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A mini iPhone is coming

A mini iPhone is coming

The last really small iPhone that Apple made was the iPhone SE it’s a three year old device at this point So it’s a little bit dated but it’s still a very popular device mostly because of its size It’s also relatively inexpensive at this point, but it still runs the latest version of iOS it’s still a great phone for what it’s meant to be but people have been wanting a small or like a updated small iPhone for a while because if you want any of the new kind of user interface iPhones with face ID and stuff You need to get one of the bigger phones But there have been reports recently from Apple analyst Mingchi Guo of a new upcoming small iPhone So as we smaller than iPhone X and XS But not as small as the iPhone SE and supposed to be rocking a 5.4 inch screen so the regular iPhone X right now has a 5.8 inch screen this supposed to be a little bit smaller and a 5.4 inch OLED screen that retains the same aspect ratio as their existing current devices Would fit actually quite well into their existing or like the old iPhone 6 to iPhone 8 chassis design So this kind of more traditional chassis design. This actually houses that screen size really well It’s not as small as like the iPhone. Se we’ve seen a bunch of renders pop up on the Internet of the iPhone SE 2 which would look awesome but a 5.5 screen won’t fit on to the size physically like the biggest thing you get on this is maybe five inches but the classic iPhone 6 to iPhone 8 chassis can hold a 5.4 inch screen just right now this screen is also Supposed to have a punch hole camera. So instead of the notch that we’ve seen on the iPhone X iPhone XR and XS these new phones are supposed to have a punch hole camera system up front Now this type of technology isn’t new right when we look at the kind of existing phone lineup we have on the market today If you look for a smaller phone with an OLED panel with thin bezels all round and a punch hole camera The Samsung Galaxy S10e fits that ticket, this is one of my favorite phones of the year It’s super comfortable to hold in my hand and as much as I liked the S10 and S10 plus I’m a huge fan of smaller phones that fit comfortably in one hand for one-hand usage and to hear that Apple is considering making a Small phone again for people without huge hands. It’s nice to hear Mingqi Guo also mentions other sizes for these iPhones There’s that really small one Similar size one to the iPhone XR in terms of screen size and also an even larger plus size so right now the iPhone X Plus is a 6.5 inch screen these new ones are supposed to have a six point seven inch screen just little bit bigger But a completely new design to house that larger screen The other characteristic that’s cool about these three phones is that they’re supposed to be finally running USB C, it’s kind of crazy. We’ve lasted this long running lightning ports on these iPhones so it’s about time now the Unfortunate thing despite all this cool information about these new phones is that these phones are supposed to be coming Next year not the ones coming out in a few months, but in 2020 So according to quote we’re seeing stuff like 5G technologies new designs bigger screens and smaller screens But just a completely redesigned to the iPhone see the 2019 iPhone allow that’s coming out in a few months That’s been leaked like crazy and from the images we’ve seen it’s not a huge step up from the current generation of iPhone It’s got a triple camera system, maybe some bigger batteries, but the overall design and usability of the 2019 iPhones remains quite Unchanged with the 2020 ones with a new size and 5G technology That’s a pretty significant change in just what the iPhone is So if you’re someone who appreciates a smaller iPhone or you want to upgrade your iPhone SE or if you just want a smaller iPhone, I wouldn’t get the 2019 models I would totally wait for the 2020 because that 5.4 inch screen looks pretty promising. Okay? Hope you guys enjoy this video.Tthumbs if you liked it subs if you loved it. See you guys next time.

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  1. With the current trend of larger phones this mini design would be quite refreshing. If you're on an iphone X/Xs/Xr do you find it too big for your hands? do you wish it was smaller?

  2. I am all about this new "small" iPhone to replace my SE. I just hope they keep it sub $500, maybe sub $400. If they do it will see like hotcakes … but who know with Apple these days.
    They could call it the XSE… haha or SE-X because it'll be sexy as hell, lol.

  3. One of the better tech channels and I enjoy all of his videos. On another note is David lee high as a kite during his videos?

  4. I it would have a clear 5.4 screen without notch or punch hole it would be really considerable even by not iOS fans like me. But of course, Apple always finds a way to ruin everything.

  5. I’m done with Apple. Its exhausting, the whole Apple marketing/consumerism/ridiculous hold-backs on features. I’m bored, and tired of the whole Apple game. 🙏

  6. Haha, I'm from 2047 using a iPhone 28 with a 15-inch AMOLED display, that curves all the way to the back with a total of 11 cameras! I bought it for $3500, nothing much 😛

  7. I think there is a old EU regulation that force anyway the brands to all use a non proprietary connector by 2020 or so.

  8. Question is: can Apple afford to launch a new model/s in a few months that already look like a mere revamp of the present line when the demand for a full screen small factor iPhone is so strong?

    Yes they can, I guess, but it will translate into a big fiasco I expect.
    Time will tell but long gone are the times when Apple was able to surprise and anticipate consumers demands 😔

  9. I don't see the point but I know some how it will end up being popular because of Apple fans. As long as it has that apple logo on it they will buy it. haha Apple even made a desktop out of a trashcan and Apple fans just bought it.

  10. I have pretty long fingers but I honestly really don't like big phones. I made the mistake when I bought my Google Pixel XL and I will never again buy a phone that has a screen that is bigger than 6 in. I just like how smaller phones can actually fit into your hand like a phone is supposed to. Like, what is the point of carrying around a portable tablet amirite?

  11. those lights you hace leaning in your wall .. what are those ?
    where did you buy them from ?

  12. Unnecessarily expensive products , don't even make sense anymore….., They'll keep loosing market share , lacking on innovation, getting away from what people want and just removing features ,it's just dumb and almost double prices in competitive markets like India then their American price , they'll keep failing here.

  13. that phone looks really nice. i still have my iphone 7 plus so i’m just gonna get he xr most likely so i can trade it in🤠🤠🤠

  14. Did Dave decide he need some views for money and pulled out all his iPhone on the table for a 3 min video?

  15. The design of the iPhone 5 was perfect. Go back to that design please and remember to add the fucking headphone jack

  16. I stop buying apple products when they started going full retard….. like not having an 1/8 in audio input jack back in the day of their flagship G5 release. It was such a pathetic retard decision that all the next G5 they put it back on. Or the time they took off the control button for the ipod mini. Again putting it back on the next years model. These are only a couple examples of countless. Now they are charging a thousand bucks for a monitor stand. The dipshitted decisions being made by this company is absolute stupidity. Fuck APPLE

  17. I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S10e. This works for me. If you need a small phone and a big screen, buy a small phone and also a tablet. Many tablets are cheap, especially when compared to all the new overpriced phones. You'll have the best of both worlds.

  18. IMO any phone larger than 5 inches is too big to be classed as a 'small phone'. Give me a 4.3/4.7 inch screen and i'd be happy… and so would my pocket. lol

  19. I’m still using iPhone 6, should I upgrade to the iPhone XI or wait another year for the 5.4” version?

  20. this is one of the most unconventional background setup ive seen in youtube… love the lights at the back

  21. I would love them to do this with a single camera for $249 unlocked. I would be okay if it did 720p at this point. Apple needs to start being more competitive on price.

  22. Need the iPhone 4 format back with all newest technical features. SE and 5 were already too large for my pocket. For anything else, I use my iPad….

  23. HOW can this be considered a mini!? 5,4” is huge and proves that people don’t understand when one says we want a small iPhone.

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