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A-List Greek: Sorority Jewlery Company Takes Mobile Payroll to Florida | Hope Gray | Xero

A-List Greek: Sorority Jewlery Company Takes Mobile Payroll to Florida  | Hope Gray | Xero

My name is Hope Gray and I’m the owner and
found of A­List Greek. We, as a group I guess, realized that there wasn’t a lot of jewelry
that we would wear that was on trend. It was all kind of the same stuff that had been sold for 20 years
already and we just decided to start the sorority jewelry company. So one thing that’s really
exciting is that A­List is expanding. So we’re going to have two headquarters: one here is California
and then I’m moving to Florida to start a Florida headquarters. One of the things that I was worried about
in launching my headquarters in Florida is whether Xero offered payroll services for Florida
and I was super stoked to see that it does payroll for California and Florida, which makes my life
so much easier. I switched to payroll in Xero because it offered more than what I was seeing
in other business apps. For example, I know that payroll in Xero does direct deposit and
I really wanted to offer that for my employees. We have a lot of interns that are in school, out of school for the summer We (I work full time), and we have one full­time marketing
manager. We have anywhere from 50 to 100 campus reps promoting us online at their schools
all around the country. So we have a lot of people at any given point. My employees use
the timesheets and the payroll portal to log in and log our time on a daily basis and to submit
the timesheet twice monthly. My favorite thing about payroll in Xero is
that I really don’t have to do anything. I set it up one time and I kind of set it and forget it. I
really just let my employees log in, log their time. I put their rate of pay in and I don’t have to
do anything after that. I check and approve their timesheets and then really, Xero keeps track
of everything else that I need for payroll. And then every month I log in, file my taxes, and it
really takes very little time. So it really kind of keeps it super easy for me and keeps the paperwork
down elsewhere, which is exactly what I need.

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