for you to switch between
open applications. It’s much more efficient than Apple’s multitasking. Because you can
see all of your open applications, it’s much more visually appealing. It’s fast and effective
and it will allow you to have so much more fun on your device. Barrel is an application that makes using your iPhone and iPod Touch so much fun to
use. When you scroll through your different pages of apps, you’ll see a really cool effect.
You can actually customize it by choosing your own effect. This will make your device
much cooler than your friends. Themes can be used to completely change the
look and feel of your device. They change anything from the app icons to the sounds
to the graphics, fonts, just about everything else Themes can change.
So let’s be clear. No applications come pre-installed on your device if you were to jailbreak. All
jailbreaking does is give you the option to install these kinds of applications. Later
on in this guide, we’re going to walk you through how to install and use the applications
we just covered and a few more. But first, we want to dispel a few of your misconceptions
about jailbreaking. So, if you’re on our website, click the ‘Common Misconceptions’ button below.
If you’re not on our website, check out for a complete guide to jailbreaking. Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “A few reasons to Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch [GMJ]”

  1. Cool snappy because i hate that camera button so i disabled it and i still want to acces my camera faster so im glad you told me that! Thanks Bro!

  2. I already jailbroke mean since 2011using redsn0w and now I can do stuff I did know u can do with my iPod!!!!!

  3. fucking dumb ass who told you that bullshit story Jailbreaking has never been illegal and never will be the maker of cydia even has it copyrighted

  4. quite a few of these have been made on ios5 lol
    just to let you know i jailbreaked and my iphone was soooooooo slow after.

  5. after restoring, does the device back to the original one?
    i mean your device is no longer jailbroken.

  6. @morgan13x: Actually, yes it can but it is extremely rare. It's called Brick. Basically, you jailbreak it and your device becomes completely useless with no way to fix it. But is VERY rare, and there is an extremely small chance it will happen.

  7. Yes but it depends. I ones had an iPod touch until it got stolen at school. But theirs an app on cydia called iFiles, but it was totally my fault that i almost lost completely everything, literally. I somehow accidentally deleted all the data on it, so it kept restarting non-stop. It was a pain in the ass to fix it. Until I completely didn't give up on it and found a way but repeatedly kept doing it. haha. I used iTunes and Power+Home button. Whatta relief. Bye. lmfaoo

  8. @jqdhacw yes. i couldnt believe it when my friend told me about this site. but i can tell you one thing, even my friend purchased the iphone 4s kit for $475 after signup in this site. i got it from here. you can also try it >

  9. yeah, andorid copied Apple's pull down notification, sat nav, paranamic camera, 4g, 4" screen and even Samsung copied iPhone 5's slimmer taller body for their Galaxy 2 phones or is it the other way? Anyway, they all copy Apple.

  10. Yes, you will be able to unjailbreak, It's really simple. Just restore you iPod from iTunes. You will will not ruin anything, unless you overload you iPod and it will crash; Wich I have experienced 😛

  11. I would love to jailbreak my iphone but because of these reasons this is my first iphone and iPhone 3GS and apple wouldn't fix it of somthing goes wrong but I'm getting an iPod 5 gen so I might consider

  12. I jailbroke my iPod touch about 2 months ago and it was cool at first but in apx. two weeks my iPod started having problems. The problems got worse and worse until i restored my iPod and disabled the jailbreak features. It has been f***ed up ever since (apps close by them selves, doesn't connect to the computer, cant open certain apps, very very slow response to touch commands exd.) All my buddies jailbroke their iPhone or i pods and they have had no problems. Jailbreaking experiences may very.

  13. ….thats because they just got it, they mostly got it because of the things u were able to do after jailbreak…..they copied alot of those apps and features from jailbroken iphones….like the twitter and facebook from notification. jailbroken phones had it for about over a year… lol you have to know your stuff first to truly understand y its better

  14. Yeah right do everything from the lock screen. What's the use of it just don't set a passcode. The idea of a lock screen is that you don't interact accidentally with your phone. Why would someone want to pocket tweet after pocket dialing died out.

  15. It is not possible for jailbreaking to break anything. In the extremely rare case anything goes wrong, it is very easy to simply reset the phone, clearing all jailbreak things and putting it back to working condition, and If you have synced in iTunes before, a backup of your files will be put back on and everything will be just as before.

  16. @guidemyjailbreak great video I'm totally new to jailbreak on apple devices (ipad) and have been looking for a clear and concise info on jail breaking,THIS IS IT. Nice work

  17. When I jail broke my iPod broke and would not even turn on so I could restore it so I had to take it to the apple store sell don't do it!

  18. just jailbroke my iphone, thanks very much. i will donate to your website tuesday when i get paid.
    everthing when as smooth as posible. this was on a 3gs on 6.1.2

  19. no problem, just about to donate.
    so this program, ive jailbroken my 3gs,(downloaded 6.1.2 link) and just bought my parnter a ip4.(also updated to 6.1.2)
    will the same programme jail break that too? i noticed it askes if you have 3/3gs/4/4s/5 so i pursume the program works as long as long as the iphone is on 6.1.2 or can it also do lower? my brother has a 4s and dad has a 5 and both after seeing what mine can now do with the tweeks thanks mat

  20. I have most of the best tweaks and one of them is Zyphyr or Zyphyr im not sure and you can also get DreamBoard and it allows you to have an android layout or another type. the Jailbreak that i love to use is from evasion and its great and simple and its untethered so no computer reboot just go to google and put in evasion jailbreak 6x and it will lead you to its web> But great video and i like the extra tweaks!

  21. please make such a GOOD video again, but updated 😉
    iOs has news as well so some tweaks are not nessesary anymore 😉

  22. jailbroke my ipod touch 4g last night using your site, thanks! BUT. this morning i tried to get a tweak, and it went into safe mode. I then removed the tweak and everything was fine, back to normal. later, i did a respring after getting another tweak. Now it is frozen, and keeps rebooting itself. A message pops up saying; Alert Please configure iCaughtU Mail Options. This is a tweak I got last night, WORKED fine.I tried restoring it, BUT it has a pw and it says to remove but my device is frozen

  23. Also, I cant put it in dfu mode, (which i have tried LOTS) because i have a broken home button. i REALLY need my iPod back! D: i am getting an iPhone 5 in a week or so, and am kind of, trading my iPod in return, i coukd REALLY use your help, PLEASE!!! Is there at least a way to remove the password using itunes? also now my iPod keeps dying and when it turns back on it just dies pretty much straight after.

  24. So technically, it wont charge. PLEASE HELP. I just want to restore it & remove the jailbreak& un freeze it.

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  34. Faster example is weird…. ok you launch camera faster, is that the definition of faster? Usually we mean overall performance when we talk about fastness. This example doesn't mean anything in that regard.

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