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A Normal Lost Phone – Release Trailer

A Normal Lost Phone – Release Trailer

Was wäre, wenn Du ein Handy finden würdest? Würdest Du darin herumstöbern? Was für spannende Geschichten stecken hinter den… …Bildern… …Apps… …und Chatnachrichten? Welche Geheimnisse könntest Du entdecken? Du hast ein Telefon gefunden.
Finde die Wahrheit heraus.

30 thoughts on “A Normal Lost Phone – Release Trailer”

  1. If someone would find my phone then they would discover all the lewd pict. and stolen memes 😛

    Anyway, I pretty like this game and the story is very good 10/10

  2. I love this game! Not because I am one (if ya know what I mean 😀 ), but because the storyline and gameplay is so interesting I just want to get the password sooo bad, and fast! Could have played his all night long if it was longer.

  3. I just finished playing this! I wish I could hug Sam! <3 What a great story and characters. Really interesting medium too!

  4. if i found a lost phone i would go to the contacts list and call the first person and tell them i found the phone. and give them my adress to come pick it up….. end of story XD

  5. This game is now one of my favorite games now ! Even though I don't like read the messages,it still a very epic story

  6. I'm curious to know if this is a horror game. I haven't looked into it much but I know the main character is named Sam and its around his birthday. People that have already played this game is probably made at me for not knowing stuff because it has been out for so long. The only reason I found out about this game was my friend was watching jacksepticeye play it. It looks very interesting, should I play it?

  7. This was a cringetastic experience, glad I was able to refund it before the 2 hour steam limit hit. The fact that so many people think abandoning your family and running away from everything and hurting everyone in your life is “righteous” and “beautiful” is absolutely disgusting to me. I need to throw up after wasting an hour of my life on this anti male anti masculinity propaganda film. Once again, thank god I got it refunded so I didn’t spend one cent on this trash 🙂

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