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A New Android Market for Phones

A New Android Market for Phones

We’ve built an all-new Android Market. Now you can rent movies, buy books, and discover a whole
world of apps and games, right on your phone. We’ve updated Android Market to make it faster, easier and
more fun to discover great apps and games. We’ve added more top charts, with newer, more relevant content. The details page lets you learn more before you buy. Preview the app, read a description and reviews, and
when you’re ready to buy, it’s simple. In the U.S., you can now rent movies and buy books. And we plan
to bring this experience to select countries outside of the U.S. soon. There are thousands of movies to watch starting at just $1.99. Looking for an action flick? Or maybe a comedy?
Browse by category or check out new releases. Renting is simple too. Make your selection
and your movie is ready to watch. And you can make the movies you’ve rented available offline — so
you can watch; even when you don’t have a data connection. The new Market app also brings the world’s largest
collection of digital books to your phone. Check out best sellers or new arrivals. With over 3 million titles to choose from, there’s always something to read. Buy a book and just start reading — no wires, no syncing. Now you can play, watch, read, and do even more
when you discover what’s new in Android Market.

100 thoughts on “A New Android Market for Phones”

  1. The worst app in the market is the Market.. Unbelieveable SLOOOOOooooooooowwwww. If there is no 3G available, impossible to use. Too sad if compare to the old one.

  2. I don't like this new version! It's too slow!

    Hey…GOOGLE!! Why not give me the option to return to the old version?

  3. why do they make there commercial just like a apple commercial… Dont get me wrong I like Android and all but this is just like watching a apple video… what in the world android

  4. got books ages ago but i just got movies yesterday on my desire and im loving it. dont have htc watch so this makes up for it. rumor has it that htc desire is getting ice cream sandwich. cant wait.

  5. I really don't like this market. On my LG Optimus One P500 with android 2.3.3 gingerbread it's very very very slow. Is there a way to get my old back? Btw clicking that "remove updates"-button doesn't work for me… it will re-update again in a few minutes 🙁 PLEASE HELP!

  6. @jonathanalvarez713 so but through which torrent file? can you explain it exactly please.. and is it really for free?
    for example i wanna download from market Power amp unlocked but i cant it`s costing;)

  7. @Sweetybboy ok im going to send you the link in a msg just download the apk file and connect ur phone into ur pc then place the apk file into ur download file….You also must download an app called androzip its free…

  8. this market is so fucking gay. its slow as fuck and looks like shit, AND I CAN'T DO JACKSHIT ABOUT IT! I WANT THE OLD MARKET BACK GODDAMMIT!!

  9. "Select countries" means Canada.
    You can do :even: more with the new android market, IF U HAS CREDIT CARD!!
    1. I is no 18 2. lol, why get credit card, I don't want any debts…

  10. OK, so I just got my first android phone and I noticed all the apps at android market when browsing through my phone are so expensive. An app that cost $1.99 when browsing from my desktop cost $14.99 when browsing throgh my phone. Am I the only one getting this problem? need help

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  12. Only Apps&Games in all countries except U.S.A, U.K, and maybe Australia, Canada and Japan hmmm….. seems fair :[

  13. Please Greece needs:
    (1) Movies and Book at Google Play
    (2) Navigation at Google Maps
    (3) Offline maps at Google Maps!

    Please… !!

  14. I can't buy with sellphone money -.- I've got to use my credit card …

    Is that some problem or it's just like that ?

  15. Great job go-ogler's! I sure wish synchronizing my cell was easier. I wanted the Google play Store App on my cell. Too busy for classes. Debbie R

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  17. No entiendo nada de esta wea lol :v me quedo con el Play Store de ahora xD aunque m gustaba la apariencia del Android Market en mí viejo Galaxy Y S5360L

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