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AIRDROP For PC & Android – HOW TO Transfer photos from iPhone, iPad, Mac to other devices

AIRDROP For PC & Android – HOW TO Transfer photos from iPhone, iPad, Mac to other devices

So have you ever wanted to Airdrop
directly from an iPhone to a PC or from a PC to a Mac or to a friend’s Android
phone? In this video, I’m going to show you exactly how you can do it! I’m Mark Brown from EditorsKeys and
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to the channel. On to the main event. So obviously, you love airdrop if you if you’ve used a Mac or an iPhone you know
you can just take a photo and you can airdrop it directly to your MacBook Pro
for example. The problem is that Apple never made an Airdrop app for Windows or Android and other than WhatsApp things across two different
devices there isn’t, or hasn’t been a perfect way of doing this until now! I’m gonna show you what I use on a daily basis to send pictures from my iphone to
the PC here in the office and it’s super fast and best of all it’s free. So this
is what you want to do first. So on each device you want to use head to this
website it’s and as long as you’re on the same Wi-Fi network this
will enable the airdrop like feature on any device so I’m gonna be using this
Android phone first to show you that it can work with any Apple device go to
snap drop and already you can see all my devices are available we’re going to
send a photo from Android to iPhone to iPad and then the MacBook Pro and what
you want to do is tap the device you want to send a photo or file to let’s
simply pull up that file then hit Send almost instantly it will send over with
no fire loss now let’s send it to the iPad by doing
the same thing simply tap the iPad pull up the photo and then hit Send
easy-peasy now let’s send a shot of a coffee cup
from the MacBook Pro and of course this could be a PC as well to the Android
device to show you how it works this way round I’ll quickly find the file on my
desktop and then send it to the Android device as you can see it’s so quick and
so easy and it’s just like airdrop so there we go that was a super fast
tutorial but anyway I hope that has really helped you airdrop now from your
iPhone or Android device to your PC or whatever device you need to get to I
hope that’s helped and if it has please leave me a comment in the comment
section below I’d love to hear from you and I honestly do get back to every
single comment so look out for a reply from me if you do leave a comment below
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100 thoughts on “AIRDROP For PC & Android – HOW TO Transfer photos from iPhone, iPad, Mac to other devices”

  1. terrific find!! thank you so much this made my life so much easier in making a photo book for my granddaughter!

  2. @editors keys Website comes up and I can see the devices (in this case, windows 7 pro chrome browser and iPhone ) Either direction it shows transferring and it hangs there from iPhone to PC or PC to iPhone

  3. This is amazing and works perfectly! I've been trying to get Airdrop to work on my Mid 2011 iMac for the last two hours only to find out it physically won't work without a hardware upgrade. I was about to throw it against the wall! Now I can keep it intact. lol

  4. So the pictures you transfer from either your android to your mac or mac to android .. are they automatically going to be saved in the camera roll / on the desktop? 🙂

  5. has nothing to do with Apple AirDrop. This site keeps a copy of every transfer on their server? obviously not I guess!

  6. I don't know why Apple doesn't have an AirDrop feature in iTunes (oh because they're stupid cunts who want you to buy a Mac). Unfortunately this method only allows you to send one photo at a time and when you do you have to "save" it to photos whereas with real airdrop you can just dump a whole load of photos and it's sent into the photos app. 🙁

  7. Great tip, thak you so much. The files go through internet or local network? What is the maximum size this app cap support in case of transfering multiple pictures between iphone and pc?

  8. Great tip, Mark. Thanks for posting it.
    Is there a way of making this more automatic, i.e., adding a short-cut straight to the SnapDrop site on the PC and, above all, on the iPhone? It can be rather cumbersome to always have to open a browser on each one and then establish the connection and file transfer.

  9. Thank youuuu!!!! My iPhone 8 charging box isn’t working anymore so that’s the new way I can transfer data to my laptop 😍😍😍😍

  10. Thank You Very Much for your video. I now have a shortcut button to snapdrop on my windows home pc and on my iPhone. I don’t use iCloud as I have a 1 terabyte hard drive that I use to put my pictures on. My main problem was trying to get pics on my iPhone and now I can get them or send them. (IPhone 11 Max Pro)

  11. Just for those who want to work with the actual AirDrop and are good with computers, try OpenDrop (, which is a third-party experimental project that reverse-engineers Apple's AirDrop.

  12. This can't be serious… it takes 20 seconds at least to transfer one photo, and have to wait 4 mins for a 25 seconds vid. How to ever transfer 5.000+ photos and a decent lot of films? There has to be a quicker way :s

  13. I wonder if you are also uploading your photos to their servers, that they can use freely as they want some time in the future?

  14. it keeps asking me to download the file i send and i need to send 1000s of photos is there a away i can give it permission to do it for all of them

  15. you solved me a problem like a pro mate
    thanks for it ! you deserve more views ! really professional !
    subbed to you !
    you tagged england
    im israeli but im an england's fan !
    true top lad 🙂

  16. This is great! I use my ipad for college notes, and now I'm able to use my Windows laptop to send screenshots to my ipad almost as easily as I can with my iMac

  17. very good implementation but i don't like the fact that you always have to hit download, even when sending multiple files. any workarounds for that?

  18. I can't figure out why it doesn't work between my iPhone XS and Win 10 laptop… Each attempt stuck on "Transfering…" status 🙁 Any ideas?

  19. Thanks guys. i have 100mbps internet and still using email for sending a litte file. now i just open and drop 1gb file for 1 minute.

  20. I’m using a windows 10 PC and I’m trying to transfer a video from my PC to iPhone 6S. But for some reason the screen always freezes on both devices and it loads but it’s stuck the loading bar won’t move. How do I fix this???

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