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A SHOCKING Real Life Phone Sales Call to a Company President Replay

A SHOCKING Real Life Phone Sales Call to a Company President Replay

So there is the real
life phone sales call to a company president. Again, it’s a replay but
it is very real call. I wanna hear from you,
which of these ideas did you find most useful? Be sure to share down below
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35 thoughts on “A SHOCKING Real Life Phone Sales Call to a Company President Replay”

  1. this one's perfect. I love the way of you're speaking to a prospect- completely natural, without pushes but with clear argumentation. Great one Mark

  2. Hi Marc, indeed it is better but still… We would prefer a non reenacted call. If you can do this would be very interesting !
    Great videos, keep it up !

  3. the methodology behind many of your maneuvers is very good. I'm still learning sales techniques but I can see how much of what you said is deliberately trying to achieve an effect to keep them on the line and boost interest. Generating pain points then providing solutions, getting them to think about the numbers and them going up. It's all sound. Took a lot of notes and dissected it. Thanks for the vid!

  4. You should have asked more about why the sales people are not digging deeper and why they aren't following up as much and then given a client example of how you helped them solve that situation. Also do an analysis of your video explaining why you said each thing etc.

  5. hey Marc, thanks for the education brother.
    The questions you were asking were insightful, especially when you backed the prospect into a corner "so this isn't a priority for you right now?"……that silence, you got him.
    I'd love to be able to get some recordings of my calls and send them in for tips! Could make a good video for you

  6. I find the information that you provide on sales is great.. I learn a lot from your videos. However, an actual phone call that isn’t a re-enactment would display tremendous value for people like me.

  7. The fact that you really listened and asked great questions to get the prospect to open up was the big take away for me.

  8. Im in personal training, and I haven't been closing well. I watched one of your other videos where you talked about 3 simple questions, or something, and I felt like it really resonated with what I needed.

    There were a couple things in this video that I used today to get a meeting set up, so that's cool. I'll keep watching more stuff

  9. Excellent Marc, But still involving other Stakeholders & Decisions Makers in the first meeting will be more helpful if we can achieve that.

  10. Marc,

    I loved your first reenactment video. I watched it over and over until now when I make a cold call, I actually sound like you. Being a reenactment doesn't bother me. I get the legalities of recording a live call, especially without permission. Honestly, what seems to be escaping some of the viewers is that a live call wouldn't look or sound any different.

  11. I’m not sure why anyone would object to this video or the previous one. This stuff is gold. I went from barely being able to sell to doing amazingly, just based on Marc’s recommendations.

    I would definitely say, download the free tips. There’s an up sell there for a course on Game Play (don’t remember the exact name of it, something sports sounding) and it’s FANTASTIC. Literally walks you through the steps you need to make your own script. I’m honestly surprised that’s it not the CTA on his videos, because it’s amazing.

    Thanks Marc. You’re a game changer.

  12. I've noticed that you used the "how you been" very similiar to "how are you doing" which is one of the 5 stupid questions you mention on one of your videos of what not to say on a cold call.

  13. "Usually when clients want to push this out, it usually means it's not a priority right now. is that the case here?" love it.

  14. Hi Marc, I realised that u combined almost all of your previous videos on cold call tips into this demo, and it is just so amazing!!!
    I have been trying our your techniques and seen improvement in my sales. just that of course i am still a noob and can do better. thanks so much for all the videos!

  15. Damn this was good. The best part of all of this is that you dont sound anything like a salesman, but a person of authority, a company owner, or a strategy consultant calling. The guy is definitely like, okay this guy is legit, this guy is not a typical salesman. I think above all, this is the absolute biggest game changer, and then its about all the other stuff. But love the fact he pretty much combined all the other strategies into one call here, with the addition of objection handling. Thats a perfect flow to use as a baseline for a junior salesmen before you get some experience and freedom to try some additional tweaks and stuff on your own. Love it.

  16. Hey Marc great vid! Do you have any videos to how to conduct a meeting after getting one with a potential client?? Thanks 👍🏽

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